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  1. That is definitely an interesting motif. Also, I do like the short hair on my Belles :D.
  2. Very cute. Definitely a lot more innocent than her canon attitude :D.
  3. I like her purple hair and introspective attitude as well. She is overall a pleasant design (and is making me harder which navy I really want to choose ;n;). If anything though, I'm waiting for Chokai...partly because I share the same birthday as that ship :).
  4. Gneisenau was a nice straight-man to the madness that is Shiny Horse :D.
  5. As much as I'm a bit disappointed, I do understand that you guys want to make a good impression on your backers and the public interested in this game. Advice for the marketing / public relations team: Go ape-shit with trying to get big YouTubers to try and advertise the game. Gaijin Goombah is a good example. I'll still loiter around...patiently :).
  6. Procyon

    Pledge Sale

    As much as I want it, I don't think it's legal do get it :).
  7. She seems to have a lot. Time to throw some abominations and eldritch texts at her :D.
  8. Holy shit! It's beautiful! You are amazing! Thank you so much!
  9. Besides the above question, I'm kinda curious...when is the next vote for beta coming in?
  10. Dang! I'm a dilettante for Lovecraft and I didn't notice that O_o.
  11. Ooohhhhh! Now that could be interesting. Heck! A bit of Lovecraft can make sense considering the eldritch nature of the enemy...and can add something unique to the Victory Belles universe :).
  12. Wouldn't Pennsylvania count since she was mentioned in Arizona's debriefing? If not, B1!
  13. Man...you both posted serious music and I'm a derp that posted something from Battlefield 1 :P.
  14. I like a mix. On one hand, I do appreciate the Belles who take the situation seriously - something that seems to be missing in a lot of shipgirl fiction. On the other hand, I do enjoy the more quirky Belles as well, especially the glory-hound Scharnhorst :).
  15. This is an interesting bit of lore then. Who determined which ships had Belles in canon? O_O
  16. Beautiful design, especially the blue uniform in reference to the French soldiers of WW1 (...or as they call it in the game Verdun - "shoot me blue" :P). Besides that, I kinda appreciated that Verdun was serious, partly because I usually like the more serious Belles over the goofier ones. If anything, her weary attitude about war remind me of the Lost Generation in literature, especially somebody like the shell-shocked Ernest Hemingway. I hope everybody had a blessed Memorial Day - whether you know of a veteran or are a veteran yourself. On a less serious note, Verdun reminded me of this gem EDIT: Wait! I have a lore question. Verdun and Mahan were laying a wreath down for the USS Olympia. Is Olympia dead? Can Belles actually die? O_O
  17. We're definitely getting closer. It seems that more people are confident about the Beta. I can't wait to try it :).
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