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  1. The monitors did look ugly, but they would definitely be fun. Unfortunately, that era didn't have a lot of ship-to-ship combat a la the Age of Sail. Interesting fact: The English did use two monitors to fight in WW2: HMS Erebus and HMS Terror.
  2. That could be interesting since there were a lot of strange designs from that era, ranging from wooden ships with steam-power to ironclads.
  3. Definitely could be interesting. Even the Morgana-like enemies could be represented by phantom ships or sea creatures, which could allow for a lot of high-seas adventure.
  4. Of course, some of the latter WW2 ships (like the Clevelands, Iowas, and Essex) did serve in the Cold War. For my question, I was thinking of a game just dedicated to these eras. It is all in jest though since it's an exercise in brainstorming. It's not meant for the current VB game.
  5. I thought this would be a fun topic since we all love naval things...and Victory Belles. It's usually obvious to choose World War II since there is a rich variety of ships...and there were many epic battles fought in that era. However, do you guys think other eras could get the Victory Belles treatment? I can go first. Age of Sail / Napoleonic Wars - Lots of naval battles were fought during this period, whether it be against pirates or enemy armadas. There are even some famous ships that people could latch onto...like HMS Victory and USS Constitution. Like World War II, there are a rich variety of Belles that could be created from all the different navies that were active during the era...including famous pirate vessels like Queen Anne's Revenge. World War I - There weren't many naval battles fought during this era (except maybe for Jutland), but there are a lot of ships that people could choose. There are also a few famous ships during this era, including HMS Iron Duke and Emden. Cold War (60s to 70s) - Since the Cold War spanned a long stretch of time, I thought the 60s and 70s might be the best for a Victory Belles treatment because that's when two big events happened - the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. There are also a few WW2 ships that are around during this time since they participated in the Vietnam War. This is a bit off-beat since no big naval conflict happened during this era, but I think the Cold War could have some possibility with all the NATO vs Warsaw Pact navies fighting it out (or fighting against the Morganas together). Do you think it's feasible to do other eras? Do you have other eras that might be suited for the Victory Belles treatment? It's just a fun exercise in brainstorming...while we wait for Victory Belles to get started. Thanks!
  6. I do hope we get a beta ready in time.
  7. Is this for motivating the troops?
  8. Fascinating! So they do have physical ships (as opposed to the Belles fighting directly like Kancolle). I just wanted to see a picture of this combination in Lore :).
  9. I kinda like a bit of Owl City late at night.
  10. What I'm hoping for is a pic of how a Belle appears with an actual ship. Didn't the devs say that they took inspiration from Arpeggio...meaning that the Belle has a physical ship that is used to fight the villains? Also...will the villains be in ships as well? Will they look like ghost vessels?
  11. Nevada and Arizona - Pearl Harbor Veterans
  12. Your drawings have inspired lewds.
  13. Oh! Alright! Well...time to wait and hope.
  14. I'm kinda curious what was the nay vs yay vote this time...
  15. Okay! So the choices for Belles might play an overall part in the game's plot? That's intriguing :).
  16. I guess I'm a bit of a novice concerning warships ;).
  17. Random question: In general, how do you guys choose which Belles are included in the game? I don't think you're going to add every ship in WW2 (I might be wrong though), so how do you guys determine who makes the cut? I mean...you have the famous (i.e. Scharnhorst, Arizona) to the more obscure (i.e. Bulldog, Mahan) in drawing form.
  18. The game isn't out yet...and we already got lewds?! O_O
  19. It would be funny if there was a VB halloween event...and she had a costume that paid homage to Ming the Merciless :D.
  20. It's kinda cute that she's a fangirl who likes collecting memorabilia. Of course, that is so unprofessional *hides his various naval junk in his room*
  21. I downloaded US FGO...and I promptly deleted it because my Japanese file is so much better (i.e. more five stars). I'm working through ranked in my Arizona for World of Warships :).
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