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  1. More 'Big 7's' be interesting. I guess we'll get there, in time.
  2. That sounds hilarious and my point of view. The moment you then mention this yourself you come off as a senile old fart with people claiming you're wrong, and etc, etc. If Starforce 3 is self aware then that's awesome, just like how there's anime aware of how Anime industry is suffering, and etc. Good to have those self-aware moments in various zones. Maybe I should, but we'll see, You're mentioning some very niche games, and they're amusing. I also have to thank Fifrein for once again nudging me back into Atlantic Fleet because it's genuinely a fun game, yet sadly one that will fade out with no mod support & such. It did certain things right, yet it feels like it's hiding in its own shell that it'll become a "shitty" game. Thanks for making me become aware of the 'custom battle' menu option & such. It's insanely overwhelming when you first pick up the game. It also bugs me I can't find a modding community for the likes of 'Atlantic Fleet' because it's a great game. Adding more units is necessary, and it has two American battleships in there. Atlantic Fleet is odd with how it focuses more on British & Canadians versus the Germans that Americans have become the minority here. That's just trippy. That's not normal. . Was hoping to find a modding community to add in Dutch, Italians, among others. Makes me wonder if you can even mod that game because that's what gives games longer life. Yeah, true. That's when they then get their 15 minutes of fame, then fade out into the wind. Mods allow games to keep being poked at because of the content they provide by the player. New fresh content. Fanart is more of a loose measuring gauge on the Anime side, yet it could be loosely applied ot games as well. Overwatch for example, as well as World of Warcraft, among others. I've seen lots applied to Mabinogi, & more toxic web games, and such. Trying to remember........Guild Wars, Skyrim, and anything where you can create your own character. When you allow players to create their own content & to allow them to personalize and customize something then they'll try to roleplay that further into fanart type stuff. It's one of those 'Right-wrong' moments at the same time. Threading the needle, or something. ------------- Also seeing another case of how to treat games right with 'No Man's Sky': Taking that extra time to delay a game to add in more content via patches while giving us more features to build bases, befriend creatures as pets, and such. We haven't played it, yet there's so much content being added that people should be happy. I'm eager to play it in curiousity to see what lessons it has learned. Damn, that hype. This is amusing with how this game seems to feel like a space version of American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  3. Alright, after some KanColle Summer 2016 researching/speculation fun I also stumbled across a few more Canadian warships in 'Atlantic Fleet'. Added three more onto the list of ones you could "probably" make note of for Victory Belles, if BCS approves of them, and etc, etc. It's in the previous postings. A bit embarrassing I missed them. Also, I guess this might be some common knowledge among the WW2 naval buff crowd, yet I just learned that a bill could have given Canadians three WW1 era Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships, yet we Canadians viewed them as too resource draining across the board. If they had the WW2 mentality they would have snatched it up so fast, or I'd hope, to mess about with Bismarck, Tirpitz, and such. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Elizabeth-class_battleship HMCS Quebec BB is now HMCS Uganda & then HMCS Quebec light cruiser of the Crown-Colony Class. HMCS Ontario is a Minotaur light cruiser which turned into a training vessel. HMCS Acadia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Acadia This next quote explains why We can't have nice things because of them. This also appears to be spread on World of Warships forums, as well as any other, that it has me thinking that this is common sense, as well as of "what if' scenarios, even wondering if we can get "what if" vessels like these in Victory Belles. Paper ships were mentioned, yet I guess this might be a stretch. Even so, it has me both happy & annoyed we didn't acquire these three BBs. With how eager we were during WW2 we would have made use of all three, like we did with grabbing HMCS Uganda, HMCS Ontario, and the very late aircraft carriers. It's either way too early, or way too late. I now need to play around with a 'What If' scenario in 'Atlantic Fleet' to see how much this would change. Yet, missing HMCS Ontario in the line-up. I also need to once again give a very special big thanks to KanColle for making me aware of this through the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' battleship coming to KanColle. Love this thought. Three WW1 era BB's. ----------------------- There's more: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/26393-canada-and-the-queen-elizabeth-class-battleshipsthat-never-were/ More in the link above. This has me all gitty that I want to know more. I want to play with them in a game, yet obviously having to wait, pretend, and etc. I'm a highly curious person, as you've seen. >Trio BB "concept/layout" (rough): http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f252/CanisD/Misc/MyStarshipFiles/NeverWeres/Canadian_QE.jpg
