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  1. I need to give a few corrections and updates regarding NRP Sagres' lore. Henry the Navigator was born in O'Porto (yes, my hometown - they've preserved their home and it remain a cultural exhibition space to this day) and learned his trade in the Sagres Nautical School (right at the "chin" of our country's face that gazes at the Atlantic). The name is indeed a traditional heritage passed on by the main school ship of the Portuguese Naval School, where the most important exams and rites of passage take place. While I heard a lot about it, I never had the chance to go aboard.

    Besides the records already stated by Käpt'n Korky, the ship has also participated in two major Portuguese celebrations: in 1992, she participated in the Columbus boat race, part of the 450 years' celebration of the Portuguese's Arrival on Japan in 1993. Later on, she visited Brasil during the 500 years' celebration of the Discovery of Brasil in 2000.

    As for major events, the ship departed for her third trip around the world in January 10th, 1910. The trip took her to 29 distant locations before completing her journey on December 23rd of the same year, It was her greatest trip to date, opening her kind arms to over 300.000 visitors along the journey.

    In terms of honored awards, she was recieved as an honorary member of Portugal's Military Order of Our Knights of Lord Jesus Christ  (in short, "Ordem Militar de Cristo") on March 12th of 2012 for her 50 years of service in the Marinha Portuguesa. Later on in 2017, October 24th, she recieved the medal of the Military Order Of Avis, the most ancient honorific award in our country, given only to those in military ranks that excelled beyond human effort and dedication.to the country.


    So, to put it short, she was well recieved within our community and given awards that only Portuguese men and women could recieve, so she's definately viewed as a Portuguese ship nowadays ^_^

  2. 2d5df59f533f5f013c163d5f25826452_original.png?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&w=639&fit=max&v=1539283566&auto=format&gif-q=50&lossless=true&s=6b2a238cdabd316bb1c692c0c2f22ea7                                                                                           6876728f2a91988b75170bafce5a61dd_original.png?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&w=639&fit=max&v=1539283722&auto=format&gif-q=50&lossless=true&s=38d28e767d75af7e151409222b2ae4b0


    Link to the update.


    Captain Choices:

    1: … I bet we could get that piano loaded into the catapult before they get back. 
    2: ...you don’t actually know how to play by ear, do you? 
    3: ...Kazoo players get a bum rap.


    Also, one last notice: expect a first Fleet Problem by October 26th. Schedule your calendar accordingly.

  3. Hi ho! Hope you're all well today.

    I wanted to ask the Belles something a little... awkward, if I may. The notion of a Belle having an offspring, while both amazing and unsettling at the same time, is a bit impossible from the perspectives I've been gathering (unless miracles are involved, of course). So I wanted to approach the next, closest option related to the issue: adoption.


    Would it be possible/affordable for a Belle to have a vessel of a different family/country under her wing, combat-ready or not? Would they have a different care over between Belle-present ships and spirit-linked boats as a human would respectively treat an adopted child and an adopted animal? And how would Belles cope with differences in country or culture between them and their adopted protégés?

    My apologies if the question brings any... troubling feelings.

  4. Hi ho!

    While i'm also on board with the #1 option, #3 sounds so comical as well, and can be used as well, since both answers address different points from the conversation.

    Therefore, I vote on both. Kind of a bittersweet revelation for the Captain XD

    On a side note, do you know what that "german" exchange reminds me of?...


    We should do one of these for Mahan regarning Leningrad. Would be such an hilarious reference.

  5. Hi ho, everyone!

    I could swear that more than 10 Belles are being featured in this Special, 8 or more redacted to boot.

    From what I remember, we vote on support conversations that happen when the present Belles are part of the Captain's team. To think that we need all of them to reach this Summer Special...

    ...it's really special.


    As such, I cast my vote on knowing the crazy outcome of the Battle of Summer Snowballs as a neutral witness (also, the story team can use my naming suggestion if it fits their funny needs) to a battle between three sides. One vote for option 1 - let them have the battle as three separate factions while enjoying the cherry-flavored snowball. I know it features option 4 and 6 mashed in as well (5 instead of 4 if the Captain is not so neutral), but at that time they're asking for the captain's opinion, not his allegiance.


    Edit: We now know there is a silent Belle, who only speaks "..." (Redacted3). I wonder what others think of this,

  6. Hi ho!

    I'd go for Option 11: "Mind if I test a gun before the hunt?" *reaches for a gun under the table*

    But since we're following the rules here, I'll go for option 5, since it's the only one that gives a proper explanation of the conversation's title.


