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  1. E-4 is just a brutal mess that I'm glad I didn't go back there to farm. Glad you beat it. Congrats! Anybody who has beaten E-4 deserves a medal for how cancerous that map is. Also, congrats for fishing up Hatsuzuki & even Asakaze. You'll gain your Pola if I managed to gain Asakaze at E-5 after 50-70 sorties. Something like that. ------------ DONE! I'm done! YATTA!~ Done with the whole damn event. There's maybe a few left, yet I"m not going to bother grabbing them. I gained whom I wanted, and I'm happy with them. Commandant Teste, Saratoga, AKizuki, Yamakaze, Akitsushima, and even spoiled brat 'high horse' appearing Asakaze. Gained all of interest Saratoga managed to get up to level 36, Akizuki to 24, as well as Commadant Teste to level 9. Even nudged Warspite a touch when showing Saratoga the ropes. Even before all this I happily remodeled Hiryuu after forcing her into my event fleet to gain more experience. Seemed to have worked out nicely KanColle1469 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1470 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1471 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1472 by SubTrance, on Flickr -------- So glad to have these Kanmusu in my fleet, and in a homely environment. Now I won't have to stress over them missing, or a missed opportunity thing. KanColle1473 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1474 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1475 by SubTrance, on Flickr Akitsushima was a big one of mine after being robbed from the main event she was as (.1% away from a final clear), even missing an event, yet glad she's finally under my command! Nice! Now let's go rest up as I have other games calling for me named 'Tower Unite', American Truck Simulator (re-scale fun), Euro Truck Sim 2 (France DLC & Update), and etc....... I leave this event feeling accomplished & well rewarded for all the blood, sweat, and tears. Screw E-4 though; E-5 deserves an award for being fun
  2. Starting to do some Kanmusu fishing with me happily obtaining Akizuki from E-1 in roughly 20 sorties, or so. She's a nice get. Shall focus my run on Tuesday on two Kanmusu on E-3, hoping they'll drop. KanColle1468 by SubTrance, on Flickr Welcome to the fleet! (Also had Kashima drop right before Akizuki, someone whom I already have from another event.)
  3. E-5 was genuinely fun. I loved it. I loved how you could choose to sortie the longer route, or focus on going the shorter route by knocking out A Node, perfect airbase protections, and maybe S-Ranking certain nodes. This would have been a major hassle on higher difficulties, yet was neat on Easy difficulty for me. - Prinz Eugen Nuking Saratoga's wreck after a Destroyer Torpedo wave knocked out other Abyssals, damaged her escort, allowing Maya & Prinz to heavily damage the Saratoga Wreck Abyssal. The DDs allowed Maya to attack the FS for 300 damage, then Prinz Eugen finished her off. Maya is also a weakness to the wreck heh. KanColle1459 by SubTrance, on Flickr - It pays to have a proper fleet, something I didn't have. I was too frustrated once again with all the conditions I just sortied a powerful fleet over a proper 'clean' fleet. I switched my fleet to a 'clean' fleet for the Final Dance' allowing me to get her. SARATOGA GET! KanColle1460 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Kaga's flagship victory: KanColle1461 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Quick peak at my final route: KanColle1462 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, & E-5 cleared! Yatta!~ KanColle1463 by SubTrance, on Flickr This is also far more special when you once knew people who played KanColle yet quit for silly or somewhat proper reasoning. Participation enough was enjoyable for me, and glad to have partook in this event gaining two of the Kanmusus I desired. Needing the others. - Saratoga! What a typical 1930's tomboyish beauty. Her English is heavenly, whenever she does speak it. I wish they give her full Warspite lines, yet I guess they fear an Iowa moment. KanColle1464 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Pola being a silly drunk when assisting with Saratoga's sorties after Commandant Teste turned red on 2-2. Amusement to be had. KanColle1466 by SubTrance, on Flickr -------------- I'm happier now that I beat the event and have Saratoga on hand. I do NOT want to touch E-4 again! I do however want to go back to E-1 & E-5 for certain Kanmusu. Maybe even E-3 for Akitsushima. I just want Akitsushima, and was robbed her during an event with all the RNG maddness & timed out. I just can't get Akitsushima............Every time I have a chance, I just can't get her. I hope I can this event on either Tuesday or Wednesday. So glad to be done with the main dish, yet the side dishes may be of interest
