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  1. Ok, this is good to hear. On a side note, is the Ars Magica game completely stuck in dev hell, or...?
  2. If it is any motivation, I'll buy Year 2 as soon as it is out. Yessir!
  3. I should say an obvious choice. Sad fact is that you can't control your puppets properly enough to make them do what you will. You can choose your actions, but you can't direct them. I wanted Philippe to bully his own friends and trash talk his own college, sending him into a war with his own friends, and ruining a rival college's merit. Instead, he attacks according to his own preferences (or so it seems). Mostly, though not entirely, he bullies me and trash talks my college.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. And yes, it'd be awesomesauce. But I also just saw the Ars Magica game idea and that's possibly even...awesomer.
  5. Hiya, I know this is an extremely optimistic thing to bring up, but I have enjoyed playing Academagia very much recently, discovering all kinds of stuff there is to do. And I know that a Year 2 is being worked on, but that it has been delayed. That said, I can't help but being curious: Is there any real plan to implement years AFTER year 2? Yes, I know everyone would like it, but is it something that's ever liable to happen? Because I think that once the engine for one future year (ie. year 2) has been designed, it would be much easier to design the years after that? Also, I can't help being interested in the future of my super-ambitious little brats. Would be awesome to one day see a "what happens after Academagia" epilogue. Thoughts?
  6. YES!!! It worked. Phillippe Marchant is now my slave. Too bad I can't really control him properly. A bit disappointing, really.
  7. Hmmm, it appears you're right, Metis. Thank you. Trouble remains, however. I managed to research mastery phemes to 10, but couldn't increase my mastery phemes skill to 11, which is needed for order. It seems I need to research mastery methods, which can, purpotedly, be unlocked at the Mineta loading station. Except it can't. Do anyone know how?
  8. Hi all, I have been delving into the Dark and Forbidden Arts of Mastery. Of course, I want to test it on someone and have, for some strange reason, decided that Phillippe Marchant should be my guinea pig/slave. My Mastery skill level is 10 and it says that I have learned the Master spell. However, I can't find it anywhere. I have no idea how to use it. Furthermore, when I use lesser levels of Mastery, such as hypnotize, they don't really work either. I try to make Phillippe bully his friends or rubbish his college, but I can't choose who to direct those actions at. In fact, he usually bullies me or rubbishes my college. How unethical! Does anyone have any knowledge how to deal with this?
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