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  1. Hi ho! I'll start with C6 - New Orleans. P.S.: Don't forget to edit the main title so players can notice!
  2. Hi ho! I'll say, Nerpa was an enjoyable character. I like it how her rebellious side is shown through her "sour" jokes. But what i really wanted from her was that, on her friendship/romance conversation, she would sing the song. By that i mean her actress singing the song - the refrain shown on the interview would be just fine, though a second one would be welcomed as well. What do you guys think? Would you love her singing "perk" in-game? (P.S.: the upcoming bingo will be performed on the previous round's post, in this link - http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3321&page=4 - which is a change that i believe it should be mentioned in this thread)
  3. Hi ho! I'm back from my holiday week Hoping that i can stil vote for C-4.
  4. Hi ho! Hmm... i see that some are voting in D4. Now that i think about it, JP didn't introduce many Belles during these weeks. Therefore, i place my vote on D4 as well. The blue-haired Belle can wait for now
  5. God... Even I didn't wrote that much in my one-year fiction. Also, I apologize if this was asked before: how far away can a Belle manifest from her ship? Maybe a km or two?
  6. Hi ho! I enjoyed this week's interview, though i find this Belle interesting, mostly in her "workaholic" persona. It's currently hiding a deep feeling that i wish not to speak about here - best to save it for the Friendship/Romance reveal. Also, i vote for A4 as well. It is due time that we have a chibi interview, with insightful remarks and size comments galore!
  7. Hehe... what I did was more of a personal description of Ark Royal's character than a suggestion. I do acknowledge that Laura has full freedom over the Belles - I'm just guessing from what I felt and understood, and if it was her goal then she struck her mark
  8. And crabs riding those sharks, mounting guns at the sides. And a metal-armored Morgana riding the crab for good measure XD
  9. Hi ho! Personally i plan to play the game as much as i like & can, and while the main setting only goes from '39 to '46, i'm fine with the game moving on beyond that time frame, as per the players' wishes. But, there are some things that should be considered: - Peace frames: eternal conflict can wear down a person, and should the WWII frame end as history "claims" (while it can end, the history shift that the Morgana caused can change that ), i'd hope to see a period of peace before the next conflict arrives. Could be treated as a "bonus" scenario of sorts between Seasons. - Consistency on different conflicts in a different timeline: the timeline in the game can be similar to ours (with the Cold War, the "Terror Era" and so on), but the story will have to incorporate these aspects while considering both the natural flow of history and the presence of Morgana, whether their power was dimmed by our actions in previous wars or not. I could develop more points, but i'm not aware of the full setting of the game, so these two are what i can speak upon with assurance.
  10. Hi ho! Hoping you're all having a great day. Though a little late, i did enjoy this interview. After thinking better about her character, i saw that the puns fits really well with her supposed character. Consistent use of puns (in a correct context, i add) shows a mindset anchored on creativity and intelligence, atributes that are of great benefit to leaders. With Ark Royal being responsible for the life of her pilots, having leadership traits imbued in her seems like a logic choice, with her "puny" personality being the physical manifestation of her leadership skills. In the end,a bit of her wit did rub off on me. You can read why... Might as well enjoy it one last time... Don't you think you meant... below the deck? If this was Laura Ketchum's initial goal with this Belle, i personally believe she deserves an A+ on this character's design, incorporating leadership and humor in a coherent, yet delightful package.
  11. Hi ho! Another game which nicely deals with the F2P model is Hearthstone. Virtually any option that suports the player's advance in the game (namely, cards) is sold in both game currency, gold, and IRL currency. Even more so, you can craft almost any card that you couldn't obtain from said packs by gathering dust (the crafting material) from disenchanting cards, monthly chests (the higher your rating, the more dust) and a game mode called Arena. The exceptions are promotion cards (some are golden version of obtainable cards, others are cards otained by collecting a set) and Adventure-exclusive cards that are allowed in the Standard format, which can only be bought at the store (though the dust per gold ratio is much higher in these cards should you decide to disenchant them once they're out of the format - consider it as a long-term investment). I believe there is more that can be learned from Hearthstone's model. I wonder what other forum members do think of its model...
