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  1. While I'd like to see the wolf of solomon I'm sticking with A1


    I do like the Kongo class historically as well but she seems like a bit of a, let's say 'piece of work' here in her personification.


    Victory Belles Kongo seems to be more of a madame in attitude with a hint of snootiness (or envy...don't know) towards her younger sister Nagato.


    That could be compared to Kancolle's Kongo...who's a bit more of a fun-loving derp :D



  2. Look at those massive pair of....furred boots, what am I looking at? I obviously am missing a reference here. :blink:


    I wonder how many world of warships fans are on these forums, I'm noticing that ships that are announced on wows get almost always voted in here.


    Also since no one else wants to say it: Nice rack. I know I'm not the only one thinking it.


    Oddly enough the Italian women I've met/dated (ok she was half Italian) tend to be quite skinny, not unhealthily so just thin, I heard somewhere that the 'ideal woman' for Italians tend to be thinner than other nations but I'm just speaking from an old conversation with a squad member of mine.


    In regards to the rack, the pig-tails and the furred boots really throw it off :wacko: .


    But yeah...I think a good portion of the ships voted here are in World of Warships...except for Alabama. I don't see her around these parts.

  3. If It started on December 7th, actually the British and American Navies would be in pretty good condition save for the loss of a few capital ships, the Japanese navy would be at its peak. Unfortunately, the Italian and french navies would be crippled and useless. The German navy would be struggling slightly, with most of its (not very many) remaining ships being held back in useless positions.


    I'm guessing that the US and IJN would probably have the most ships at their disposal. That's followed by the Royal Navy and Germans. After that, it would be the Italians, French, Russians...and then whoever is left.

  4. Mignonette;


    Oh, I don't know, I feel as though there is a lot of them both in there, personally. But I also think it's alright for Belles to be uncomplicated on occasion. It can be a breath of fresh air in the other direction.


    Just my opinion, of course. ;)


    That's what I kinda think as well. Some Belles could be angsty, complicated, and moody (some of the Russians...and maybe a few of the Japanese Belles remind me of that mindset). On the other hand, some could be...well...kinda quirky and fun (Henley, New Orleans, and Kirov kinda strike that attitude).

  5. Procyon;


    No, definitely not! Just as not all Belles are equal, the Nations definitely aren't. And if you pledged to play the minor Nations, the situation is even more difficult. Poland, in particular, has a rough time. :)


    Oh! That makes sense! Will that mean I'll have a bit of a difficult time if I choose the French or Italians...in comparison to the English or Americans?

  6. I called it. She was a gimmick, and nothing but. I'm a little disappointed really. So much you could have done with the namesake. I'm especially fond of the sailors of USS Constellation and their victories, as they were the first American built warships to defeat major vessels of a foreign power.




    The word 'sandwich' appears in this interview an unreasonable amount of times. 25 to be exact. I love sandwiches. I practically live on them. They're about 60% of my diet. This is too much sandwich for even me.



    So...the sandwich nod was due to the Pearl Harbor incident? I thought it was alright, considering that Kancolle characters also have unusual quirks (i.e. Kongo's obsession with Admiral, Yuudachi's Poi, Akatsuki's lady craze).

  7. Uuuugh, they should've left the memes off the introductions. XD


    I'm just wondering if they're going to make dub Yuudachi say Poi all the time. I mean...isn't the word Poi kinda a substitute for the word Like? It would make sense since it would turn Yuudachi into a valley-girl.

  8. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/03/27/funimation-announces-kancolle-anime-english-dub-leads


    Hello! Apparently a Kantai Collection dub has been announced by Funimation. I thought this would be interesting news since Kantai Collection is kind of the inspiration for Victory Belles...and a few Victory Belles voice actors are going to be in the dub.


    So far...


    Jintsuu is voiced by Natalie Hoover - the voice of the sandwich-loving Henley



    I don't know if these other dub actresses are going to be connected to Victory Belles...but here are the pictures they released so far with voice actor information:


    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7-EEceVYAEAPOa.jpg - Main cast


    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8B0W5AU8AA7L3b.jpg - Sendai sisters

  9. I see her as being somewhat... aristocratic? Combine that with being one of the elder battleships in the Japanese navy and she might feel she has to compete with the younger ships.


    Maybe Kongo is afraid of being a has-been in comparison to the newer ships of the fleet. A bit of jealousy perhaps? :)

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