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  1. Other than the elusive Aquila, I'M DONE! DONE! YATTA!~ Both E-3's & a bit of E-4 was driving me nuts, even at easy. Even so, CLEARED! Yuudachi gained final kill on the lovely 'Heavy Cruiser Summer Princess' with a nightly torpedo cut-in. This, after being turned red three sorties previous today (Friday). "Save you from everything" - Yuudachi's nightly torpedo cut-in in vengence for being three-hit KO'd three sorties previous. KanColle1310 by SubTrance, on Flickr - "Ad-my-ral" - The gloriously elegant Warspite joins my fleet! YATTA!~ KanColle1312 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Katsuragi boasting her flagship & Kai Ni status, as well as beating E-4. KanColle1313 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-1 to E-4 cleared, if on easy. Any harder would knock my base out of commission. That, and RNG was stupid as it was. KanColle1314 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Warspite is a glorious sight in my naval HQ room <3 KanColle1315 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Also getting to know my little Nimu/I-26 after frustrations from before. She's a fun little one needing to be trained. KanColle1316 by SubTrance, on Flickr Aquila shall have to be gained sometimes next week. Need to regain resources, as well as deal with real-world needs. Damn. This was a blast! Aquila, why did you have to be stubborn. Now I have to hunt you down, or wait for next event. Silly girl. Damn. Loving the Kanmusu's I gained, yet now sometimes in September I'll have to level up my DDs. Go damn, do I ever need to level up my DDs. Been hurting a lot. First event cleared all the way through. I love it! The hype!
  2. I"m curious if this shall find itself removed. I hope not because it brings a unique vibe to the whole KanColle scene which is unique by not being dark, or even happy. It's right in the middle closer towards sadness. It's the rare peace for Abyssals whenever they aren't attacking. I love hearing this for how almost soothing it is also while giving a peak to Abyssal life between battles.
  3. Yeah, it's such a resource hog in E-4. Trying to wrap it up again the way I did E-3, even if I may risk stomach pain again by a 2 am clear. Just need something like 2 more sorties to beat E-4, yet got more Kanmusu to join me. KanColle1308 by SubTrance, on Flickr Amagi joins me from E-4's K Node under S-rank, which is quite tricky because BB's enjoy targeting DD's that my Prinz has to get it. I even have the E-4 debuff this time (I heard it), yet unsure if I did the same for E-3. Getting S-ranks, yet no noteworthy Kanmusu at Q node.
  4. Did an edit to add in Haysui so look back up at my post. (to anybody) Umikaze was at the boss node of E-4, and wiki claims only at boss node. Katsuragi is on I, and I have her as flagship. Nice. Kiyoshimo is.....I already have her. Good luck on both I & Q Node!
  5. Nice! Glad someone posted because I'm having fun on my end also! Congrats on your Libeccio. I also got my second one at E-4 I Node along with Umikaze at Q Node now. Nice kanmusu joining my rank I also upped my fleet cap to 170. I wish you the very best in getting your Prinz Eugen! She also popped up for me at the "German Graveyard" when Graf Zeppelin was introduced. - Amused to get Hayasui on my first S-rank post E-4 clear. I didn't expect to get her, yet now I have her. Nice! KanColle1295 by SubTrance, on Flickr - I-26 joins my submarine party after E-3's RNG gradually allowed me to have S-ranks back-to-back. 2nd after my E-3 clear. Was quite strange, yet much welcomed. I literally cheered! YATTA!~ KanColle1296 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Asagumo from E-4 Q Node first S-rank clear. KanColle1301 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Souryuu hitting a lovely Kai Ni! Yatta!~ KanColle1302 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Umikaze get! I tried getting her last minute in previous shitty cruel, and sadistic SPring 2016 event, yet failed. Finally got her from E-4! Thanks for being generous! *bows respectfully* KanColle1306 by SubTrance, on Flickr E-4 is where it's at, and amusingly somewhat easier than E-3, yet more tedious in that "war of attrition" style. Damn, my resources are hurting & glad I went all resource hog. I"ll be needing to do it again because I'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel soon. I'm 10% complete E-4, god damn. I need to clear the other 90%.........Need to keep getting S-ranks. These sorties are weird, amusing, stressful, and hilarious. It's all over the place. Thanks for the I-26, Hayasui, & Umikaze!