  4. Alright, I'm done with the event. E-1 was fun, as was E-2 & E-3. E-4 was the worst for me, and I was sloppy on E-5 (with E-1). I won E-4 by using a light fleet to then find E-5 to be a fun map with the unlockable start point. It's been fun, and I feel awesome for completing it from beginning to end. I just now need to go Kanmusu hunting. - Bismarck E-4 MVP on a nightkill: KanColle1440 by SubTrance, on Flickr E-4 drove me nuts that I was constantly told to try light fleet if the other wasn't working. So glad I had it working that my fleet obliterated S Node with ease then obliterated the boss node. - I had three remodels while scanning through my kanmusu list: Kazagumo, Shiratsuyu, and Uzuki. KanColle1449 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1450 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1451 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-5 Shortcut focus (sloppy longer route) KanColle1452 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Sakawa gained on both A & O Node: KanColle1453 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Funky trip to the boss node until Final Clear. KanColle1455 by SubTrance, on Flickr - They did well giving Saratoga's wreck a spooky personification. Fits her wreck nicely. KanColle1456 by SubTrance, on Flickr - OP Prinz Eugen KO'ing the boss on the first few run throughs KanColle1457 by SubTrance, on Flickr ----------- This feels so glorious, even on easy. RNG was a pain, yet as was my patience. I had to force a fleet together swiftly from a lack of time. Prinz Eugen & Maya MVP for E-5 Part 2 of E-5 clear next post.
  5. God damn.........Not another cancerous map.......I've been stuck on E-4 for a few (2) days now thanks to someone always going taiha/red. THis map's difficulty relies on at least one kanmusu to go red & I won't send a ship back as I need the firepower. Someone always has to go taiha, and it's not gameplay type fun. I managed to deal with E-4's Transport stuff just fine, yet the moment I touch the assault phase everything goes bat-crap insane. I was able to get myself to the final dance phase, yet can't even touch the boss node ON EASY which is stupid. Not even once. Someone has to go taiha........Maps that force at least one kanmusu to go red is stupid, even with or without the healing equipment. This is also on easy which it shouldn't require you to use those, yet it does because "Japan". If Victory Belles does the same thing then you guys shall be shooting yourself in the foot. God damn...........All that salt.....All that god damn salt produced just from the assault phase. I'd love to know both "who" (played on easy) & "how" they beat the map. I had Maya's cutin, CV (long route), upgraded planes (via crafting), and even two support expedition......Taiha, defeat....Farthest I managed was Q node, then I had to retreat........I stalled out, and I'm just spinning my wheels as I waste resources. I had people try to help me, yet it still wouldn't work. I saw other people's saltiness on the Kancolle forum saying how this map is cancerous. Also mentioned how one spent a whole day, yet had to go sleep for a dentist/doctors appointment.......I'm assuming I wasted a good 10,000 resources (unless I can't count in frustration) and it's something else. What a useless map. Holy hell..........Even my great Japanese buddy hates the map and he beat it on hard......I can't do crap on easy........With that kind of insult I want my resources back. I had a good 290,000, except for bauxite....I'm now down to 269,841 (yes, so worked up I can't do math. You figure it out).
  6. - Combined Fleet Madness: KanColle1417 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Commandant Teste is now mine! Some French pride for the necessary variety also, and she's a fun one to have. KanColle1423 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Ashigara DJ'ing off E-3: KanColle1424 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Commandant Teste. That's one down, 3 more to go. Need to get Saratoga, as I strongly desired before confirmation. KanColle1429 by SubTrance, on Flickr Now I just have E-4 & E-5 to go through, then double back for farming. Nice!
