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  1. Well hopefully the USS Recruit makes her Cameo after we're done with her
  2. The answer to life, the universe and everything is clearly: -Edit- Fixed the swing music
  3. I'm going to go on record and say, whatever BCS chooses, I support it. I think honestly with the delay the video has had that when it comes out we should have two interviews at this point. The Voted Belle and the video. We could even have the voted Belle comment on the video afterwards as Mahan, the voted Belle and ourselves watch it on board the interview ship. Just my two gil
  4. It also happens that the St. Laurent class of the HMCS Saguenay (the successor to the WW2 ship) commissioning date is on my Birthday as well.
  5. Will keep this list updated. Anyone with a 3DS is welcome to share. Nel Celestine: 3368-1385-8763
  6. https://twitter.com/LentiSoup/status/799640444854562816
  7. Literally posted on twitter about 15min ago
  8. A fun little topic on the Discord came up and figured I'd share here. A personal name for our fleets, like an order of knights or band of merry men so to speak. For myself, I went with "The Black Knights". The symbolism being that Germany (or rather Prussia and it's prior states) had knights as well that the predominant color was black, the Iron Cross is black and to play off the fact that the allies are considered the "White" pieces for a chessboard of war so therefore the Germans would be the "Black" Pieces. Translated, it becomes: "Die Schwarze Ritter"
  9. hey that works for me. This way i can have my Kickstarter Belles on both accounts I was planning. A Germany exclusive Streamed account and a "Any belle I want" account.
  10. Here are a few more quick edited ones.
  11. Stepping back out of 'character' so to speak for a moment I have to agree. Hood is ok if not rather arrogant. Arrogance does lead to one's downfall. I think it will be interesting to see how her character develops over the storyline (will have to hear it on my main non-streaming account. As my streaming account will be most KGM). Regardless, good work on the interview and I am glad that my thoughts on how this was going to play out was pretty close to on point.
  12. Post finally Edited. Enjoy~
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBmu-2RVv-4 As for myself. Well, here is something that most people will get if they know my hobbies.
  14. I am holding off on that Belle for just a few more weeks. Four weeks from Friday to be exact.
  15. As I mentioned in Discord. I see this going one of three ways. 1. The Morgana vote is ignored, A2 wins 2. The Morgana wins as a write in, and we get a strange interview (this will most likely NOT happen) 3. Hood gets the interview and we get an odd bit of knowledge from the assocciation pretaining to some eye witness reports on the morgana. 3 in my opinion is what I'm hoping for AND what seems the most likely case
  16. I promised before to vote Morgana this week. I am a woman of my word. DDoS please. Also, Please don't be upset at me for voting this way. It's my own vote. I was going to stay obtained because of this event but the discord reminded me it's still important to vote.
  17. In regards to that term. I first learned about it playing Final Fantasy XI. Since the servers were in Japan and thus they always had the ping advantage over the rest of us many people used that slur at first until it was brought up that the slur came from and why it was insulting. Thus, as a community, we started using JP. Short for "Japanese Player".
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