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  1. This makes me excited to do another! Most likely Profintern, Mahan and if I can find the kit Scharnhorst.
  2. That fills me with a TON of joy! thank you for that bit of news!
  3. Link to the stream (saved the entire event) https://www.twitch.tv/nelcelestine/v/98106898 And a few more pics incoming shortly Edit: Some new pics. Diether and Nurmberg Z-17
  4. Music is up. Stream is starting. www.twitch.tv/nelcelestine
  5. I look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow
  6. The whole process will most likely take a few hours (2-3 or so if I prepare all the parts) so with panel lining too, should be a 4 hour process. I'm sure you can pop in at some point. Maybe play it after the meeting in the office
  7. Sunday Oct 30th at 12:00 PST I will be streaming over on my twitch channel discussing my thoughts on Victory Belles thus far as well as engaging the community openly. Think of it as a group public thought bubble. During this time I will also be assembling, panel lining and applying final touchups to another Victory Belles themed Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model). This one will be a mashup of the following two ideas. Diether von Roeder Z 17 1936-Class Destroyer Kriegsmarine – Nazi Germany Kampfer Amazing Hereby dubbed the GX-36D. For those who are using mobile and can't see my signature with the twitch icon, the direct link is here: http://www.twitch.tv/NelCelestine Hope to see many of you there, especially YOU Legate!
  8. Theme for Z-17 (currently under construction)
  9. all for any Belle on the board. The one I'm working on to surprise Legate and the BCS staff isn't on there from my understanding.
  10. Been a while but i had this pop up in my playlist again recently
  11. I believe they want android at launch but can't promise for sure
  12. The build, Part 2! For those not familiar with Gundam UC naming routines I'll explain it's name. [G]ermany e[X]perimental unit - built in 19[35] version [N]urnberg Hence GX-35N as it's code name Will have a good shoot soon to get lots of angles and good lighting.
  13. As posted on twitter. The GX-35N Nurnberg gunpla inspired by the the update. Machine is about 1/2 complete. Hidden behind the spoiler is images. I will finish it tomorrow.
  14. Whelp, apparently... I approve of being compared to such a great belle
  15. RNG-kun has sided with Nurnberg! Praise RNG! (before hating it again for something else...)
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