  7. I was being stupid when it came to E-1, yet it is indeed easy...well, to a degree. It's typical for E-1 type maps, yet I also didn't bring landing crafts that I went through it slowly, yet gave me more chances to try and get rare DDs.....None. E-2 went better, yet Mizuho lagged me behind for how lower level she is. Level 24/25 compared to level 80+. She held up nicely by the end of it. That, and E-3 was madness, even on easy. I knew to expect combined fleet once we had to use it, and now that it's there it brings a whole level of craziness and madness that it infuriated me with how I couldn't night battle the boss until I cleared out the escorts. E-1, E-2, and now E-3 cleared. Commandant Teste is now in my fleet that I'm quite proud . A shame I was being stupid with E-1. I however made up for that with E-2 & E-3 gains. ------------------ - Pola being cute in her new festive wear. KanColle1396 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Hamakaze & Hatsukaze had fun on E-1: KanColle1401 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-2 was fun, yet was being held back a lot by my lower-level Mizuho: KanColle1404 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Maya having a blast on her 4th clear of E-2: KanColle1407 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Yuudachi then having her nice fun for E-2's final clear with the whole fleet being battered into orange & red: KanColle1408 by SubTrance, on Flickr - American plane reward 'SBD' for those that yelled louder than using a megaphone for US content can now be fairly happy with this. KanColle1409 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-3 was a crazy map. Way too crazy. The non-boss nodes were fine, yet the boss itself with the combined fleet was madness. Had to keep fiddling with fleet to gain S-ranks: KanColle1414 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Commandant Teste in Abyssal form: KanColle1415 by SubTrance, on Flickr ------------- Part 1 of 2
  8. Makes me happy that I guessed right for once that the CV I can be rewarded with is Saratoga. So glad. Surprised to see Commandante Teste proudly representing the French, something I'm actually happy to see on every front, especially my misunderstood "variety" part I keep being highly vocal about. So glad to see the French in the mix now, as with the British with Warspite. Variety wins. Belated note that I beat the fishing event with Warspite having her fun fishing. She apparently loved it when making note of her line back then. KanColle1385 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1387 by SubTrance, on Flickr ------------------- Yeah, I'm glad to finally be having fun with the event, but I feel stupid right now because of E-1 on normal not being easy as it normally would have been as previous events. I dug myself into a hole unable to dig out of it. If I did this as I did in the past I would have beaten it by now. Damn.....I keep getting 13 to 19 SP, yet can't really tweak things appropriately as needed. Having to gradually crawl my way through E-1 this time around with 2 of 7 bars cleared..... I put myself in a hole, now I gotta dig myself out of it.........What's screwing me over is the increased health, less effective ASW registration, air assault, and the whole DD & CL of the Abyssals joining the mix. Fun..........Not RNG's fault this time, but my own....well, Partially RNG's fault for ASW misses & all that crap. It'll be awhile before I can spring forward into E-2 & beyond now..... Also, I'm glad Saratoga doesn't appear as a clown, as USN kanmusu in fanart tends to appear. She's nicely formal, as she should be. Commandante Teste is nicely proud, as the French are. Nice pride, FIFA style.
  9. Having a gallery is a wise decision with the way Japanese games spoiled me & others rotten. Also, in this day and age one can't slack so must put your all into a game Ah, such awesomness seeing a 'gallerry' option. Now curious how indepth that shall go and what it shall contain exactly. Card, art, voices, specs, and what else? Nice. Also, seeing that ship equipment screen made me grow to like the VB concept some more while still wishing of the same that the Belles could travel 15 min in any walking direction of a distance. But yeah, guess I'll make note of what Legate once said that '39 first, then expansions later on lore & such.
  10. Awesome. Yeah, I guess I need to do more digging. It's just the way things were said I put Sara & Enterprise together as sisters. Would they even be considered sisterly, or just overly friendly in a sisterly manner? But yeah, people can hype up all for Enterprise. I guess it would be Enterprise with the way things tend to go. Well, Tirpitz was also the pride of Germany, yet still waiting on her. Some longer than others, yet still waiting on Tirpitz. I get your point though about the nationalistic importance. Alright, I'll look up USS Ranger when I can focus once again. I still feel pretty proud/hyped over USS Saratoga though, especially with her as CV(N). --------- Also, side note that my Mackerel fishing is at 12/24 with second quest done. - I find this selection cruel. You can only pick one, and I went with WG because of how brutal events can be. The third quest being the cruelest with how you can only choose one: 2015, 2016 banner, or some equipment. Why not all? KanColle1380 by SubTrance, on Flickr - My third WG to assist in knocking out specific bosses in events. KanColle1381 by SubTrance, on Flickr I've been mainly fishing 1-1 & 1-5, yet shall venture further & elsewhere.
