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  1. In Emilia Strolin's adventure:

    I don't know if it's just me but in "Plots and Planning" in the option "This has really gone far enough" the two paragraphs are a little weird.


    "You explain to Her that, eventually, Emilia Strolin's going to have to grow up and accept that stupid inter-House politics are nothig more than childish games. That no matter how Her tries, Emilia Strolin house will never get "ahead," and that the rivalry between Durand and Aranaz has nothing but the potential for violence."


    "You're just lucky Emilia Strolin couldn't turn you to stone with her eyes. "If you decide to stop being a coward and help me out, I'll be waiting," Emilia Strolin says bitterly."


    (In the second paragraph The "her" is missing the "link" [i guess])

  2. There's a part in Magalda's adventure in "Snacks Laced with Love" where if you succeed using the recipe option you gain "+0 Recipe ss"

    and finding out her secret during the adventure doesn't seem to give you anything in "Sneaky Gift-Giving". :rolleyes:

  3. I found a typo in Magalda's adventure

    here: "Current Story: Student Adventure Magalda Quaranta 6"

    In the Observation option says "Head back to Magdala's room."

    There should say well Magalda's


    Also in: Current Story: A Diferent Move

    In the beguile option.

    Here Sheary Warringtong is refered to as "her", and at the end "she" gives a gifth to "herself"

  4. In Emillia's Adventure she says "How till that help me?" when you use the Bluf option

    Client v2. 14.0.0; Publisher v0.63.3.0; Content 1.0, Current Story: Emilia's Blossoms-- Help Emilia Bloom

  5. There are 2 Typos in Zoe's adventure

    her name is attached to another word on both occasions

    Client v2. 14.0.0; Publisher v0.63.3.0; Content 1.0, Current Story: Student Adventure Zoe Melis 06

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