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  1. I see I'll look into that then - thanks.
  2. If I want this game in my steam library do I just need to suck it up and buy another copy?
  3. Like what is the best / most efficent use of your time slots? I've been reading a bunch of the threads here and people talk about end game characters having really high stats and this and that but I'm halfway through the game and nowhere near the level people talk about around here. I think it might be because I mostly just use my free time for train or study in my room because most of the location buffs don't seem to help those things at all. Are we supposed to be spamming adventures at every chance? Are the gains comperable / better even in the early game? Am I supposed to be using 'actions'? They all seem so random. The mechanics of how to properly play this game feel really obtuse. e: and there's pretty much nothing in the way of walkthroughs online, the closest thing is a few guides that cover very bare bones game mechanics and then just tell you to 'have at it'. I think I might just be inherently terrible at these life-sim games.
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