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  1. Hello! First of all, I am thankful that I am in the Beta and am eager for this game to be fully released after stuff is worked out. I want this game to succeed, along with the fine folks on the Discord, and just wanted to put my initial review on a place where the VB devs move around. If this thread isn't appropriate, please feel free to delete it. This will be split into Pros and Cons. I'm approaching this as the kind of player I am and what I think will make up a majority of the player-base: casual folks who want something quick to play in between breaks. As a disclaimer for folks in the future, this is during the Beta in August 2021, so this may not be the final, playable product. XX Pros: -The Story folder: It is a great idea to keep Belles' tales and the Campaign separate from the Sortie map. It seems to be a great way to also add limited time / seasonal events (i.e. Halloween, Christmas, etc) in a way that doesn't distract from the Sortie map. -The Belles overall: There is a lot of variety when it comes to ship-girls and some that are frankly surprising to me. For example, I never expected to see freaking Schleswig-Holstein in a ship-girl game. She is a deep pull for Second World War naval history. -The gameplay: It reminds me a lot of Kantai Collection and I think that will help it stick out against its nearby rival - Azur Lane. The graphics are colorful and the banter between the Belles and the Morganas keeps things lively. Cons: -The Grind: This is a big one for me and makes up a few points. Getting Belle Vestures takes a long time, especially since they are unique per Belle and some require hundreds of Vestures to get (i.e. battleships). Players, especially those into naval games, usually want to get the battleships and aircraft carriers - the flashy flagships of yesteryear, so this could be a turn-off to them since the grind takes a while overall. Maybe the grind could be sped up a bit? I would suggest maybe increasing the drops of Vestures (i.e. one per battle completion with a bonus for completing the map) and/or streamlining them so multiple Vestures can work for multiple ships. Leveling also is a big long for both Belles and the HQ. Maybe it could be slightly buffed? Others on the Discord also talked a bit of resource regeneration, so maybe that could be sped up as well. Some folks said they were running multiple fleets and were running out of material pretty quickly. Tying into the grind is the fact that your warships can be knocked out for a substantial amount of time (by phone game standards, at least: 30+ minutes) if their equipment is damaged. If a player doesn't have a steady amount of Belles, then that stops the game for them because they don't have a substantial fleet to conduct operations. Speeding up the rate of folks getting ship-girls could alleviate that since players will have enough ships to sub in replacements for those who get knocked out. -Having multiple ways of getting more equipment. It seems thus far that you can only get new weapons and stuff through the Commissary. Maybe these things can also be drops in story missions and the sorties to give players more of an opportunity to obtain loot. XX As mentioned previously, I want this game to succeed and I think it has all the pieces to help it stick out against the competition: a focus on story, the proper language for ship-girls, the Belles themselves, the setting of "real world" history and even the fact that it is a Western-made ship-girl game. That said, the grind is what gets to me. I tried to think of a solution that alleviates that without making it too easy to get stuff and plays with the already-existing game mechanics. Once again, thank you for the invite and I wish you guys the best with making Victory Belles the best game it can be.
  2. Oh! Okay! I'll definitely think about that! So there is more emphasis on story, characterization and "real world" history when compared to its rivals? It seems like you guys are using the real-world League of Nations and real factions when it comes to the Second World War after all. The amount of Belles is also limited, yet diverse since it spans both major and minor powers of the era. Kantai Collection is more history-esque, but it really doesn't touch upon the real world that much and it doesn't have a lot of nationality for its ships. Azur Lane, though fun, is more history-lite at this point with more emphasis on "collect the waifu" than narrative. I really wish you guys the best. Hopefully you guys sell some physical merch if the game carves out a healthy niche for itself. I'm sure a Western-made ship-girl game with a focus on the "real world" will do well for itself against its more fantastical rivals, especially since you guys are using the actual language for the ship-girls: a big plus overall.
  3. Oh! Two questions: -Since the PayPal backer rewards are changing, is this going to be the last time to get the Mahan edition of The Influence of Sea Power Upon History? No offense to Mahan, but I was hoping to roll with the Regia Marina...so I was wanting to start out with one of their ships for the game :). -To play devil's advocate, what would you and the devs say is the main selling point of Victory Belles? Kantai Collection is still around and Azur Lane, a game that didn't exist during the initial run of the Kickstarter, is also out in full force. I personally love the designs of Victory Belles more than those two games (the girls are pretty, but not overtly sexualized to ridiculous degrees...in my opinion), but I was wondering what niche Victory Belles will be inhabiting in the Second World War ship-girl genre. ...trying to sell the game to a few friends who are interested ;). Thanks and congrats for the upcoming Beta. I really can't wait to jump into the game after many years!
  4. Excited that we're almost there! I can't wait to experience the game!
  5. Soon! I can't wait to play the Closed Beta!
  6. Oh yeah! Beta is soon!
  7. Nice collaboration with a YouTuber. Beta is upon us!
  8. I would love some new Belle stuff as well. The ships we already know about are nice and all, but some new meat would be fun for future dev blogs.
  9. Now that is kind of interesting since some ships were not built super optimally when compared to other vessels. ...like how the Scharnhorst-class battleships were prone to getting wet in heavy seas.
  10. That is nice! Salmon is a great artist though. What really attracted me to your project is the art - the girls look so nice! That and the history ;).
  11. Question about expansion for the game: Salmon is the one who designed a lot of the ships for the game. If the ship lineup is to expand in the future, will you guys be relying mainly on Salmon to expand that...or will you guys search for other artists like the other ship games? I know this is very early to be talking about this, but I was just curious overall.
  12. C1! So excited to see more ships!
  13. He is also familiar with weeb culture. He indulged in Girls Und Panzer, Kantai Collection and Fate Stay Night.
  14. ...and she sunk ships too, though by accident.
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