  11. Also, apologies if I come off as rude for Enterprise denial. Not intentional. It's just that you tend to learn new things when you dig a bit deeper. Think of it like planting a tree/plant, yet you have to till the soil to allow that plant to grow, finding something new about it in the process. If you go straight to planting a tree that's already planted you miss out on the nitty gritty details. Something you've never learned before, and etc. I'm glad the name 'Saratoga' kept popping up everywhere in Victory at Sea, weather maps (checking Canadian weather), state maps (New York state & such), and others. Finding out about USS Saratoga (CV-3) allowed me to find out that Saratoga is a CV(N) with fighters able to attack at night. RockyArby also mentioned USS Enterprise as her sister which is neat. Thinking of a formal pairing of the two in a vague manner. I guess Enterprise or Yorktown shall win out, yet it shall be awesome if Saratoga does for being the "minor" one in the grouping. I'd even see her behaving like Graf Zeppelin, if not more so. She even has the deck guns that Graf Zeppelin would have used (does in KanColle), as well as damage Abyssals at night. It's amusing. I also challenged myself to find a USN vessels I could connect to months ago, forgetting about it. USS Saratoga is it, and I just realized just now that I found one. The rest irritate me for over-exposure, yet USS Saratoga. Nice! ------------ Sorry for the spam, yet I hope it was interesting to at least one person. If it's interesting to one person then I'm happy. As long as it made one person's day awesome then this was worthwhile. - Isokaze is back with her (bad) cooking. She coughs. KanColle1372 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Yuugumo being casually festive awesome. KanColle1373 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Amagi being quite an elegant beauty. Loving her style. KanColle1374 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Yuudachi's damage art is amusing & adorable. Nice tastefulness. KanColle1375 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Can't forget Kongo's festiveness. She looks quite 'motherly' here. KanColle1377 by SubTrance, on Flickr - "Iku! Iku no!~" - Makes me happy she reached level 99. Another one reaching the awesome number. Loving how I'm now having more & more hitting level 99. KanColle1379 by SubTrance, on Flickr ---------- Well, I guess I better brace myself for disappointment to find out that we're not getting USS Saratoga. It might be USS Enterprise & such because I'm always wrong on this. I guessed Tirpitz when we were to gain Italia, and I was off on fishing event a few posts back. I however do enjoy whatever happens. I love the thrill of the surprise.
  12. Sara Maru!~ Yeah....I'm just stockpiling, not really having the time to do anything. I should be leveling, yet frustrated I'm constantly being distracted by both stupid shit & work itself. Seeing people getting Z3 when I instead want to get my resources as close to 300,000 as possible. Ammo is fine. Interesting hearing other people 'stalling' in similar manners. But yeah, I prefer Saratoga again for the familiarity in that "light" manner. Yeah, even aware she was a CV(N) which should bring fun air combat into the mix. I'd prefer Saratoga over Enterprise because then you'd have the silly and frustrating Star Trek & etc Enterprise jokes, yet some might be genuine awesome with how it's related to exploration. Neutral would be best for now, feature wise also. Saratoga would have fun in the manner of Graf Zeppelin with a nightly attack. You can obviously have fun with Enterprise, yet I feel too much friction in vibe. I'd prefer Hornet if we'd have to go with famous, or back to Saratoga. Or maybe Langley.....Enterprise? Way too common that it's irritating. --------- - Fishing Event: Finally here! I feel horrid for assuming it would be earlier, yet simply went by tweets & the rumours going about. Now that it's here I find Tama, Yuudachi, & Akitsu Maru the best in this. Tama winning out on all of them - Tama nyaa!~ (The best art this season thanks to how proud she appears.) KanColle1362 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Akitsu Maru looking awesome in that nice 'smooth light' art. Even nice seeing her fishing via nets. KanColle1363 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Zara is casually awesome. I'd love to taste her food when hungry. KanColle1364 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Roma's Hallowen art returns, nearly a year since her German Graveyard rescue. KanColle1365 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Poi! She took me by surprise in curiousity that I was rewarded for such a curiousity. Loving her detailed cute and adorable style KanColle1366 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Shigure being formally casual. Should hear her line compared to her appearance. KanColle1367 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Yamashiro & Fusou are neat. KanColle1368 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1369 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Libeccio's art returns, also being exactly a year IIRC: KanColle1370 by SubTrance, on Flickr -Taigei/Ryuuhou's lovely art: KanColle1371 by SubTrance, on Flickr Well, loving this event, the art, and the joy that is KanColle. Also going to have to post another batch of images after this one for how fun this KanColle event is vs the image limit per posting (if reasonable). KanColle is just damn fun for how it's exploring variety, and I love it for that. Sara Maru!~
