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  1. Thank you! We'd need permission from the original authors as well, but... ...damn, would it be so enjoyable if possible. Disregarding author bias, of course
  2. ...like a scar. I understand. *Shows the right palm* Nasty memory.
  3. Hmm... this raises other questions. The Game Team did mention that some Belles would appear by "drops" - did they meant a gacha system, or a loot system? Or is it a different, unique option? And when a Belle that can be dropped is unfortunately sunk - can the player aquire a copy of her, or is she forever lost, akin to Fire Emblem?
  4. Nice! Talk about timing. Seems we'll be getting Nagato next Friday. Though i'm aware that there wasn't an exact draw at the time of my decision.
  5. Hi ho! As much as i'd like to vote for Benley and draw the voting... ...place mine on Nagato, please. Since the Beta will be delayed, part of me tells that the Lotto Belles will have their chance.
  6. Hi ho! Houston does look like a reliable character to me. If i do get her, i'll definetely enjoy her company (and her BBQ... and her soda fountain...).
  7. I sincerely believe that Gaijin Goombah did help the VB's Kickstarter, hence being included in the Beta already. If not, he'll surely be invited for the support he gave - after all, he is a gamer with critical thinking, which helps in Beta testing.
  8. ... and here is where i facepalm myself because i forgot about the Writter's Corner. Mineta, would it be possible to ask you to move the thread to its rightful place, please?
  9. What started as a small joke from my mind has slowly escalated unto the whole parody song that i present to my fellow backers/forumers. In part because Admiral Hurtado did several of these for us some time ago before heading unto other games. So, here is my take. I hope you enjoy it as much as i wrote it. +1 if you've noticed the referenced song before even opening the thread. Note - while the original is labelled by some as NSFW, the VB lyrics are much safer. At least from my honest perspective. Here's the youtube link for the original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUspLVStPbk (duration - 4:16) Perth: You see... we believe... let me put it like this. There are British in the world. There are French. There are Germen and Italian, and then There are those that follow Russia, but I've never been one of them. (*brrr*) I'm a Victory Belle, And have been since before i was born And the one thing they say about Belles is: They'll take you despite any scorn. You don't have to be a Destroyer. You don't have to carry a torpedo. You don't have to wear heavy armor. You're a Belle with a tale to show. Because... Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed fate. Stewart's Cheer Group: (*calm*) Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed fate. Belfast: Let the haters hate, Wailing hands and feet. Fate will turn around. Their tears will be sweet. Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is good. Every Belle is wanted In this neighbourhood! Nevada: Germany, Japan, Italy want to have their way, We only heed our Admiral: "Anchors aweigh!" Bèarn & Perth: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. New Orleans & Stewart: If you refuse one of us... Stewart's Cheer Group: ...you'll get one less date! Triomphant: Every Belle is sacred. Bulldog & Algérie: Every Belle is good. Hood & Mississippi: Every Belle is wanted... Arizona & Boise: ...in this neighbourhood! Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is special. Every Belle is true. Mahan: There's a Belle for everyone. Kitakami: For you. Velasco: And you. Nautilus: (*submerging*) And you! (Instrumental) Leningrad: (*scoff*) Let the Morganas come forth, Armed with curse and glance. Carmicia Nera: (*reloading*) We will strike them all down, They don't stand a chance. Stewart's Cheer Group: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is good. Every Belle is wanted In this neighbourhood! Everyone: Every Belle is sacred, Every Belle is great. To be the Admiral's love, Is our blessed faaaaaaaaate. Thank you, thank you, thank you... ...Oh, God, what have i done.
  10. Hi ho! May i have an invite, please? Edit: Entered the Discord channel. Thanks!
  11. Is it just me, or is that an emotionally awkward smile? Regardless, it looks nice. Well done
  12. Honor, Adventure, Individuality: Algérie... ...and also a tea brewer to boot! So, what do you guys think of our new Belle?
  13. Hi ho! Last week, i voted for Argerie out of respect from the previous win. And now, i'll have to honor the loser's turn, even though i really wanted the cowboy-hat Belle. Another vote for A1, please! Let her know our acknwoledgement.
  14. Well, my favorites are Perth and Belfast, both tied. There are many others i can relate with though, including Hans, Nevada, Nenohi and Ruyter.
  15. As a student who enjoys music in general, taking "casual" classes in my town's conservatory, she has ..."struck a chord" on me. And here i thought that Belfast would be my favorite Belle at the start of the game. Well, at least i know there are benefits in friendly competitions.
  16. @Mignonette: assuming the close launch on March, i'd say a week, maximum of two. If two, then imo the first would be backers-only, with the second week being a public one. I'd like to add a question regarding the iOS progress: how has the game been performing on older smartphones for the testing team (my current one being 4S)?
  17. @ Mig , Ninja : yup, that's one of the awesome things about these rescue stories - how the saved ones can continue their heritage, making a cultural/social development that makes us appreciate the efforts of the past rescue. As for me, it's more of a personal influence from ships - i live next to a lively harbor (both in trading and tourism), so marine affairs were always a part of my life, though more in conversation than in actual practice because rare were the times i entered a moving ship (5 times in my life so far, i think). With this in mind, my father took me sometimes to watch military ships that were temporarily docked as part of my cultural growth (he works as a doctor on a monthly health visit at the dock). And then there was that millitary ship i visited during my short stay in Manhattan, though i wonder which one since i didn't memorize the name at the time. Perhaps i'll ask my father tonight. And then Gaijin Goombah led me here, like many others.
  18. WHAAAAAAT?!?!? Another draw (13 votes for A1 and D1)? Oh dear... i wonder how it'll go in the backgrounds.
  19. Hi ho! Place my vote for D1, please. After passing her turn to Perth, losing her interview chance after giving it kindly seems unjust to Argerie. A1 can wait a week... or two.
  20. I'd say to pitch the two in the interview and enjoy the show. I'm sure Mahan can handle it
  21. Quite the upgrade that your work had. Well done!
  22. Hmm... it's been a long time since i've seen Bandit Keith. Back on Topic... one vote for D1, please!
  23. To be honest, the only color fail i noticed was the hue difference between the face and the legs. IMO the face could have a brighter hue due to face powder, so placing said powder on the legs instead seems awkward. I did notice your view on the face's areas next to the hair, but from mine it looks like a shade effect from light above her. Had it been a more noticable mistake (like a longer black scribble) i'd agree with you. Critics aside, it looks very nice. Keep up with the improvements ;-)
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