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  1. Wow... the automatic style reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles in that regard. Oh, such memories.
  2. Guess we're having a submarine next week! Also hoping for a UI update, or even beta news
  3. Hi ho! Since A4 has a strong support, i can place my vote on another Belle in peace. One vote for B1, please!
  4. I think you meant "in the lanterns." *Ba Dum Tss* Camicia Nera sure is one hardened Belle. What i do hope, though, is that she keeps her cigarette despite tobacco complaints due to cultural reasons and game fidelity. It will be a rough topic, but i hope BCs doesn't give up so easily on the matter. And poor Mahan. The fog really did put a number on her during the whole interview. Though i think it's more a natural fear due to lack of developed grit, rather than pure xenophobia (fear of the unknown, to those wondering) or homichlophobia (fear of fog). And her inconfidence made a bigger contrast with Camicia's "badassery".
  5. @ Legate: my sincere condolences to those afflicted by the loss. Please send them the following: *Erhem* Roses bloom, and roses fade. Such is known, yet not forseen. I hope for thee, at grave's shade, A final rest, just and serene.
  6. Hi ho! Hans seems to be a Belle disired by many... i dare to say that Cindi has competition. It's quite interesting that they allied her mechanic efficiency with a sarcastic tongue. Sarcasm, while itself being a sign of hidden intelect, causes delays when the sarcasm is missunderstood. As for the host Belle, i believe that she is one that wasn't revealed by the VB media so far. I'll bet on a kunoichi-themed one, as she's been always watching all interviews without interfering (even when accidents took place).
  7. No worries, it happens. I do thank the support
  8. And so we meet the ship repairer Hans Lüdemann (prefers to be summoned by Hanna, though). So, dear backers, what are your opinions about this "polite" Belle?
  9. Speaking of which, who did won the card castle building contest? It didn't end during the interview. On second thought, the awnser could perhaps appear in the game, i hope. As a reference in the game to the Kickstarter interviews.
  10. Now that you mention it, some voices were familiar. I bet they were invited.
  11. Don't forget that Bulldog's interview took place in England. We're travelling a bit around, you see
  12. Optimist and sometimes (okay, most of the time) an airhead. God, so many similarities with me O.o
  13. Hi ho! Please place my vote on B1. Glad to know that last week's favorite is getting her chance this week.
  14. That smirk... it's so fitting of her carefree personality. Kudos to the artist!
  15. In other words, you ask if a ship can either withstand more blows with heavier armor at cost of less speed (which means a lower chance of dodging) or not take its armor to sacrifice defenses over a bigger change to avoid all damage. I think so, but i wonder if Mineta's answer would be the same.
  16. Hi ho! And damn, did Kirov made a splash in the community... i could swear she was hitting on us. And while the five year plans were actually industrial/economical growth schemes for the Union's strength development, i think she was having... other plans for us. Another thing to consider: those who have no shame in insults and use them more frequently are generally more honest persons, as they don't hide their true feelings from others through different words. And i believe such is also supported by scientific studies, though i don't know which one. Add the fact that she's a ballet dancer, a party-maker and a heavy drinker, and you got a very likable character, who grew in the hardest of places. ...just like flowers... *looks at the camomiles* ... DAMN! They did really hit the mark with Kirov.
  17. ... i bet he couldn't end the phrase because of her "ruthless intervention". Now, back to the topic. I see Kantai as a japanese game which uses a specific niche for its growth. As with many unique japanese medias, it's solely set on its own country as is a product of the japanese animation-driven culture at that point of Japan's history. As to why they didn't expand, i cannot say for certain, but i can theorize that they felt no need to expand their game as they were having success with their original audience and a globalized port of the game had too many unknown variables to make it worthwhile. I knew of Kantai long before VB. I tried to search more about it in accord with my interest for japanese animation at the time. And i did search for a way to try out the game. But the hassles i had to do to solely play the game were more than enough to stop the search. I even tried anime/mangas based on the franchise, but none kicked my gears enough to become a fan. And so it halted there. Then Gaijin Goombah's video showed up, showing part of the culture behind the game while also promoting VB's kickstarter. As i read the kickstarter, i felt motivated. The game offered a "what-if" scenario to one of, if not the, most known moments of human history. While also offering an honest view at both naval combat and the naval history of WWII, things which i knew next to nothing off (save Pearl Harbor). The game was solidified on both real and fictional sides, promising accuracy and entertainment, and those factors gripped my interest in the game. I entered VB's boat for the sake of learning and fun. Learning from a different perspective about topics i never knew, while having fun with a mobile game with a different flavor. I tried to raise my pledge for the Belfast plushie, but it meant sacrifices at a time of my life where i had other, more real troubles, so i stood at a lower level in the end. To end my answer in a more succint way, i am too rooted in VB's premises to choose Kantai Collection over it. If it had been launched globally earlier, i would try it, give it an honest opinion, and probably stop playing it, since my time was invested in other PC/console games. But it didn't, and VB was born from that void, among other reasons that i might not know. How funny does history weaves upon chances that are not taken.
  18. @von_Lipstig: You, sir, have found the contents page of what seem to be a VB wiki. A wiki, from what i know, is a fan-created version of Wikipedia for various media, from universal scale franchises (Marvel/Star Wars/Dragon Ball) to small, yet story-deep games. It seems that someone's doing an effort to start a wiki page for Victory Belles. Remember that, like on Wikipedia, anyone can create an account on said wiki and add/change content related to the game the wiki page. The good thing with wikis is that they are easy ways to retrieve information, while also offering those interested a change to help expand said wiki with their own findings to help the game/universe's community. The downside is that such freedom of speech also allows false information, either accidental or intentional, and wikis without any sort of moderation or fact-control are unreliable at best, trollish at worst. @fifrein: What Legate meant is that Belles won't be physically conditioned/inhibited by a captain's immediate death. They will behave as themselves, either mourning or scoffing at the Captain's death in accord with their relationship. Dying in the middle of a combat throws a wider range of variables and outcomes that i won't discuss here. What Legate did reveal is that Belles do have a presence bond with the Captains. They'll know where he is, they might know his physical status, and they'll sense their death as the presence bond abruptly ends (remember that Star Wars TOR cinematic where the padawan felt her mentor's death as she ran away on the smuggler's ship? Yup, it's that kind of sense. I wonder if Belles were created by midi-chlorians...).
  19. Hi ho!... ... Saddly i couldn't arrive in time to place my vote this weekend. But at least this Friday will be something interesting to look forward to - a French and German Belles, each on a different side. Though i believe it wouldn't generate much sparks as both of them do not look like the agressive type (like Sanguenay or Pola). Also... a tip for Mahan, if case things do get out in control: they both do have something in common... beautiful, blue eyes.
  20. Yes, there will be. And while this isn't source-confirmed, i trust that Alpha testing is currently underway. We might said Beta in this year's first quarter (maybe backer-exclusive first, then open to invited guests/reviewers). Edit: seems Ninja beat me up to it. DOH!
  21. And with the voting closed, here is this week's veredict! Total Votes: A4 - IIII (4) B1 - I (1) B2 - I (1) B5 - IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII III (23) C4 - II (2) C5 - IIIII (5) D1 - II (2) D3 - I (1) D5 - I (1) B5 won by a landslide, it seems. Not unexpected though, since there is a legitimate reason that many forum members are supporting. (By the way, is there an equal expression in naval terms?)
  22. Hi ho! In my opinion, VB is not yet elligible for memes yet, since it's still not avainable to the Internet (at least the finished work). So, yeah, first we wait, and then we have fun with it.
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