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  1. Procyon

    KS Update 218

    Excited that we're almost there! I can't wait to experience the game!
  2. Procyon

    KS Update 216

    Soon! I can't wait to play the Closed Beta!
  3. Procyon

    KS Update 211

    Oh yeah! Beta is soon!
  4. Nice collaboration with a YouTuber. Beta is upon us!
  5. Procyon

    KS Update 207

    I would love some new Belle stuff as well. The ships we already know about are nice and all, but some new meat would be fun for future dev blogs.
  6. Procyon

    KS Update 202

    Now that is kind of interesting since some ships were not built super optimally when compared to other vessels. ...like how the Scharnhorst-class battleships were prone to getting wet in heavy seas.
  7. That is nice! Salmon is a great artist though. What really attracted me to your project is the art - the girls look so nice! That and the history ;).
  8. Question about expansion for the game: Salmon is the one who designed a lot of the ships for the game. If the ship lineup is to expand in the future, will you guys be relying mainly on Salmon to expand that...or will you guys search for other artists like the other ship games? I know this is very early to be talking about this, but I was just curious overall.
  9. Procyon

    KS Update 200

    C1! So excited to see more ships!
  10. He is also familiar with weeb culture. He indulged in Girls Und Panzer, Kantai Collection and Fate Stay Night.
  11. ...and she sunk ships too, though by accident.
  12. I think Legate said that was dependent on net issues as well.
  13. Nonsense! Poland will reign victorious!
  14. I hope we get more Spotlights on various ship girls as we get closer to Beta to ramp up more media stuff.
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