  13. Always loved Aldnoah.Zero's soundtrack through-and-through, even through the silly drama that ran through. Need to have her 'Highness' signing a Harmonious song: ------- Then there's the beauty called 'Shelter' that people need to check out, if they haven't yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNze7yakEfE
  14. Wow.....them crickets. Well, I managed to get Imuya, then Hachi to level 99 in that 'natural' manner. No forcing or nudging, only sorting when needed for dailies. It's awesome KanColle1353 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1355 by SubTrance, on Flickr -------------- - Round 1 Fall Event Images: - Akagi being nicely formal, if a bit 'potato' appearing because of artist style. Neat though. KanColle1356 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Roma appearing awesome with her portable turret cooker. Casual elegance. KanColle1357 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Akigumo being the 'best' one for her "I've had enough of this BS!" reaction. KanColle1358 by SubTrance, on Flickr KanColle1359 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Akebono with a nice simple elegance to her <3 KanColle1360 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Mizuho is indeed nice, yet that facial design is questionable. KanColle1361 by SubTrance, on Flickr ------- Wanting to post more, yet shall wait to see if anybody posts or not to share more. Also, there's been mention of a US CV being added into KanColle's Fall event. I guess people know, yet I stumbled across it still going to assume it could be anything other than USA, yet seeing as how people are tuned into USN I'll tune in to that are also. I see nothing to solidify it by finding a source, yet for some silly stubborn reason nobody wants to post the source. Just beating around the bush. I truly hope it's USS Saratoga, not Yorktown, Langley, or Enterprise. USS Saratoga is also more personal to me after having experienced people play US Naval war games with the name 'Saratoga' popping up. Even on weather maps & such for New York state, as a Cruiser in a game, or maybe as a CV also. If Victory Belles has her I'll keep an eye out for her also hoping she'll be glorious. I truly hope it's Saratoga for that unique & variety type touch. I always want voids filled, or to poke at things that haven't been poked at. As usual I'll lose out tough, yet I'll be more than excited if I can connect with USS Saratoga in KanColle (as long as she doesn't Iowa it up, following Warspite's path instead). Sara Maru!~
  15. Makes me happy you find this awesome. And yup, that's usually the case. I really should read the manga seeing as how its the proper source material. I have the movie still on backlog also. Nice to hear the American Fogs are still around, even keeping a void filled. As for the DD's not having Mental Models is something I wasn't really aware of, yet seeing as how anything is possible when you push things I could "pretend" the American or British version of the Fog did something, if we want to go down that route. Remember Doc from Star Trek Voyager? [Trying to imply mobile holo-program, & similar]. Maybe something like that, or Maya, as you might be implying. Even so, it's a fun thing to poke around with. Scaling things up I'm curious how HMCS Ontario & HMCS Quebec would appear. Light Cruisers should at least be possible to have some form of Mental Model, unless it's only BBs & Heavy Cruisers. If you want to pick into "what if's" then I guess the Battleship Elizabeth WW1 type pairing would be a fun part to poke around with if we chose to have both Ontario & Quebec as battleships. WW1 era, yet modernized. Would be fun. If you want to get into the DD Mental Model nitty gritty then that what if BB sitauation would be a fun one to play around with to allow the "major players" whom I keep bringing up in posts to roam about freely with DDs having their Mental Models in some fashion. If anybody decides to entertain the thought I'll find myself poking around various +18 Illusion game related character creations again, or something other. Maybe Rising World when NPCs come in, or something. Whatever works/happens I want to let the ideas loose, but I don't want to be seen as obnoxious or a jackass over it so I'll wait when it's right.......
  16. Quite aggressive that I'll purposely cause a multi-verse distortion to have my waifu Bismarck knock some sense into this Pola. I would find myself arguing with her seeing as how she's also my backer reward. Sorry Pola, but you ARE adorable. Maybe not that personality (at first), but that appearance of yours is. I do have to compliment you being adorable so you'll be fuming a lot. There has to be a way to crack that personality of yours to be more tsundere, then more dere. Or maybe redirect it at the enemy. Alright Pola, do entertain me with your self-image related dialogue as you continue try punching me and such. I'll try and drag my Bismarck into this if necessary. You're move, Pola. What will you do with me commanding you? Will you go MIA, or will we quarrel? Or shall we focus on the threats? (Quick glance has me prefering the drunk KanColle Pola over the aggressive Pola. A part of me wants to say that it's Pola's carefully hidden hangover instilling such fear into people.)