  4. @ Mignonette Well, I would visit Himeuta but I have constant arguments there & just about every Steam forum possible because people are eager for fights, or sounding intelligent. Downvoted for mentioning how neat Murakumo's Kai Ni was, yet how Ooi & KItakami suffered with ther remodels, even if I should just stay lurking. I just grab my news from my trusty friend & the wiki from [here] & [Minazuki] because it's troublesome getting in fights all the time just because we disagree with one another, or false elitism. I stick to the Wiki because I'm genuinely exhausted of fighting, yet people still keep it up when I'm just genuinely happy about something (the irony because I'm also on this forum seeking more VB & KanColle news). I need my gaming news. Well, That's now stupid how "they" didn't add Aquila with the BB. They would have made a nice combo, and a nice reward to those that played. Would have also been a nice "sorry for making the last event "sadistic"", as well as a morale/motivation booster to fish them up to your side. I guess it doesn't help when we speculate that she was never apart of the plan, yet Aquila would have been a nice addition for her Graf Zeppelin styled uniqueness. An Adua-Class submarine would have been awesome, and whatever the 2-3 submarines we mentioned after. I'm genuinely fine with having a Queen-Elizabeth Class BB hoping for a formal, if assumed 'forma-clunky' style to her. She may indeed be a pride, yet with the British I know they struggled for style so it be some improvised style to them that they used patterned farm bags & such to make clothing. Let's see what liberties the kanmusu artist takes on this British BB. From the documentaries I've seen I damn well hope it's a 'formal-clunky' style for how war torn UK was in WW2, yet would accept whatever style we're given. I'm actually amused by the thought of a British DD. I don't mind drops, yet RNG has to play nice by not being sadistic. I'll happily seek out my drops. I guess I can't complain because I've been having lucky drops with Graf Zeppelin, Shoukaku, Roma, Prinz Eugen, U-511, I-401, among others. Also, I'm actually amused with another Mutsuki-Class Destroyer. She actually is gorgeous, and I've noticed events nudging you towards making a DD fleet so do take care of your DD Fleet. There was one with Kashima training (appropriate) which I struggled with because I didn't take proper care of my DD's using the same logic roaming about this & on Himeuta. I didn't take proper care of my DD's, even if I did have 3 or 5 of them above level 70. Then there's also the Sadistic E-3 Spring 2016 with how you could fish up U-511 & I-401, among others aimed at DD's. I failed to train my DD's up to their proper levels that I struggled with Kashima's DD requirement, as with others. I need to keep leveling my DDs, and as should other people.
  5. Well, I simply have my American comrade as an information line so if I can't have Iowa then it's not a big loss. Causes more grief than anything (that RNG Hell), and just that void I keep going on about which people hate. But yeah. I would have treated her kindly, but it's no big loss for not having her. Well, whatever happens in the event happens. I'd be amused if it was both Aquila AND a British BB, not one or the other. But if it's either one or the other that may be interesting also. I want to follow this BB thread down to its source because it's genuinely interesting, more so having played 'Atlantic Fleet' recently. Them big bulky ships. I guess the event's timing ain't bad, yet wish it would have started on Tuesday instead for more scouting to have happened. I'd now have to burn another day away to have one day left before going back to the "real world hell" that I have to keep enduring. Not saying that lightly either. I want whatever Kanmusu is coming out, if it's Aquila, a British BB, or both. I'll hunt them down. (RNG willing) There's also rumours about a Kanmusu setting up mines. A minelayer/sweeper of some sort so that's something interesting to make note of. I want to see where that game mechanic leads, if this info is indeed solid (again, from my American comrade reading tweets & such). Maybe not a minelayer, but "naval mines" itself. I may have misread because tweets ruin how you word things. This event might be highly rewarding & enjoyable, and I hope it is after the sadistic one from before.
