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  1. Hmm. This is a curious topic. And how would the British treat their Belles? Would they call them Belles as well, or would they use a different term? I originally thought of "Melady", a deformation of "Milady" for "metal ladies", but a second thought made me search and found that such term had a french origin.
  2. Hi ho! Considering that there is a strong historic motivation behind the next interview and that the voters are almost all inclined, i believe that my vote itself won't be a deal-breaker, so i can vote on whatever Belle i'm actualy interested in next time. One vote for D5, please! *goes downstairs for dinner*
  3. Hi ho! Up until today, all i knew about Arizona came from the "Pearl Harbor" movie... but today i did learn a lot more. Fame. Tragedy. Awareness. A very worthwile character in my book. Perhaps i'll take her for a ride should i obtain her somehow.
  4. Hi ho! It seems that calling Arizona for an interview for next week seems important... ...so i'll vote B3 as well.
  5. Hi ho! Place my vote on D4 please, as i'm also intrigued with New Orleans. Perhaps i'll even take my time during the 2-week wait to find an appropriate jazz theme for the interview.
  6. Hi ho! On mobile games, during team-based events, i tend to call my teams "Cool Crew". It had a certain, unique ring to it. So i did some research about the term "cool" - whether it could be used on 1939 or not. It turns out that it did exist in the time as a Black English word. While present in African American culture, it was used in Europe as a slang word to describe an aristocratic affair of love or romance behind close doors or under an apparent "mask" (in general, closed to the general public). While mostly centered in Italy (which was called "sprezatura"), the term was also used in Brittish English, at least until 1950. One could even think that the african slaves in the early U.S. have learned from the british officers at british colonies in Africa before being sent to America. In other words, it fits my Battle Belles situation (or, at least, fictional situation) like a glove!
  7. Hmm... BCS' Twitter page linked another fanart from Iwosoz. It's in spoilers because i consider it NSFW, even fully dressed - you'll see why after a while.
  8. Hi ho! I've enjoyed the art shown so far. Even if they're in sketch form or in a fully colored beauty, all were nice to watch.
  9. And unless i've been mistaken with my counting (because players do not state where they changed from - going backwards was something of an hassle), D3 has won by a vote (12 vs 11 against its rival C4). I believe this one will be a tad more formal... and possibly more outrageous.
  10. Hi ho! I've been suggested to find this thread, and I've done some light research because Avarice did intrigue me. I did find some interesting things, but i decided to place a spoiler because of a deep fear in my gut. Don't ask me why, please.
  11. True. Even Blizzard mocks it with a "tm" reference.
  12. Wait... there is a thread for the other side as well? Urgh... should've looked first >.>'
  13. Hi ho! Well, now this is what i call fan service. Placing both sides of the poll at once! I'll be honest, i saw it coming when Mahan started stating how odd it was with us being the ones exiting this time around. Which meant a surprise guest! But first, Hood. Her proud character was expected, which does not mean that her development was weak - travelling around the world and gaining both lasting memories, cultural insights and living experience does contribute to a solid character. And with such giving a intelectual advantage above others with less broad development, adding to her confidence growing, either by coincidence or not, in the right direction, she becomes a "shinning beacon" to men and Belle alike. However... ...Pride...such a beacon of light... ...However, it is power in half... ...Easy to sway, with little might... ...Drowning among the riff...raff. (She deserves to appear in the post because she is part of the interview, even if unexpected.) Avarice hides intelligence behind her courtesy and rhimes. To tell how would be spoiling, but take heed, she should not be underestimated. P.S.: I allow BCS to use the rhimes for the game if they trully enjoyed them. P.S.2: I wonder what will the incoming dispatch be about? Will we have our first test period soon enough?
  14. Hi ho! This is what happens when my Chemistry Master classes bump me out for a time - i missed out on a lot of stuff and the tightest poll to date.
  15. To think that many of us will only be able to get her one year later... ... urgh, someone bring me water, please! Too much salt in my veins!!!
  16. Don't worry, you're not being rude. And while i could be exagerating on my analysis (remember, i did say that i didn't knew if the hat's design & color came from the original source), some artists and writters like leaving teasers or hidden signs of a person's character in their description. It's like a physical manifestation of one's quirks. (which oddly enough reminds me of My Hero Academia).