  6. Torpedo cut-ins & ASW. I'm sure there's a few more areas they're useful at, yet I'm not a spreadsheet gamer, yet gradually still learning the higher-end gaming mechanics.I happily expanded my fleet slot to welcome more of them, as well as event drops. I'm glad I beat E-3, yet the thought of DD negativity is now being a pain. Well, guess I'll just go farm E-3 until I can get either I-26 or Aquila, if RNG isn't stingy as hell again. Not sure when I'll do E-4...Might depend on drops. And true that on them being cheaper in real world terms.
  7. The RNG sure was crazy on that one. Once I had my equipment overlooked by my fellow comrade it then went smoothly at times. Sometimes way too smooth that it was silky smooth, which was odd, yet other times where it was so "drunk" that it was both silky smooth & harmful that it didn't know what to do. RNG was messed up way too much on that one that RNG wase all over the place, and stingy as hell. Way too god damn stingy for its own good. [Waiting on someone to blame my fleet composition] But yeah. That's now E-1, E-2, & E-3 completed! Yatta!~ Sadly no event drops, yet I did get Kazagumo & Takanami out of that. Not totally worthless in drops, yet a buzzkill it wasn't events after all that stress I went through, and a stomach pain at night post-victory. - Kazagumo appeared at E-3's H Node in her swimswear [As much as people parrot how DD's are useless I needed more DD's to swap between]: KanColle1278 by SubTrance, on Flickr - After equipment polishing Italia allowed us to have our first S-Rank in a nightly battle at E-3. KanColle1281 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Takanami gained from E-3 H Node, someone whom I thought I had. Maybe I do, yet everytime I check I don't have her. KanColle1282 by SubTrance, on Flickr - I was forced to level Ooyodo from 13 to 35 for her 'Fleet Command Facility' thanks to how many random taiha's I've been getting. G & H node are the worst for those. Leveling Ooyodo helped me out greatly. My hands were forced so I had to level her to play the 'Fleet Facility' card to progress in E-3. I hate that game mechanic of forcing specific stuff >_> KanColle1283 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Damaged 'Summer Harbour Princess' sure is amusing. KanColle1287 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Haruna for the final kill!~ Haruna daijobu <3 After all that stress this was much welcomed. Just smoothly going in & KO'ing the bosses with two waves of planes, one of my own, a boss support, & to then just sweep up what's left. For "easy" that's idiotic logic, but whatever. I beaten E-3 now. KanColle1288 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Katsuragi flagship MVP heh. KanColle1291 by SubTrance, on Flickr But yeah, people keep saying destroyers are shit, yet here I am constantly being reminded to LEVEL YOUR DD's because I'm constantly needing to swap between them, yet can't because I didn't level ENOUGH of them, which is ironic I'm not following the Canadian way of Destroyers. I'm having to sortie them, yet can't, because I'm loosely following the mentality that "DDs are shit" which in turn is hurting my fleet. Don't shove them into your expedition mule just because you parrot what's written on himeuta/KanColle forums. Just as Kashima reminded us in a past event that DD's are god damn important, and even Ooyodo is showing such via 'Fleet Command Facility'. My Dutch comrade failing to level up his DD's because he sees the way others do by focusing on the bigger kanmusu that it's hurting him throughout numerous events. Level your DD's & treat them with care! I'm hoping that Victory Belles shall make use of DD's in some skeleton fleet structure because not everything is major warship battles, yet everybody could use DD's. I'm happy when a map has to have us use DD's in our fleet because it gives people a wake-up call. But yeah, I'm finally glad I beat E-3, but annoyed at my stingy RNG. I have to now go back to fish up either I-26, or even Aquila. I forced my E-3 victory so hard that my stomach ended up hurting for a 2 am clear thanks to how silly the RNG was.
  8. Space Quest, if we're going retro. My friend enjoyed that game and has nostalgic memories of it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/10110/ ----------- Alright, I guess I'm gradually inching closer to the negative feedback side of things because I can't play the game. I have no choice but to cave into people's well thought out frustrations & criticisms about the game, and others. Can't boot it up with no fixes in the experimental beta patch line. I can't argue against the complaints because it's well thought out, well placed, and such that this just proves why playing games is just a major hassle when nothing wants to work because things aren't as they are, and why I'm happy with KanColle & hopefully with Victory Belles when it comes out. But I guess I'm just an idiot, falsely intelligent, & etc (as people claim) because games can't be properly made while having too many chains attached to them that they're too much of a hassle. I now feel like a hypocrite backtracking (flip-flopping), yet I can't argue against NMS being both awesome & crappy at the same time; With people's well thought out postings. [i go with the wind so keep that in mind] Just to note: My error for No Man's Sky is (oxc000007b) with any fixes leading to fishy sites I'd rather not touch, or hiding in unfamiliar sites. I have to wait for that stuff to be patched, and I can wait because I have trucking games & KanColle event. If I didn't have them then it would have been more of an issue in a more dramatic state. I guess that's another game I can't play. When you finally get something it's only natural to hype that stuff to god-like status at this point, just like my RCN hype hmm.
