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  1. Oh, I just threw those two in because they didn't have their full images on Tumblr. (technically Algerie does, but I didn't want to put a page from the artbook in the gallery since the background is so different)


    "So, I do my best to be as reliable and trustworthy a person as I can be. Capitaine, I give you my word that, when the time comes to face the Morgana threat, I will not let you down." - Algérie



    ...and with that, Algérie joins the Tumblr ranks!

  2. Realistically, we won’t know until we finalize the server costs to give the actual range for the micro-transactions. We plan for the micro-transactions to be for cosmetics or convenience…additional skins, resources, etc. None of which will be required to play the game or complete missions. The range will definitely be similar to other games in the market.


    The nine Kickstarter Exclusive Belles were created in addition to the 121 Belles that will be available to all players.


    The Belles take after their namesakes. For example, Scharnhorst will have traits of her namesake, the Prussian Lt. General Gerhard von Scharnhorst. While the German Belles serve in the Kriegsmarine, some may have concerns with the course their country’s leaders are taking. Indeed, there are also some darker ships that serve under that flag. Much of it depends on how you build relationships with the Belles, as you may be instrumental in changing their perspectives.


    The dating simulation is not a required part of the game play. Similar to Scheherazade, a friendship path with the characters will be just as valuable as a dating/romance path. The choice is up to the Captain :)


    And yes…PLUSHIES!

  3. Good questions, indeed...


    A: Victory Belles will have micro-transactions, and no advertisements.

    B: There will be 120+ playable Belles available to you in-game, including the custom Belle we create from the $1000 Tier. A $600 pledge will give you access to all nine Kickstarter Exclusive Belles - Belles from $250 and up are also unlocking exclusive playable Nations: Spain, Poland, Turkey, and Netherlands.


    We will be announcing stretch goals down the line with fun elements that will also be available to all players...it's a great time to be a Victory Belles Captain ;)

  4. Welcome to the forum. If you don't mind me asking...


    Based on what is a very favorable media response anticipated? And for what potential happenings are people prepared? Not to be the negative nancy that summons the rain clouds before the parade has even gathered together, but I'm curious.

    Victory Belles is a wicked awesome game and this time around, we have knocked the trailer out of the park. We have a great deal of confidence in the game... I can't wait for you all to see the campaign tomorrow and witness Victory Belles in all her glory!

  5. Hello, [recipient's name]! I am glad to meet you!


    The community here at [Proper place name] are a bunch of [adjective] people who love to [positive adverb] make friends.


    I personally want you to feel welcome, during your time here, and that if you ever need help, you need only to [redacted]!


    Sincerely, Your new acquaintance, [sender's name]


    PS. Don't forget: [catchy corporate slogan]!


    A good day to you, and thanks for the welcome! It is less than 24 hours until you get to see all of the [redacted] and the awesome [redacted] of Victory Belles! Thanks again [feeling welcomed emoji]!

  6. Will this be a new PC game or a new gamebook like Holdfast?

    And few days away? The 19. is already tomorrow!

    Anyway good luck for the 1st day at Kickstarter as in the past it have shown its beside the last days the most important day. I hope you managed to get some Infos about this Kickstarter spread out for this day i.e. at specialized press

    Victory Belles is a mobile game that will also be playable on PC...not a game book like Holdfast.


    Thanks! We are well prepared and anticipate a very favorable media response to the game. And of course, we are always hoping that it will take off from the base as well.

  7. Greetings and salutations. I am Nautilus, a moderator for the Victory Belles forum. I have been working on Victory Belles since 2015, and I am looking forward to sharing with you my excitement and passion for the game and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. My main focus has been on research and character development, and I cannot wait to get your feedback once the Kickstarter campaign launches this Tuesday at 7:00am PST.


    In the mean time, a bit about me…I enjoy long walks along the Death Star trenches and have a life goal of creating a Sith mediation chamber in my office. When I’m not researching World War II era naval warfare, I am practicing the accordion, watching episodes of LOST, and dusting LEGO models.


    Now you are probably wondering what Victory Belles is, but as we are still a few days away from our launch on 19 April, I can only say... Loose Lips Sink Ships.

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