  6. We need a "what if" conversion for ships in one class, yet converted to another, or to convert them back. Maybe even to double up in prototype form. That be an amusing thing to play with, if one wants to see how a Belle would change both equipment & physically. Would change things up gameplay wise also with the way they'd play. Also wanted to say Lexington made me crave the spicy Popeye's chicken & spicy cajun poutine. I want them both for how awesome they are, yet I can't purchase Popeye's on a whim for it being on the other side of the city. Ah, the struggle of having things close, yet far away. The constant struggle on everything But hey, nice to meet Lexington. Was more I was going to say, but I guess I'll leave it for next time when things can stop escaping my mind.......
  7. If it's compared to KanColle that's going to take so long that we'd have Victory Belles by then (March 2017. I'm still in World 5 for all the distractions & stresses I'm facing, as well as focusing on other KanColle related avenues. I could just wait for VB to command HMCS Saguenay, and hopefully HMCS Skeena if all of people's hatred to me having fun didn't ruin things, even if I am loud about it. Damn. Yeah, that game doesn't seem like something I can pick up on a whim, nor dedicate appropriate time to. Struggling to keep KanColle as my main while finding out Flower KNight Girls, Osawari Island, & Shooting Girl struggling to stay afloat in the background. Too many games & too much stresses to worry about. I also agree with you how they made HMCS Haida & others difficult to grab, but I guess it gives them a special feeling, just like how it gave Hamakaze, Libeccio, Kawakaze, Isokaze, and such that special "elite" feeling. I spent nearly 2 days grabbing Isokaze from 1-5 when she was available, and 4-5 for Libeccio, or whatever map it was. If there's KanColle logic in WSG then I could spin it as HMCS Haida being given the respect she deserves in status in World 7. And the the Z3/Bismarck quest was rewarding, even if I was cursed by Hyuuga for every second LSC build. Took me 5 (without Hyuuga) to get Bismarck, 10 when you count Hyuuga. And it's true you get attached to others along the way, and it was Yuudachi again from the Pixiv to game. Kiso & Shouhou also. Finding myself enjoying what people hate because that's the way things seem to go with them missing the little things. I wouldn't say it's taste. There's a video on Youtube trying to defend them also, the forgotten ones on the Kanmusu side ------- But hey, I at least found a game with Canadians in them to play on an even playing field (in vanilla form) so that makes me happy & more proud. Thanks, Fifrein! This is what should have happened from the get-go, regardless of "small navy", "too British", or "not strong enough". NHL & UEFA games were fun for the little gestures and nods to things, and what makes IL-2 & Silent Hunter 3 fun. They took the time & care to nod. Not sure about the newer sport game examples, yet just happy when a game pays respect in variety & easteregg type thing. The variety of choices. I'm spoiled by them games for variety, and I love them for it. Even Japanese games which have a highly detailed archive system..... All the postings wasn't necessary going against that. All that gaslighting that happened from roughly page 3-7, that's just rotten, but hey. At least I found 'Atlantic Fleet' from Fifrein in another thread *formal bow*. Thanks bud! Not sure what to do with WSG because that's a troublesome game to get into. Such a tease still. Guess I'll try and ignore it, or something.