    Also, in before...

  7. Hi ho!

    One more vote for Option 1, please. Hope that voting can still be done.

    Also, regarding the Battle Engine - patiently waiting for any feedback on the game's development, even if just evolved imagery.

  8. Hi ho!

    First of all, something that I didn't mention in its first iteration: thanks, Mineta, for placing links as part of the opening thread, as it helped out my browsing a lot.

    Second, my vote goes to option 3. My reasoning is in the spoiler below.

    Option 1 is definitely the funniest of the bunch, but it feels like It's giving them too much credit. We had a very funny interaction with them before, but unless it is common knowledge that those two are nimble pickpocketers, I believe these conversations are set in a fluid timeline, where some come before or even after others, considering the order of Belles each player will have will not be the same if we consider the full roster. So the theft experience that we feel from them could come after the Ides of March, so the Captain's resentment may not be there. Also, placing a trap on the kettle could mean its loss, something that Orion wouldn't approve (but if Captains chose this option to make her suffer a bit, I won't object them).

    Option 2 is a bit more of focus on the unknown Belle and the prevailing of the Captain's quality of life on board. Which follows the same credit-stealing as option 1.

    Option 3 is my choice because Orion is the protagonist of this scenario, hence it's fitting we learn somewhat more about her motives.

    Option 4 seems redundant because for Orion to ask the Captain to buy the pots it would mean she should have known their cost, or at least it was communicated when the Captain told her the deal was done. Being ignorant of such would be a flaw of her character in my opinion. 



  9. I'll say: I prefer the last variant the more due to the bubble coat on her - feels like she has just submerged in a very confident way.

    Though I think her torso looks shorter than intended, even with her pose in consideration.

    Nonetheless, an enjoyable drawing. 7/10 from me.

  10. Also, here's a dialogue that I wrote for choice #5.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    (Also, to Minetta and BCS: if you enjoy this dialogue and think it to be a good piece for the dialogue's continuation, you have my permission to use it. I know the authors would also have to be in agreement with this - I didn't want to disrespect their work, but I had a lot of fun and care in writing this part, probably the same they'd place on theirs, and hope that, if they agree with the perspective and effort, it could complement their work)



    Espero: Capitano?... Why bringing up the question again?

    Captain: Because the snatched items, while out of my reach, are in safe hands. Correct?

    Espero: Correct.

    Surcouf: C'est vrai.

    Captain: However, the fountain pen is not. Surcouf does not have it because she believes you, Espero, stole it from me.

    Captain: But it is not the case, "n'est pas"?

    Surcouf: As correct as your french...meaning?

    Captain: Meaning that the item in question is truly missing. And since I noticed that it's with neither of you, you've reached a tie...

    Captain: You both failed to surpass one another.

    Surcouf: ...I guess we did.

    Espero: *Sigh*... Molto bene. That was quite perceptive.

    Captain: And with that in equal agreement...



    Captain: Your shared punishment will be finding the missing fountain pen, all the while returning the missing items in your care. 

    Captain: All stealing contests will be void until the two of you return me the missing pen in unison.

    Espero: Come?!?

    Surcouf: But...

    Captain: Now, if you'll both excuse me, I must return to my daily duties.

    Captain: Good searching, dears!

    *Captain leaves the conversation*


    Surcouf: ...I love how our Capitaine outsmart us sometimes.

    Espero: Infatti.

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    Hi ho!

    Option #5 for me, please. 

    Why so? Reasons in the spoiler.


    Option #1 is invalid because the captain only knew of the contest at that very moment, so the ransacking would be clearly seen as a ruse.

    Option #2 would mean he would have noticed the disappearance of any item, thus granting victory to one of the Belles.

    Option #3 and #4 are mostly for those supporting either Espero or Surcouf, but the forcing defeat would be unjust as neither actually stole the pen. And I as Captain would not be as such.

    Thus, option #5 is my choice.

  12. On 16/02/2018 at 11:58 AM, Legate of Mineta said:

    That is very interesting. U-boats, on the other hand, can't be very cheery, can they? :)

    Hmm, thought of a joke regarding that:


    Q: Why weren't U-boats so cheery during WW2?

    A: Because "Under the Sea" came out on 1989.

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