  9. I'm at the point where I want to say that when a map starts having buffs & debuffs is when its going in a stupid direction. I now just barely managed, on my first sortie today, reach J node for E-3. Just managed to reach it with two orange kanmusu & one yellow that I was able to properly do damage to H Node. Bringing Italia (even though she sent me to 'F' node helped greatly to allow me to hit J node. I'm so glad I split my bombing runs to H & J, yet need another bombing run towards J Node because my fighters are defending the base. Glad I tested PizzaRocket's suggestion. What's pissing me off the most is I couldn't do anything worthwhile to the two bosses. Kawakaze missed with her WG weapons, then got hit to red to fail night battles. I need to re-examine the equipment to get S-ranks, yet can only manage two A-ranks >_>. No worthwhile damages that it's just a little scratch to their health. I once again have to "thread the eye of the needle" that it's just no fun. Bah. ---------- Edit: Having to do a major equipment swap thanks to my trusty admiral's advice because I'm apparently idiotic when it comes to equipment stats. Damn. Finally also able to do E-3 with S-ranks so that's awesome. I'm just being stupid so now that's sortied I can fun clearing E-3, if it'll allow me to do so. The "threading the needle" lessened, yet it's still there because RNG is silly.
  10. Thanks to the Warspite hype & her aura I was reminded of "Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere". - "Save you From Everything" & then something Victory Belles Nenohi related in similar nature if we'll ever see a "battle serious" Nenohi in the 'nitty-gritty' range.
  11. E-3 is hell that I'm worried I may not get Aquila & I-26, yet I'll find out by playing around with what you mentioned. With the way my luck has been going I feel I won't be rewarded them, yet hoping my comrade shall help me out tomorrow to tweak things appropriately as I go along. I got the whole day so maybe something shall spin about, or give out, to allow me to gain constant S-Ranks. I was able to tweak it for Pola victory, as well as for the German Graveyard (for Graf), so we'll see if I can adapt to this. It's also a shame Zurichan couldn't get Libeccio when it was much easier to get her, or at the German Graveyard back in winter, or whenever Graf Zeppelin was introduced. Wish you the best on this one as she also has her lovely swimsuit [Edited out some paragraph so just KanColle stuff. I guess I should keep it this way.]
  12. Good luck on stockpiling that fuel. I'm now starting to see the effects both E-1 & E-3 did to me. You could have also gotten Libeccio the way I did when she was in something like 4-5 in her Halloween outfit. Fun times, fun times. E-2 was fine, yet E-3...... I'm trapped at E-3 unable to hurt the boss that I need my Wednesday & Thursday to knock out E-3 in seriousness. Needing to restructure my fleet, use proper equipment, and just "thread the needle" a bit on this one. Those sexy sterned battleship princess's, then the installation themselves. It's insanely brutal for me currently. - That exposed stern is just asking for you to slap it, and I'm not even following the bandwagon comments about it. It's just.....there. There, to tease. KanColle1265 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Obtaining Minazuki is something I needed. Something I needed also in a morale boost to do gain after failing Nimu that E-2's importance raised a bit higher in that regard, so I'm treating it as such. Just "self-propaganda", or something like that. KanColle1272 by SubTrance, on Flickr I have to say that having Minazuki in my fleet is actually awesome, even if she is a DD. Her colorful blue hair giving me something bright to look at, even in expeditions. E-3 though, what a pain in the rear (insert BSP jest) with every sortie taking me just one node further. Took me a bit to go from C > G > H > J. Took me about 8 tries to get to J node after much red, and such. I may need to level Ooyodo, or something. Damn. More "threading the needle" fun when I can't just fire through. Not sure what route I'll take, yet had to go through D Node also to reach J. The struggle. H Node is the worst for me.