  8. Then my American comrade was right. I have room for Aquila so bring her here so I can acquire her, as well as Iowa. The RNG from the last event was so sadistic & abusive that you couldn't progress properly. Your fleet had to be so perfectly equipped & supported that it was mentally brutal. The lost sanity.....Hoping this event to be easier on the sanity levels, as well as the newbies also. Not everybody has the time to deal with sadistic death-traps & sanity draining events. More so the newbies whom were scared away by that event. But yeah, bring on Aquila
  9. I see this is the worst comment to respond to than the previous one I had issues responding to with no words coming to mind. And yeah, USA shall boast their US pride, and I get how patriotism works. Been struggling to connect with my Canadian side, and I'm glad I finally can thanks to 'Atlantic Fleet, even if I'm getting slaughtered by inexperience. Canadian games are trash, except for Rimworld (Montreal). That one I have yet to try. I don't think I mentioned Canadian games, yet it's hard to keep records of anything that things tend to fly away; Paper flying away in the wind full of information. And another "Subaru" (Re:Zero) moment when everything has to be spiky in resistance. And there's just so much resistance it's bothersome, thus the emote above. I'll just leave this as is. Many thanks. Even so, it's interesting to note that there's so many games released, yet I only have a fraction of those. Even on Steam, PC, & such. Curious about that, especially when it's time to show them on a podium. Yeah, Atlantic Fleet game giving me that feeling of that visual upgrad, yet turned based 'Victory at Sea' vibe. I love how you have to be cautious with every movement because even one carelessness costs you the battle. Now that you mentioned Canadians in that game (from posts back) I somehow saw 'custom battle' properly this time. I guess I was overwhelmed by the "clunkiness", or how complex it seemed at a first glance that I needed to go back to find it. Now that I see it has a custom battle mode I love how I can set up battles, scenarios, and such. Even finding 12 RCN related vessels, one of whom is the lovely Uganda. A shame it doesn't have Ontario, or the 'Trio Prince', yet that would be understandable. I'm so glad that curiousity opened up three more doors of fun that I was able to try out the skirmish, the campaign, and being torn apart by the Germans as the British. I barely held my own, yet I'd say it was more of a 'stale-mate', but a loss. If that makes sense. I bought a British BB as a flagship, then went in with all Canadian vessels I could (minus Uganda) that it was interesting fighting the submarines, the DDs, and having Scarnhorst barrel towards you in a DD only fleet (BB's went back to repair) that I was aiming to fight submarines. Holy hell, was that brutally painful, yet awesome. Scarnhorst being a sneaky little bastard coming at me only when I didn't have BB's in my fleet while learning how to airstrike, smoke screen, and having to sacrifice one of my Canadian Destroyers to have the other three flee. Improvising as I go, learning how to attack submarines. Having to unlearn what I learned in Victory at Sea to learn more nitty-gritty tactics in battle. Well, I'm finally glad I can connect with Canadians in a WW2 game. Such fuss which shouldn't have been there if it was added there from the beginning. Finally having a game to release that "pent up energy" of Canadian RPG curiosity that I can have fun in Atlantic Fleet until March 2017. If annoyed, I'll be calming down that "pride". Possibly. This makes me wonder & desire Abyssal ambushes (which I'm struggling to recall is planned or not) within VB after the ambushes I had in this game. Maybe not in the way I'm thinking of just sitting in an area, then it pops up like in 'Atlantic Fleet' or "Victory at Sea' style. --------- Regardless of being torn apart & such, I still feel games still spinning their tires in the North American realm. Granted, even in the European & Japanese markets, yet not as much. That you can't deny, no matter what kind of bias I wrote & such that I'm actually finding Schwarzbart's POV interesting. Even Metis. Another point is that I'm now looking at 'Atlantic Fleet' desiring some other nationalities to them, yet it's not like Silent Hunter 3 so it's just a game on its own. A fansite died so I guess I won't find mods for it to add Polish, Dutch, American, and others. This game might have a short shelf-life when compared to Silent Hunter 3. Makes me wonder though. [Heads off thinking about the "stop acting smart" comment in how to view that comment. ]
  10. That's also a fun one Well, having just trained Taigei into Ryuuhou, and U-511 into Ro-500 I can see Cappellini done in a mixture of the two. Using KanColle logic it be interesting to use blueprints as a form of documantation to transform Cappellini into UIT-24, and then into I-503. It's up to them if they want to use the blueprints, or to just go about it by just remodeling the way U-511 did into RO-500. I'd see Cappellini as a nice refined lady (maybe VB's Pola, but swimwear version) to then be Bismarck type bottomless, to then be a Japanese styled half-tanned Kanmusu. Kongo was treated as half-Japanese & half-British so that be an interesting way to treat Cappelini. It makes me so happy that you brought this submarine to mine/our attention. That's now this, Casabianca, HNLMS Tromp, & this. Even Porcupine with Pine. Fun stuff.