  17. I agree with the above. Has anybody played any Japanese games for the PS2 when they had all those archives & gallery areas? I'm spoiled by those, even by KanColle's card archive for when you miss events you can still see their art. Not sure if Japnaese games have them in this era, yet I think Xenoblade Chronicles X was the latest big one to have a gallery/archive section. That's what I would like to see Victory Belles to aim for, and something I mentioned before to see the gifts you gifted to the Belles. If you're on USS Texas you would see an artillery shell (once you get to & pass that precious day regardless of participation), or if you're on some other ship you would see something precious to them gained through actual service.......... Yeah. I do like the idea of changing interiors depending on what nation & flagship you have also. I guess I'll re-nudge my suggestion to see gifts popping in when you visit the Belles or change HQ, or something along those lines.
  18. Not sure about Dutch Nationalism, yet those tending to Dutch naval military were ecstatic to hear a Canadian (myself) was being sent Dutch related history of their WW2 vessels. They wanted to share every bit of knowledge, postcard type stuff, that they were eager for me to be aware of their naval history. I wish I could ask the Dutch friends I know/knew, yet they had a bit of a temper themselves that I can't really ask them anymore that then makes me wish I could ask this naval museum in Netherlands about nationalism. Those in the museum wanted me to learn about De Ryuter & all their WW2 vessels. Even a funky pen, and such. I'm going to go take a guess that the Dutch are like Canadians that they're quite shy, even willing to mock their own history and achievements from what I've noticed. Downplay our own achievements that we basically end up being almost like emos by cutting ourselves with a knife, type thing. I could be wrong, and I've been shown to be wrong. If curious, feel free to poke around marinemuseum.nl if in one manner or another type of curiousity. Someone might be entertained by something there. ------- Edit: The whole bit about upgrading weaponry is something I'm now wanting to experiment with because we could make "lower end" Belles powerful, thus making De Ryuter beastly in that hypothetical world by giving weapons which might have been standard, or late-war type weaponry. That is, if restrictions are actually in place that only certain types of weapons can be added which might make things a bit frustrating.
  19. Well, that just gave me a surreal feeling of when I tried nudging a kanmusu in an RPG setting with HNLMS Tromp. De Ryuter just gave me that same weird 'surreal' feeling of (Dutch) partnership that it makes me curious how far this feeling shall go and if I'll ever De Ryuter or her comrades sortie in a fleet. De Ryuter is awesome, and I guess modest, as well as adorable with the one eye closed. I now hope my Dutch friend makes note of this, or if consumed by too much RNG salt and such. Something I haven't really seen is a Dutch ship in combat in a game setting so this shall be interesting to note all around. Shall be interesting experiencing/witnessing Dutch Belles on the loose firing their guns hmm.