  13. Well, when I did a quick peek into games you mentioned it tied itself to the Elder Scrolls title, yet I must have generalized too much or something. Guess it's something I can give a whirl later [the games you mentioned] yet have E-3 & E-4 of KanColle to burst through. That space game you mentioned is interesting. Always retro fun. Thanks again :0 Yeah, No Man's Sky isn't really working out for me because I can't even boot up the game. It boots up then insta-closes that I have to wait for an upcoming patch to fix it. Not even the experimental line is helping me that I'll just wait it out a bit longer, as slightly frustrating as that is. It's still brand new so I'm cutting it some slack, yet if it does this into September then that's shitty. THEN I'll jump on people's silly bandwagons, yet not really. This is where information is key, and I knew what I was getting myself into. I'm being patient with NMS because they're indie devs, and humans at that still. Starbound seems to be the neat alternative for now that I've seen it also hitting popular releases, even if people enjoy harping & ripping on things. Just came back from SCS Software's blog after seeing entitled idiots trying to chew me apart for trying to justify them bulling the game developers, something I'm going to admit I'm guilty of on here over Canadians, yet proud I have Saguenay. They're going all out insulting SCS Software trying to justify their harsh tone that I feel mentally & almost physically weakened by them. That level of harassment. "I bought the game so you have to do everything I want!", and worse. That tone for two trucking games [ATS & ETS2]. ANd yes, I did say such for RCN in VB, but that's because I'm still itching for Canadians in a game, but I can wait till March 2017 & beyond. Context been twisted & etc on that end that I hate how twisted it became when I'm simply happy for Saguenay. I'm happy for No Man's Sky, yet it's a shame it has to suffer from Indie game problems on an AAA game scale. The hype & people's tribal mentality ruining the whole gaming experience that people's viewpoints are blinded, yet neat how it's bringing up Starbound hype. Damn. Too many gaming problems.
  14. I gave up on Nimu at 151 sorties. She just doesn't want to be in my fleet, and I just couldn't take it anymore. 11 am to 7:30 pm. That's shitty RNG right there.....I'm just now tearing through E-2 on easy while having my fun tearing bullying the sexy sterned 'Battleship Summer Princess' with her sexy stern. I need progress, and progress is what I'm making now finally. I guess it goes without saying because it's easy yet I don't really need the air squadron in E-2, and I'm glad I don't have to thread any 'eye of the needles' on this damn map. I can just chill as my Kanmusu happily blast away the Abyssals, even bullying the 'battleship summer princess' without hospital worthy stress (last event). I could have been playing NMS & with how i wasted my time I should have. At least I'm knocking out E-2 from the list. I just might be able to taste E-3 to see how stubborn it is. --------- Edit: I guess I'll indeed use those bombers finally because E-2's I node is rebelling a bit too much. Kawakaze & Kiso knocked out that I knock the Abyssals down a peg again with two more supply sorties left.
  15. Metis, don't worry, I read your post. Just wasn't sure how to respond back, but I did check things out. I guess they're all interesting Elder Scrolls type games that it's interesting to note such. Also, came here to make note of 'No Man's Sky' & 'lemming/Tribal' mentality. Right now we're seeing how people hyped the game to no end, yet their own hype killed their own viewpoints that they can't view the game for what it is. It gave us what we promised, it is as "chill" as promised, and etc. Sure, it might not have the "tiny" multiplayer [Note: Tiny, disjointed, co-op type, or 'ghost') it teased, nor does it look "bloomed" as the trailers, yet it is 98% of what was promised. It's mostly a singleplayer game, yet it would benefit from some simple co-op type element of 2-4 players, at most. That in itself is impressive when you compare it to the garbage that's Call of Duty, among numerous other games out there. I've only seen 'American Truck Sim', 'Euro Truck Sim 2', 'Rising World', & I guess 'Minecraft' in certain ways. Mostly all, except Minecraft, with the rest failing to give us what's promised. Indie games are doing fairly well, such as one that Nel mentioned, as with 'Rimworld'. Something that I found ironic & hilarious was someone's posting that they have "high standards in gaming" that it's just so misplaced that it's like oil & water also. I can only defend No Man's Sky because it is what was promised, and it gave us exactly what it wanted. People wanted more, yet they're blaming the game for it because they thought it meant more, something similar to Canadians in naval games, or something, yet not really. I do genuinely wonder how "genuine" people's thoughts are when they say this game sucks, or if they're just parroting other people's thoughts without forming their own. I guess it might be repetitive & hollow, yet it still holds fun gameplay elements. Same with seeing it streamed. I guess the weight of this post shall be dropped when you note I have yet to play game, yet seeing it streamed look fairly impressive even on its own, even with its flaws. What NMS really needs is that 'Day 1' patch it showed. It needs that badly to see if people can properly immerse themselves in the game, or if they're just far too tainted with their over-hyped hype that they can't see straight, somewhat like being drunk, or similar.