  11. Alright, after having my small mental break down yesterday (most of it kept off the forum) I thought I'd update this thread after poking around with another game having Canadians after having it brought to my attention on this forum. Even though I had the game, I never knew how to get to 'custom battle' to check out the units, yet 'Atlantic Fleet' is now nearly on par with Silent Hunter 3 in fun. The menus felt overwhelming to me that I never did find 'Custom battles', until now. I have yet to do campaign, but we shall see. Many thanks for reminding me that there's Canadians in 'Atlantic Fleet'. Still a few vessels missing, yet something I can have my fun with. - Atlantic Fleet: http://store.steampowered.com/app/420440/ I had the game previously, yet never could smoothly navigate through the menus because of how overwhelming it felt, even if it may be simple now. Finally getting the hang of it that I'm seeing it "1-up" Silent Hunter 3 in the menu & models department, yet still a bit behind. So glad I can also make note of 12 Canadians vessels, some of which are still missing. Also, respect bonus points for the music. Quite chilling that it made me view the Canadians in a more creepy dark vibe. That was just ominous. HMCS Uganda (CL) HMCS Athabaskan (DD) HMCS Cayuga (DD) HMCS Haida (DD) HMCS Huron (DD) HMCS Iroquious (DD) HMCS Micmac (DD) HMCS Nootka (DD) HMCS Ottawa (DD) HMCS St. Laurent (DD) HMCS Saguenay (DD) HMCS Skeena (DD) HMCS Assinboine (DD) HMCS Restigouche (DD) HMCS Fraser (DD) Missing: HMCS Ontario (CL - Minotaur Class) HMCS Prince Robert (AMC/AA) HMCS Prince Henry (AMC/Troop transport) HMCS Prince David (AMC/Troop Transport) HMCS Sackville (Flower Corvette) (Maybe someone shall point out some aircraft carrier & such, yet I'm bias that I want them purely Canadian ) It makes me happy, yet so damn close. So close! More than I was expecting, yet so close! I could have had a nice Uganda & Ontario combo rushing the custom battles with the little ones right behind. I'd be amazed if Victory Belles did this kind of roster, yet adding the missing ones themselves. So, I can now calm my self down, even calm my mental break down (not just over Canadian void; workplace stress, and others) that I can finally be happy that I can finally pick Canadians in these games. NOW it feels like 2016 & gaming going in the right direction in war games. Not games overall, but war games. So, that's now: Milihime (dead; Needs to be revived; Tanks, jeep types, Beurling, & such) Victory at Sea (You can pick Canadian units under British banner that I had HMCS Haida chasing me & commanded Canadian vessels. Missing the Two Cruisers.) Victory Belles (Canadian Belles being Saguenay, for now. Hoping for now.) Warship Girl (HMCS Haida, yet I can't play this on a whim. I don't know how to) Atlantic Fleet (as shown above, and in custom battle. Even campaign, if you so desire.) Now, the question is if this list shall grow on the naval side of things. Milihime was more of an air & tank, yet only listed it because it felt felt like a Kanmusu/Belle thing. That's just an awsome feeling seeing more Canadians in naval war games. And of course, I have issues because of the missing units in Atlantic Fleet. I haven't stumbled across any Polish, Dutch, or any other units. It's now British/American vs the Germans. There's always something. Something. Even so, I finally have something to represent with in a WW2 gaming world that it's awesome. I wonder if there's any modding.......Haven't really seen much modding. That just now leaves KanColle to add something, if it even wants to. ------------ - Atlantic Fleet images of Canadians: [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Haida by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Huron by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Iroquois by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Saguenay by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Skeena by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Uganda by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] HMCS Uganda by SubTrance, on Flickr [Atlantic Fleet] Canadian Line-up by SubTrance, on Flickr I just love how hard HMCS Uganda hits That satisfying booming-pop when it hits a target. Yup! Atlantic Fleet just rised up somewhat close to Silent Hunter 3 in the menu & archives portion of the game. Yet wishing it had the 5 missing units in the game, yet this is a major improvement from Silent Hunter 3's official resources. I'm happy!
