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  1. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you too
  2. A degree in computer science. And I am working as an IT-Consultant/Developer now. So I can completely understand things taking longer than expected (god knows I have overrun more than 1 deadline by a factor of 3 or more :P) But at the same time the gamer side of me wants to get into the game. But if the game does indeed launch next year then the wait will have been worth it from what I have seen so far So fingers crossed for the final stretch I guess
  3. I would also like more updates on the progress. Something along the lines of the updates we would get back when there were votes on starting the beta (which now feels forever ago). Sure it sometimes was a bit disheartening when there was hardly any change on the ToDo list but not getting any significant progress updates in months is even more so in my opinion. Just a few days ago I realized that since the Kickstarter finished I have lived in 4 different cities and moved a total of 5 times. When the Kickstarter launched I was early in my first half of my bachelor degree and now I have said degree and have been working in the field for close to a year. I know there were issues with the games backend and as a programmer I can understand that planned releases for a feature is always guess work at best. But saying I wasn't pretty disappointed would be a lie. Just end of the year blues I guess
  4. Of course. As a programmer myself I know that deadlines or planned release dates are basically meaningless when it comes to coding and testing. Nothing one can do about that. It is just part of the beast. I would much rather have a smooth and finished game than a buggy mess just to please some deadline. Doesn't mean I can't be excited for it though
  5. Now that is a very loaded sentence xD This makes it sounds like something will be coming soon, be it Sortie or Story so they thought releasing it earlier would be a waste I certainly hope that is the case and will wait with enthusiasm then. Sounds like it is going to be an exciting year.
  6. Time went by fast. I like that we are getting some interviews again. But now that Kaga came up that reminded me of something. What happened to that second fleet match we were voting on back in November I think? It was supposed to come out in December if I remember correctly. I am mostly just curious because I want to hear more voice lines from our girls
  7. Something I noticed because of Korky pointing it out to me: Is it possible that there is the wrong voice clip playing at roughly 1:27 of the new video when Spee fires? I can't really understand it and it doesn't sound german either. It sounds different than her usual voice and almost sounds like Kirov.
  8. She says "Jetzt!" at 4:55. Or "Now!" for our english speaking friends. Sure the gunsound overshadows it a bit but I think it is still understandable. I like her voice acting so far as a native speaker. But at the same time I don't consider myself to be all that demanding when it comes to voice acting.
  9. Don't have a whole fleet setup but I would love to see Kitakami, Kongou, Nagato, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Hood (this is totally not me just trying to get a sample of what the Voice Actors are going to sound like)
  10. That the different ships have different tendencies to different tactics is very interesting to hear. And different phases per combat is still a lot more interactivity than Kancolle has Which is my biggest gripe with Kancolle. Sounds like there is a lot of math going on in the background. Not like Kancolle where its basically only the Firepower stat and torpedo stats that matter in a fight. Would there also be ways for a Destroyer/Light Cruiser force to sneak up on a Battleship group during Night Battle and not be engaged until they have already closed to torpedo range or even not be engaged at all after firing their torpedoes and disengaging?
  11. Because of this image I was under the impression that during the surprise phases we would be able to chose what kind of tactics to employ etc to take a more active roll in combat. Or is this more like the formation picking in Kancolle? Tbh I had hoped to have a bit more control over what is going to happen than Kancolles RNG fest. But from what I have seen you guys say this is going to be a lot more varied in terms of damage than Kancolle is so I guess it's already more exciting on that end.
  12. For me probably Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Can't really decide between the two sisters. They are both great
  13. I don't know if that were possible but just a bit of a post about how the combat is going to work in a little more detail. And I don't mean how it is going to look. But so far the information we have about how the battles are going to work are rather vague. And I don't think we need the battle engine integrated to get a bit more details on how the combat is going to work, what kind of concrete possibilites we have to influence combat etc. I know the whole phase thing that was part of the Kickstarter during the actual campaign but how about some more concrete examples of what exactly is possible in a phase etc. Because personally I am going to be honest. While I like lore of a game I don't like finding out lore for a game before actually playing it. Because that for me takes away from the gameplay experience. I am happy for those that like the lore updates and it is better than nothing and shows that there is at least still something going on. But I don't read the lore updates precisely because of the reasons stated further upwards. The interviews were a bit of a different things because in those the Belles were only introduced. I just want something to read in a bit more detail on what the game is going to be like. I don't need a gameplay video that. Though a gameplay video would be great but the battle engine is still being worked on. It's just frustrating to hear a few months ago that the battle engine is done but we still hear that its being optimized. So it isn't really done is it? It just feels fromt he outside like the progress for the development of the game has slowed to a crawl because most of what we hear is just "Battle Engine being worked on". Don't get me wrong. I still fully believe that the game is going to come out and that it's going to be just as good or even better than promised. But I am worried about the long term survival of the game. Recently a few other gacha games like Girls Frontline or Azur Lane have or will release an english version of their games. And that might make the market more competetive the longer Victory Belles takes. I am also not saying to rush it, because that would be a diservice to the game. I am just trying to communicate my perspective from the outside looking in.
  14. A bit disappointed but not unexpected. I have a small request though: Would it be possible to just get a detailed status update on the progress of the development? Basically just one update that clearly states: "These parts of the game are done and wont need any further work. These parts we are currently working on. These parts are somewhat complete but will need adaptation to the new backend. These parts aren't even started." Something along those lines. If possible not "in universe". Not the whole Warcollege thing. I can appreciate that kind of flavor for the story and interview updates. But I would really like an update that sums up the development so far in clear language. The Beta Vote updates usually only say what is currently being worked on and what was recently finished. I would like one big post that just gives the players an overview. Because right now I would have to go back through dozens of updates and all the beta votes. And even then I wouldn't really have a complete picture. Considering the game is going to be more than 1 year behind the original estimated release date I think we deserve this much. I am not asking for you to rush the game. Take as much time as you need to make as good a product as you are able. But I want one big update that just says what is done and what isnt. Just for overview and reference.
  15. I mean even if it is a no go. That an actual vote is held already says there was a lot of progress. Which is good to know. Still hoping for a christmas miracle though
  16. Not unexpected but still a bit sad. If I can add my 2 cents I am not sure announcing the votes like this is a good thing. It makes people look forward to the next vote and hope for a release only to be disappointed again. Maybe it would be better to just do monthly updates on the progress without the whole vote thing until it comes to actually releasing the beta. Especially since there wasnt actually a vote the last few times because the game was deemed unready. Which is completely fine. The game will be done when its done. It is just frustrating to me and some other people I talked to that are interested in the game. It probably doesnt apply to everybody but thats my take on it. So basically instead of saying "The next vote will be held at that time." Just dont mention the estimated time for the next vote. Do the vote thing internally but keep the monthly updates going. So that the players are kept in the loop but dont get disappointment after disappointment. On a more cheerful note: good to hear that progress is going well and a lot of the combat mechanics have seen progress. More team members are also a good thing. Still looking forward to the game and I am sure you will deliver
  17. Yeah Option 3 as well. Dont want the girls start a fight over a card game Well more of a fight that is
  18. Small question I didnt really find an answer to and forgot if it was answered. I know we are getting new Belles later in the game but does that only include belles that were comissioned after 1939 or will we also get new Belles that were in service in 1939 but not in the game at launch?
  19. Guess we will have to wait at least another month. Gonna be honest though it would be nice to get a bit more information on the progress since the list hasnt changed since last month and some points go back to the very first vote. I will wait patiently but it would just be nice to know.
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