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  1. 46 minutes ago, PizzaRocket said:

    Regarding where it crosses the line from a cute gimmick to "pledge to protect cute clumsy baby"... hmm that's tough since most extreme examples of a cute klutz character i know of are in moe anime where that's pretty much their job. I want to say that the difference would be competence. Here Maass is very unlucky but otherwise seems to have herself in order, even predicting what might go wrong (though even so it doesn't seem to work out). A straight up pander character would be totally hopeless. Still, it's a narrow line to walk.

    That's what I think as well.  Maass doesn't come across as completely helpless - she just has freak accidents from time to time (like a slapstick character).  That being said, she's somewhat aware that stuff tends to happen around her and is a bit self-depreciating about it. 

    She's not a klutz who isn't aware that stuff catches on fire around her.  She seems to realize it...and kinda accepts that while also trying to improve her situation somewhat.  If anything, I could say that she's more of a Chew Toy than anything moe-ish.

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  2. 4 hours ago, David J said:

    We get more Belles by collecting certain items that relate to said Belle, so we get them via drops like a RPG.

    Fascinating.  I wonder if the items are going to be generic...or will a few relate to the ship in question?

    I can't wait to try it out once the game goes live :).

  3. 31 minutes ago, DrYuriMom said:

    Don't get me wrong, I love the character. I have minor issues with the pidgeon-toed art, but that's just my quibbling over PC BS.  She absolutely reflects her history to '39.  Kudos to the writers. My response was more to the captains who would rather have a moe/derpy pet than a functional subordinate/weapon. :P

    Completely understandable.  In my opinion, she's better than Kancolle's Maass...who is just bland.

  4. 1 hour ago, DrYuriMom said:

    I know there aren't many women around here but I have to take Panay's observation one step further and wonder at what point does moe cross into misogyny?  The desire for a girl useless in a practical sense but great for show or feeling superior toward such that you have to protect her?  A perpetual child?


    Anyway, my response to her would be strong discipline starting with orders to get rid of the damn shoes and wear flats. I think I'd assign Yavuz as a mentor for her. She needs a drill sergeant, not a hug. Errors for adults are the result of poor training. The solution for an adult is repetition rather than validation. 


    Women are for more than show. :P

    It's probably a play on how she ended up having one of the unluckiest deaths in WW2 naval history.  If this U-boat gets introduced in the game, she'll probably be a crappy plumber since she was destroyed by her toilet :D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-1206).


    In regards to Maass though, she's our first really big derp character.  Most of the other Victory Belles ships seem quite competent as warriors (arrogantly so sometimes like Kongou or Scharnhorst), so I'm sure a bit of derpiness is fine.

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  5. 11 hours ago, David J said:

    Found this on twitter Teofilo's waifu Velasco



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    I hope the gameplay of Victory Belles can deliver...because I think it could take the ship-girl genre by storm with the characters :D.


    Basically the region locking is why I only played two seconds of Kancolle, decided it was not worth the effort for the account and browser add-on, and stopped playing. Only other anthropomorphized military waifu game I have is on my smartphone is PanzerWaltz and it cannot hold a match to the art design/character/certainly story that VB is and will be.


    VB actually has USS Arizona, a ship of which neither Kancolle(Iowa and Saratoga, that's about it) or Warship Girls (Practically includes every other US Battleship EXCEPT Arizona and her sister ship) so there is one kind of difference between VB and the other games. Then again, the sheer fact VB has an equal distribution of Belles from each Nation when possible is a massive difference in itself where Kancolle is primarily Japanese with a handful of US/German/UK/Italy warships and Warship girls does better with more inclusion of other nations, yet still leaves a good amount of ships out (Arizona).


    In terms of similarity to VB JP Belles the Japanese Belles look AWESOME compared to their Kancolle Schoolgirl counterparts with some practically looking like older versions (i.e. Nenohi and Kitakami <- albeit personality 180 for Kitakami) and others more historically accurate (Kongou built earlier than Nagato, therefore, Nagato looks younger than Kongou). Others look entirely different (Fubuki, Kumano, I-8, Chiyoda, and Hiryu).


    I kinda agree. It seems that VB (in terms of design) is going farther than Kancolle in regards to overall look and historical references.


    We'll have to still see about gameplay, but I hope for the best with this team! After all, this could really help BCS reach the big-top!

  7. The whole Mighty No.9 drama was partially due to really bad PR (including hiring someone unfit to be a community supervisor).


    Thankfully BCS has blessed us with the opposite.


    Oh yeah! That's true.


    BCS does have somebody constantly communicating with us, so that helps.

  8. Misekato;


    A project of this size can't be completed with what was raised in the Kickstarter- that was for UI, additional artwork and voice. If we only had the KS proceedings, well...it would need to be a much smaller, and much different game. :)


    Just don't take too long with it :). I mean...we don't want this to be another Mighty No. 9 :blink: .


    I don't think that it's a merely Italian custom to have cities with a coat of arms, and noble houses that hold a title after the city with different coat of arms.


    I'm Asian...so I'm not very European-studied. That being said, I'm probably going to be Regia Marina once the game goes live :D.

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