  20. Hmm.....Looks like I needed to clear my mind some more that I failed to reply back. Still ticked off over one comment yet I'll hold that back. I could imagine people making roadways to get at the resources so they could get back to it. Building all those stone roadways, or that would be me doing such to get at them easier. Making simple roadways to get at the rare iron and such. continent-spanning expeditions sound about right for any Minecraft, whether it be vanilla or this hardcore survival, or even 7 Days to Die, or even Rising World. Depending on what vehicles & tools you're given it can be worthwhile. I guess you would have to hang around with the basics, or at least with a skilled friend who knows how to help you in that crazy modpack. The post-game seems to be an issue in every game, even Minecraft. I guess it's "fixed" with PSO2 in how it's continuously updating, and any high-end MMO (lower end don't do this very well), or some game with total-conversion mods such as Skyrim. I guess I just wanted to note that I'm enjoying where the game vibe is going now with Battlefield 1, For Honor, and even Forza Horizon 3. Need more of those quality games where it won't end up as Watch Dogs, or as brutal as 'No Man's Sky'. Still feeling the burn on the NMS that it just keeps supporting my cautious side. Having to poke everything with a stick in a manner of poking a bear trap on a leg.....Everything bites, yet enjoying where Battlefield 1, For Honor, & Forza Horizon 3 is going. And damn, did I ever get a surreal type rush from reading the Dutch interview with De Ryuter by poking at my attempt at putting both Canadian and Dutch Kanmusu in an RPG maker type game. Nearly had it, yet hit a brick wall with the simplicity of the maker. Just...Having Dutch in your fleet just feels so surreal from my amount of research to try and give Tromp a physical game form, as well as having some combat experience, close to the physical appearance style shown in the interview. I can't wait to see HNLMS Tromp as a ghost ship & how BCS shall display Tromp's historical tid-bits, and if she'll have any elements of a "ghost ship". The three games & this interview showing where games should be going, as well as to hype one up. Damn. This is awesome
  21. Bah...I hate double posting. Well, I spent a few days messing about by leisurely sending my submarine fleet into 5-3 to finally clear it out after much delay. Was both messing around & for science that I needed some random fun. Had I-26 and her submarine Kanmusu venture into 5-3 to KO the boss for A-Ranks over the past 3-4 days that I can have Nimu pride herself, as well as her in my fleet, of her contributions shortly after the event. She's an awesome Kanmusu, and one whom delivered the final KO to 5-3. Night battle with flagship at 4 hp with normal attack KO'ing them. Falling in love with Nimu, as well as Hachi all over again with her serious fan-art designs. I may have to come back to 5-3 seriously for a certain Kanmusu that drops there though. KanColle1352 by SubTrance, on Flickr Now, whenever I can stop being a resource hoarder I'll venture into 5-4. If we're playing the blame game for how long it's taken me to beat 5-3 I'd love to blame my greedy ISP last summer denying me the chance of stockpiling the whole summer that it chewed out a great chunk. I managed to get Kawakaze, as well as Jun'you Kai Ni, just nothing more. Had to spend whole of autumn repairing the damages done with me finally taking care of such. Even stalled by a few events, yet rewarding whenever I could partake. I remember I had one day where I had a major bloodlust of just clearing World 4 to end up at 5 also in late autumn when I regained my internet. It's all fine now so I'll be making progress again
  22. Yes, long ago. Never did play it because of bigger & better things at the time. Even Pixelmon, Traincraft, PSO2 (until it treated my client as a ghost) and such. Yeah, been hearing it's insanely complicated that a group of buddies in another community voiced their complaints about how rare iron is & how sadistic the mod developer was at the time. I followed Direwolf20 at the time, yet it seem the knowledge & awareness faded over time that I forgot all about it. The way it does things though is truly interesting, even the cave ins. Thanks for reminding me that mod exists. Yup. Some (linear) RPGs I'm fine with, yet when it comes to other things it just pokes at my curiousity so hard that I just want to explore things. Once I'm contained to a box or a little path the game becomes so boring that it's not even worth playing anymore. It's just like with Pokemon gameboy games (something I mentioned in detail in the Pokemon GO thread) that once you reach the end there's no point to it anymore. I'm not into the whole PVP Pokemon & Pokemon breeding stuff that it's just "meh" to me. I'd rather keep playing, keep exploring, building, and etc because that's when a game has more life to it. There are times when linear is done right, yet often times it's done so wrong that it's just a short burst of a gameplay then you're left frustrated you can't play more. ----------- Also, been made aware that '7 Days to Die' also has its new patch in the experimental branch to test new things within the game. It'll be awhile before I do because it's now going into Minecraft again, as well as KanColle expedition & daily management. Even wanting to play Euro Truck Sim 2 & ATS, yet time is an issue. I still 100% believe games in 2016 (2017+) should be all open ended in some manner as to also future proof itself on that same front. Victory Belles is mostly safe so no complaints there. Just that other games need to get with the modern times & program. This is something which shall be hard for me to think otherwise after being burned heavily by numerous games, and agreeing with the Youtube comments of developers needing to make good games to get good reviews.
  23. Ah, other people keep retweeting that it's keeping me in the loop, so I might as well post it here also to let you know that HMCS Haida is going to drydock for repairs after sitting in water for 10-12 years, or so mentioned in the video. > Tweet to Video: https://twitter.com/TheSpec/status/777143723176169472 > Video: http://www.thespec.com/video/6861561/ >Retweet I was made aware of: https://twitter.com/HRPSMarine/status/777215539626344449 Haida still commanding respect in a nice manner. I love it
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