  12. Hi ho! My, this thread has grown in quite the awesome way since my last visit. A huge "thank-you" @DrYuriMom for gathering all info on the Morgana that has been unveiled so far (as well to all that contributed to the insightful discussion that followed) - it helped me grasp what i missed about Morganas and adapt my work to whatever lore i missed. Also, @ninjapacman: i forgot to say that i've grown as an open-minded person, so it's alright to speak your mind while considering the other side's freedom and feelings (which you did ;-) ). One of the reasons i'm this open to people is because i ackwnoledge myself as a person with "quirks" (i blame My Hero Academia for using that word) and "flaws", with one flaw being the limitation of my knowledge and logic to what i've personally experienced or learned, which can be complemented (or corrected) with the work and logic of others. This is the primal essence of a community, in which a group of people with something in common (survival, a goal, etc.) cover each other's flaws while contributing with their quirks, making better results than what a single person could do. Now, back to topic. I understood that the Hendecagon term was a bit off. The name came from a side reference to the Pentagon, and it would indeed be more as a forced writting plot other than something that emerged naturally. The "First 11", however, seemed a more natural expression to the first wave of captains from the INPF (short for International Naval Protection Force) - which you agreed as well due to the analogy with the Battle of Britain's "first few", so i'll be more reliant on using it rather than the former. As for the "inherent bias against self-inserts", i don't mind it at all. It shows how stories have to be made with thought and naturality to be more authentic, and writters who exert things such as their characters unto a world can often make the natural feel of their piece weaker. I'll take that into consideration when making my work, hoping to make Belfast as real as how she is depicted in-game, how the captain will behave with her according to his behaviour and feelings, and the results of those interactions. I only showed the resumed version because, in all honesty, i would only start the true work once the Backer Beta begins - that's when i'll have more reliable information to write my work accordingly, all while making the "beginner's guide" to be featured later on (if BCS deems it worthy enough, of course). And sorry for my really long post. Hope it's okay with you guys.
  13. Hi ho! For those interested, here is the channel where BCS published their Victory Belles clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G76CK6yxyi_9cMLMYIZ3A/feed Hoping it gets a better treatment in the future!
  14. Hi ho! I'll be honest - i was hoping for a minor ally influence but one that wouldn't be directly influenced by the unit's power. I was thinking more on the term of being equal regardless of power, but different in the bonuses they give. For example, Belfast's personality can raise the crew's morale, increasing HP by, say, 5%. On the other hand, Velasco's hasty nature will rub off on sailors as well, increasing the fleet's speed by 5%. Then we can have trading of common resources (akin to Monster Hunter's trading system, with items of rarity 3 and higher being untradable), with a little penalty on shipping due to the dangerous seas. This could even create extra escort missions in which you help an ally with the trading process, fencing off Morganas. Could even raise your connection with an ally and increase said ally's bonus. I created these with a bit of flair on my mind, so i know they might not be the best ideas. Do be constructive if you're scrapping me, though
  15. Oh, I almost forgot to ask something. Ninjapacman, when you said that the Hendecagon was contrived and cliche, what were your feelings/reasons behind it? It was my initial purpose that the Hendecagon is a consequence of the Morgana's interference in history - It felt to me like a natural evolution of the Pentagon's status from american-only to a worldwide effort for collecting intel on the new enemy.
  16. Hi ho! I can't contribute a lot to this cause, but you have my support. Such course would be an asset on which i could develop a better background when i start writting my diary. Also, i'll ask my father's side of the family if we have any logs or information about the German operations here at Portugal. Basically said, they had a spy line that monitored british vessels, picking which would be the best to quickly sink with a nearby hiding german sub. I'll report back with the awnser - i do hope there's one.
  17. @Legate of Mineta and @Ninjapacman First and foremost, thanks for the feedback! I didn't had the whole list of requirements for a Belle awakening in my mind, so i could have missed my mark a bit. The encounter could have happened in portuguese waters instead of Ireland, with HMS Belfast temporarily stationed there when the Morgana strike, leading to her awakening. It sounds nice. Ninjapacman could write the origin story, while i handle the growth arc as both Gerrion and Belfast grow as foreigners within the British Navy. However, we also have to consider Laura Ketchum's work and build around it. Since she's the Lead Writter and has the final say on Belfast's personality. If only we could recieve her feedback on this.