  16. Still stuck farming for Nimu on my 140th sortie, and still a no-show. I could have easily beaten E-2 & E-3 by now, yet stupidly being stubborn by hanging around E-1 Easy to fish up Nimu using the stupid lottery mentality of "she's just the next drop over. There's only so many tries left". Congrats to Zuri, you've got all the fun ones. Even the lovely Aquila & Warspite, as with Isokaze heh. This RNG is just........what the hell. By the 140th mark (or about 13 hours or so), she should have popped in by now. I really need to shift to E-2 or else I'm going to regret it. I'm just.........baffled by this RNG by how stupid/cruel/harsh it is for making me sortie for 140 S-ranks, yet no Nimu to be rewarded with. I understand I'm on easy, and that it requires effort, yet it just has to give eventually for us to be rewarded by the equal effort we put into it. ---- Edit: Just got my second Maruyu from E-1 at 141th sortie. That, and the 'lottery mentality' also being that old-saying of "just one more turn" from Civilization when it was still very fresh & brand new.
  17. Holy crap! This RNG drop rate for I-26 is insane. She's just a sub with her value & worth now gradually decreasing in my mind with the more she refuses to be dropped for me. I keep asking "is she really worth this much grief?", which seems so with how much Kadokawa hates submarine Kanmusu. People recorded 135+ sorties, as well as 235 sorties for someone else. That's sanity breaking amounts..... I've had to do mine in chunks for 25 > 41 >61 > 72+ (just for I-26, and each sortie takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes in between for fatigue.) Once Monday hits I'm just going to do E-2 & maybe E3. Screw this stingy RNG crap. . You should see all the Goya's, Imuya's, & Iku's I fished up. Even one Hachi & 1 Maruyu. It's insane. All, but what I'm after. I'm regaining the whole fleet roster that it's frustrating. Even skipping out on Anime because of how stingy this RNG is......Monday, oh, how I want it to be Monday so I can curse progress some more in E2 & E3. This RNG is just frustratingly worthless and fruitless. Yes, I'm salty. So much time wasted that I wanted to play NMS. ----------- Also, Myuto lives! The person who drew HMCS Haida & ORP Blyskawica happily powering through events: https://00myuto.tumblr.com/post/148912689727
  18. Try something like an old-fashioned dictionary? Britannica? or something along those lines. I believe I simply looped around in Warspite videos (linked in this thread) that someone linked it, then got corrected about the accents on top that it's simply scanned in from a book, or something. I'm still being amazed how much of a "sore loser" this RNG is. It just robbed me of another S-Rank by claiming my lovelies couldn't KO a flagship at 10 HP. Knock it off........I'm now #29 tries in (only S-Ranks are counted), and someone recorded a 135+ run (and counting) in trying to fish up I-26. This is just sadistic trolling at this point with the way RNG behaves to cheat & how much you have to sortie to get I-26. I don't expect it to be easy because of new Kanmusu, but holy god damn is it sadistic & sanity breaking.
  19. Well, I guess I just stumbled across something similar Dano did, so let's just go with the flow. Yet, all those accents get in the way, but whatever. It's either ignored during recording, or there's another source we're just not seeing. [Note: Ad-my-ral] It's neat. Graf Zeppelin says it in a cute manner also that it's just interesting to note. The "more you know", also in that 'Tengential learning' manner thanks to how KanColle & Victory Belles displays things. Mostly KanColle right now for how much more influence it has in practice [RNG is still being a sore loser & abusive.]
