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  1. It's really more like the game blatantly favors prior knowledge. Adventures vary wildly in terms of rewards, actions required and overall difficulty. If you think skill steps are like a newbie trap than you're unlikely to be pleased by adventures.
  2. I doubt I'll make much use of the Sphinx on my Y2 export save since it's so unfocused these days. The sheer number of steps it hands out is nice when you're puttering around and aimlessly padding your resume late in the year but I usually get most of the unlocks I really care about out of the way through locations and adventures instead.
  3. I wouldn't say wildly, since even if you're wasting a skill step she's still a reasonably efficient use of your time if you consider study levels a necessary evil. Also, there's some crazy good gear and buffs in Academagia and midterms only affect 20% of your final grades, typically less. Crushing your classmates underfoot en route to top honors is thus pretty easy even if your raw study levels come midterms are pretty low in some classes. For example, my last character had Astrology, Music and Negation as three of his classes. The first two are very easy to buff so it practically takes effort to do so poorly that you'll end up in detention while Negation has a final exam weight of 99%. That gave me plenty of wiggle room to study other classes first and still leave midterms with tidy scores and a clean shot at top honors for the year.
  4. This. I hit up Community Service to unlock Teaching Barnyard Animals then blow some of my stress buffer on unlocking the Library of Longshades and skip the Venalicium entirely.A study rank and 1 skill step isn't terribly competitive with my other options, particularly since newer adventures routinely hand out 3 steps or more per action taken. Adventures have seen considerable power creep compared to the original friendship quests.
  5. Fitness is a bit of an odd duck anyway. On the one hand, it's crippling to have it too low and the ability to plow extra stress into an otherwise hard activity can be awesome. On the other hand, Silke is capable of making a minimum starting Fitness build viable virtually all by herself thanks to her hefty Maximum Stress boost. So in practice it's so easy to patch it up that I tend to skip training courses and simply let incidental bonuses from adventures and gear buff it up over time.
  6. Yeah, the nice thing about Cleanse and Remake is that it's a rather indiscriminate way to bootstrap yourself past early adventures since the bonus is so all-encompassing. I've been able to do very well for myself without it by using Ausdauer and location bonuses to cherry pick excellent clique members early and skipping Piety entirely but such a route requires a bit of luck and a stricter adventure order since the best clique bonuses are predominately Luck and Charm related.
  7. If it were up to me I'd treat Enchanting as the creation of interfaces and trigger conditions for ongoing magical effects. That is, I'd consider a wizard re-shaping a tool to be simple revision while a wizard taking the same item and making it capable of lengthening or shortening itself at the holder's whim without first casting again would be an example of Revision enchantment. If such techniques allow even non-wizards to trigger magical effects via items then suddenly it's easy to see why enchanters could be super useful to many industries.
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