  17. Hi ho! Caraias is a very solid Belle in my book. I like the way her looks and designs. I'll place my most thoughtful feedback about her on spoilers, because it will have explanations that would "spoil" your experience with her, in case you adore her "badass" side. I leave it as feedback of my appreciation towards her, alongside some suggestions that could bolsten her experience. On a side note, i do enjoyed playing Salvo (which is called Battleship these days) during my childhood, and if i do end up getting Canarias, i'll enjoy having a gaming partner on deck.
  18. Hi ho! Place my vote on C4, please. And yeah, i know E2 has more votes, but... that blue hair is poking on my curiosity.
  19. Ah, Rawalpindi... the polyglot underdog with a love for postal managing. Our Belle roster is becoming more unique by the week! Also, i'll be the first to bet: one of her conversations will definately involve eavesdropping. And i'll even place a spoiler for what could become her friendship/romance moment. I'll just leave it in the spoilers in case, for It may be likely that this may an actual pivotal moment for Rawalpindi's arc. It's alright if you refuse to read it - . I'll bring it back once the game's up, and see how much far or close i struck the target.
  20. Hi ho! I'm also voting for A3. Honestly, i'd vote for either C4 or F5, but it's very likely that A3 is a "sister" of the recently interviewed Rawalpindi. So i want to chain both conversations It would be funny (and refreshing to some, maybe) to have Rawalpindi as a character in the conversation to change the mood a little.
  21. Hi ho! I've been busy with both studies and vacations during the last two months, which prevented me from having a serious analysis on the various presentations (yet it didn't prevent me from enjoying the Belles' introductions). I decided to place my thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions about Update #23, which showcased a lot of the progress made by the game's team. These are mostly based on my personal opinion and on what i learned on Person-Machine Interactions, from my now-finished Licenciate I'm open to both positive and negative thoughts, with both reasoning and feeling towards the topic. ******************************** The Fleet Selection screen, in my opinion, has been worked on very well. Using cards to feature the Belles, with tears in them representing damage taken, shows good design, and made me think of them as a collection (was that the team's intention?). The friendship/romance signs are also nice, though it took me some time to see them - perhaps adding a faint glow (a blue flair on friendships that appears faintly and rarely, a light red sparkle on romances that shows more commonly on a petal of the rose) could give the symbols both some improved identification and a better feeling of accomplishment. The Campaign Map screen looks really good as it currently stands. The map field looks good, the mapping and scouting animations are solid, and the morgana mist looks omnious, though i believed it was a misty purple rather than a foggy gray. Lastly, the Battle screen and UI felt good as well, yet i felt it was flawed in some way, so i decided to check exactly what was right and wrong... including a comparison with the initial battle UI showcased in the Kickstarter trailer. The fire and hit (shakes included) animations did convey the conflict's exchanges, but aircrafts were featured in the Kickstarter trailer. Perhaps those animations have become exclusive for aircraft carriers, which if so it is a welcomed change. The miss animation was roughly the same as the fire animation, which felt lackluster to me - it was the sole animation that didn't "click" in the entirety of the presentation, and made me uneasy until i pinpointed it as the cause. Perhaps adding another different miss animation, like a water splash, could help - i saw there were two different hit animations, which meant adding multiple, different effects was possible. Speaking of which, i believe that adding multiple animations for the most common actions, such as hits and misses, with different sounds, could decrease the possible repetitive feel of the battle interface. If i'd be given the freedom to choose, I'd pick around three to six different alternatives for both ways (an example: 5 miss animations and 4 miss sounds, in which two would be different splashes and two would be different bullet dodges), and a lesser number for critical hits could be viable for saving time and resources since they are less common, as well as making them "iconic" so players can know when to cheer (or despair) when one is triggered. I also noticed that the ship's location stats (featured at Update #6) weren't discussed as part of the battle. While i'm aware of their conversion to hit points, i wonder if they''ll be displayed in some window at the Fleet Selection. Lastly, i wonder how will the Battle map change according to the flow of combat (featured on Update #3). Will the map zoom in as both sides get closer, or will the Belles' icon move towards the center instead? ************************ I hope my feedback has been helpful, Or at least an interesting read.
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