  20. What Dano said is something I've been considering, but if it can be confirmed that be awesome. I wonder if someone at BCS can confirm this seeing as how they have British Belles in the mix. Also, I also give it a day or so to confirm intel. By the time I jumped in gave it enough time for solid intel to populate the wiki. Took 30 minutes since I woke up to see the new Kanmusu on the wiki, yet had them linked to me via Twitter when I cursed by not seeing them listed. Even now it's still shaky, yet it's solid enough I can have my fun in E-1 at the least. I managed to beat E-1 in a straightforward manner requiring 2 CL (both with planes), as 4 DDs. Later changed that to 3 CLs & 3 DDs because of the boss node. Those more experienced Abyssal subs. Now cleared, and one less to worry about. E-1 is cleared on easy because I have no patience & time for anything else. I'm curious about Aquila though because I'm seeing her as E-3 hard only, yet wanting her on E-3 easy because I don't have that kind of time to dedicate to farming, more so with this stupid RNG. Now trying to fish up I-26 is a pain in the rear. 19 S-Ranks in & still no I-26 to speak of. I did get a Maruyu, for luck, I guess. That's something. It's been recorded by other players that they sortied for 20-40+ times in an attempt to fish her up, yet nothing.....I'm curious about the average with it seeming to be around 30 or even 50.. I'm on my 19th, and still no I-26. Not budging until I get I-26 though, yet I may have to by Monday for time...... That's also the fourth time the stupid RNG robbed me of my clear S-Rank victory >_>........Sortie every 5-10 minutes; Gotta keep hunting for I-26....... -------------- EDIT: RNG Difficulty Rigging: Oh, I'm in not a good mood (mood souring more & more) now knowing the RNG is now resorting to cheating to keep me away from S-Ranks, let alone I-26. It's resorting to hurting my Kanmusu on other nodes now leading up to the boss node, as well as pretending my girls are inexperienced in ASW warfare. It's like being in a sports game where referees continue to mess with you so you'd lose on purpose, rigging the game in the process. This is not how you have RNG behave on what should be my 20th S-rank, and beyond. If there was weather effects, it be more believable, yet I'm not in the mood for false immersion (I'm drained).
  21. Any Nenohi related puns we should be aware of? She also seemed to have grown up from her KanColle counterpart (she stayed pink from KanColle fun) to be more traditionally Japanese happy to share her Japanese pride. Amusing girl Curious why Nenohi stayed pink in this version also hmm.
  22. Oh? Warspite has some interesting speech patterns. Her English is mostly spot on, yet the soft tone bugs me somewhat, and I think I'll have to blame all the stupid Texan related dubbing I heard in anime causing me to hate such. Did find the 'Adi-my-rale' an interesting speech pattern. Makes me wonder if trying to mimic/inspire from Graf Zeppelin's 'Adimurale' type saying. Even so, I do love how "delicate" she sounds, in that royal formal elegant manner. Worth the hype. Also, finally managed to get time to start clearing out E-1 so let's see if I can even get to E-4. E-1 is straight forward. I may sneak in an edit of progress if nobody posts because wanting to get I-26 & Akitsushima. 2 CL's & 4 DD's ftw with Isuzu & Yuudachi being my ASW aces. The music for E-1 is amusing that I'm loving the casualness to the E-1 map, and more so with the comical summer music for the battle. Even has that PSO2 vibe to it. I had a nice laugh.
  23. This has just made me so hyped because it went above and beyond to what it could have done. We could have just had Warspite, yet it added in almost everything we speculated about. This is absolutely awesome! This feeling! I was suffering sleeping last night thanks to my food greediness so I dreamt about the KanColle drop-and-reward list that my lovely Canadian kanmusu appeared on it, even if I was aware that wasn't happening in my dream. We gained the lovely Warspite, Aquila, I-26, & Minazuki. Nice! But yeah, it's awesome seeing Minazuki there in her blue-hair glory. Even if she's a DD, you need to treat them with care. Warspite surprised me with how how she reminds me of Elizabeth from the 'Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere' anime. That similar in pride, yet this one here having her own ship equipment as a throne chair with two lovely guns on them. Ah, it's a bit silly, yet it's amusing how she gracefully sits on it. Common now, you can stand up on occassions. Be as proud as your anime counterpart Aquila was a surprise because she could have just been forgotten. So nice seeing her still in the game as a nice reward. I'm so going to grab her also just because we all kept speculating, and to compliment my Italian navy. Really wanting to add her into my fleet for her "forgotten" side value also. I-26 is a nice touch, even if we didn't get an Adua-Class submarine kanmusu. I wasn't expecting another submarine because they had fears over adding more submarines, or something. VARIETY is awesome heh. I'll now have another submarine to add towards my fleet, and I'm happy about that! Another lovely submarine girl using her deck gun as a pistol. It's hilarious, and I'm loving this. My American comrade made me happy by telling me she also patrolled around the British Columbia area of Canada which made me amused, somethign my dream teased me with Canadian KanColle kanmusu. Oh, I want them all! Warspite & I-26 being the highest in desire, yet Aquila is also there. Minazuki at fourth, yet when I do get her I'll treat her with respect. Now I simply need time to dedicate to this event so I can have fun with these kanmusu. I even gave myself another +10 ship slot expansion, yet may need more. Can't wait to go on my hunt. HYPED!
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