  18. Hi ho! I'm thinking about writting a diary-based fan fiction on Victory Belles' early start on Backer Beta. Here's how i plan to start it: *************************************** With the appearance of the Morgana in 1939, alongside the Victory Belles who countered their first blows, there were men (and women if we have female players as backers) who were able to sense the Belles and were able to either communicate with them or coordinate them against the first Morgana waves. *** Author's note 1: i hope i got the date and initial lore right *** As the International Naval Protection Force of 1939 was born, the League of Nations scouted all those who estabilished friendly contact with any Belle, attempting to make them part of the Naval Protection Force. It was imperative that most, if not all countries, had representatives within the organization in order to maintain a global presence on Morgana activity. The first foray revealed an immense group of all crafts and origins: while most were naval soldiers in their respective countries, there were others withour war experience: crafters, engineers, scholars, even common folk and women. A more thorough investigation has culminated in a list of one thousand, one hundred and thirteen individuals. Those without naval or even millitary training were given the chance to learn basic training in a short time in order to help the organization. The League of Nations has decided to name this first wave of naval officers the Hendecagon - who later became commonly known as "The First Eleven" - with thirteen of the most skilled or influencial officers being recognized as the highest among the Hendecagon, forming the globally influencial Triskai Office. To protect their relatives and friends, officers within the International Naval Protection Force were given the choice of assuming a codename rather than their own. *** Author's note 2: The appearance of the Morgana shifted history in Earth, and so a few things were changed. The Hendecagon (a polygon with 11 sides) is a direct reference to the Pentagon (built between 1941 and 1943 if i'm proven correct), but escalated on a global level to deal with the Morgana threat. Its members are, as you may have logically guessed, the first backers of the project. As for the Triskai Office, while its members could be based from most wealthy or influencial backers who supported the project (Admirals Goombah and Hurtado, to name a few), the choice will be given by Black Chicken Studios. Once i ask them and they send out their answer, i'll document the decision as part of the world-building process within my fiction, made to mirror as much as possible from the game and its roots. *** This log contains the records of Gerrion, Captain of Sea and War, Portuguese representative within the International Naval Protection Force. Born in Oporto, Portugal, this civillian was a Chemestry scholar in his hometown who was undergoing a business proposition with the Royal Navy in Belfast, Irland. A small Morgana raid on the city on September 2nd triggered a Belle awakening upon the HMS Belfast that was docked in the city, and while several were able to communicate with her, it was Gerrion's diplomacy and "kind logic" that prompted Belfast to fight the Morgana and sucesfully halt their raid, protecting the city of Belfast. This small raid was one of several that the United Kingdom brought to the League of Nations' attention. Though a civillian without millitary training, Gerrion's leadership skills were proven an asset to the International Naval Protection Force, and his family's wealth and influence allowed him to become a portuguese representative within the organization, with his rank given by the Portuguese Navy and allowed to be part of the British Navy without compromising his country's neutral status. ***************************** What i originally plan to do with this fiction is to create a sort of beguinner's guide made from both advice and Beta Test experiences from backers, all wrapped up within a fan fiction to make the read more interesting. So, what do you think of this idea? Good? Bad? So-so?
  19. Hi ho! You can probably guess which Belle will be my best girl (tip: she's my avatar). Though not all Belles have been released, so it may not be my final answer. But I believe that my main pick will be decided once the Beta arrives and I can get a more honest portrait of each Belle. Also, still hoping for a Belfast figure/statue later on PayPal. Mahan's also fine in my book.
  20. Hi ho! I think i'll be siding with the British Navy during the Beta. Mostly to try out the game from a conforted stance, but also for other adjacent purposes.
  21. Guess i didn't needed to take the shot - there are other awesome ppl here as well!... ...can i go to sleep now?
  22. Hi ho, fellow Captains! Gerrion here - hope you're having a fine evening. After some time, i've finally been able to adapt my profile accordingly. I even made an avatar-sized pic of my favourite belle (at least so far). Glad to be on board, and hoping that more will follow.
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