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  1. Glad to know that Ninja's hidden Belles do count as well for the interviews. Now, regarding U-29. I enjoyed her detective side, which is a part that chemist students try to develop as well, though in a different way. I understand her sole need of responding to the thrills of mystery, and i'll be glad if i do obtain her in-game
  2. Hi ho! Add one more vote to the U-29, please. I support that we find out whether those hidden, art-veiled Belles are avainable for interviewing or not.
  3. Added episode 3 and 4 to the thread. Enjoy the rest of the series! P.S.: If they upload a "Lies" episode regarding their work, i'll place it here as well.
  4. Thanks for joining the info, Shirogane. I'd suggest Mignonette's idea, but it'll be up to you
  5. Sorry for asking, but what does KS stand for? (Might be a bit forgetful...) Hoping that the game fixes don't mess up with other remaining components of the game as you assess them. That can give the development a serious delay.
  6. Extra Credits is a Youtube channel that usually talks about videogame design and many other related topics. However, it has a sub-channel that is supported by its fans via Patreon and other means. They've released the first of a video series about the hunt for Bismarck. I find it funny that an adversary is sponsoring this episode, though. Nonetheless, i'll chain all the episodes unto the opening thread so everyone can enjoy it, or have a quick link to them. Oh, and i should mention that the animation style is part of their style. Enjoy, Bismarck fans!!! (P.S.: if there is a way to decrease the size of the video screen, please tell me so via PM so i can lower its size to a more fitting one) Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4:
  7. Glad to see you around. And if i may be bold to ask, what do you enjoy the most from others' take on your work?
  8. I second this. Though i'm not against the ocasional use of crunch time when both developers and directors are in a friendly agreement about it.
  9. Hi ho! Glad to know that our "von" is helping on keeping the Belle's lore accurate. And to be honest, i understand the way Leningrad behaves to protect her sister, even when their relationship is, as they say "complicated". I have three other brothers, and we have quirky ways of friendship as well... ...especially my sister.
  10. I really enjoyed the second drawing. Reminded me of the Chibi art showed in her interview. Keep doing better ;-)
  11. Was about to use this meme, but i didn't have permission for image posting. Was there an update in the rules? O.o
  12. Fwii Fwoo! *munch munch* *munch munch* *GUULP!* *sigh* Now that i'm done... ... one vote for C2, please!
  13. Hi ho! Well, that was quite the interview. Now i understand why sandwiches are a part of her. And yes, Ninja, i understand your disappointment. But Belles are like people - sometimes their first impressions are flawed. But give them time (and the chance) and they could...*puts shades on*...turn around. (I'd insert the "Yeaaaah" img here, but right now i can't XD) (Also, an art of a Belle putting on sunglasses would be funny to use; do ask Salmon, if you would) P.S.: Do note that it was Henley that signed off the interview, not Mahan. I believe that was a first.
  14. And that's how the service record's end is spoiled. Ouch.
  15. Right. Then i'll start with one of my country's favorite sandwich... ...the Francesinha! The Francesinha was born around 1960 (so yeah, Henley will have to wait a whopping 20 years to taste this one), when a returned emigrantfrom France wanted to bring the croque-monsieur to Portugal. Having at first an upper layer of cheese with fillings of cured or grilled pork meats, it gained popularity in its home town when its special sauce was invented. While its main ingredients were tomato and portuguese beer, each home had its secret variant, from smooth and salty to thick and "oh-my-god" spicy. Nowadays it's served with various ingredients, including chicken instead of pork and a grilled egg on top, resting upon a sea of chips/french fries. However, flavour balance and a unique, spot-on sauce are the key parts that allowed several restaurants to gain regional popularity (some even worldwide) by generations who grew alongside this sandwich. It may have the disadvantage of being too big and saucy to grab, but the cultural love that fostered it made it a worthwhile experience.
  16. Hi ho! For all the anticipation built around Nagato, seeing her as a conscious, simple-looking Belle did shatter my expectations. However, that doesn't mean that i dislike her - her tribulation with the dinner setting did show that even in an disadvantage she maintains respect and consideration towards others. While i don't see her as a must-have for my tastes, i feel she'll find her home in others. and i do get her by chance, i will be respectful in kind. Also, that Kongou... damn, did her fashion flair make my heart skip a beat. Those dark amber eyes did show a lot of cultural status. I wonder how her interview will go - if we do reach her later in time.
  17. Since we're on the matter of sandwiches, while we're waiting for Henley's interview, i suggest we make a sandwich show-and-tell here on this thread. If a certain backer/forumer's country has a regional meal with the sandwich format- two slices of bread with filling between them, be it meat, fish or greens as long as it makes cultural sense - that they enjoy, place a picture of it (in spoilers, if possible) while showcasing its strengths and history/controversies. I advise to show only one variant, as others may come from the same country and would use said alternatives to join the drooling discussion. If Mineta allows it, i'll present my entry this afternoon ;-)
  18. Hmm, i've got a question, and i apologize if i shock Salmon. Was facial expressions for Belles discussed in the game's art design? And how viable would it be to add them to the game at a later date?
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