  12. I was looking forward to that list, especially for science . You say when I've tried many games, enjoyed many, yet seeing games stuck spinning their wheels in place. I am looking for many more, yet only so many tend to fun, rewarding, and genuinely entertaining. It's also hard to find those with co-op so you can play with a friend, or something in a specific niche also, even though I have some of them. I am looking, and I feel I have a wide enough view-point. Granted that I do need help finding those good games that you need recommendations, just as Metis & one other person tried. This comment was like someone slapping your back so hard you couldn't breath for a moment when reminded of playing games on Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PS2, N64, & etc and upward that modern games just suffers greatly. It's just the same, or similar rehash that finding anything good is troublesome. Maybe it is true, and I don't realize it, yet when you see games stalling in features is when one becomes jaded & similar. Something fresh & new has to replace all the rehashing. It's why I'm glad ETS2 & ATS exist, as with Empyrion, and such. That 'Hand of Fate' also reminds me of another card game that TotalBiscuit played dealing with similar. Problem is, there's too many card games, yet they are indeed genuinely fun. Again, hard to find, but yeah. This is where recommendations comes in to find these games. Well, it's true when the game fails to stay afloat because nobody keeps poking at it in the long term. If someone looks back & says it's a good game, then it's a good game. Nostalgia has to also be there that you'd even want to go back for it to also be a fun game when modding wasn't a thing. The NA part feels like heavy sarcasm & a jab that I need to correct it by saying I have yet to see a modern (as in 2010 to 2016) game being fun. Maybe somewhere in the Indie side, something you had to show me, yet nothing clear enough for it to stand out. It's so hard to find that me and my friends/buddies struggling to find one game to enjoy also, both in single & multi. Finding a co-op game is treated as taboo also that it gets you moderated on steam forums. There's always something wrong, something buggy, glitchy, or silly that it just flops. As for the Canadian part is only for WW2 games. If it has Canadians, then bonus points because it's always the same formula in WW2 used over and over of USA vs Germany or USA vs Japan that there's more that happened during the war. Glad IL-2, Silent Hunter 3, War Thunder, World of Warships, and etc exist, yet when the main focus is USA is a major buzzkill because it then goes back to focusing on USA. It be nice to poke at Russia, England, Dutch, Germans (at times; SH3), or some nation in Africa. Italy, Canada, Australia, or even the alternative to Japan, yet that's now also done in Japan's market. Not trying to be anti-American, but then we wouldn't have known about Axum, Aquila, HNLMS Tromp, or any of the Canadian vessels that others & myself made note of. There's many POV's you can take. Same with making a game purely on one vessel of HNLMS Tromp, or something along those lines. Again, it's why I'm enjoying Victory Belles & KanColle because different point of views. If I can have Canadians in a war game then I know people care about the game because they took that special care & attention to go the extra mile for a forgotten nation, among others. Kancolle is still an exception because its own style of care in Japanese POV. And I did limit myself to Canadians back when Battlefield 1942 was the biggest thing on the market that I kept getting myself banned on EA Games forum. So pissed off that everything had to be American oriented that there was no variety. Even so, I still played USA, British, & whatever it gave me. I just want to command Canadians in at least one war game in proper, and that's all. It shouldn't be a big fuss . I'm genuinely happy & respectful that I even see HMCS Saguenay, even if I'm being stupidly loud about it. ------------- Edit: And it appears I'm posting too much & people posting too little so I now need a ban/timing myself out so others can take this forum back. I don't want to "own" the three sub-forums. It makes me feel like crap, and I guess that might be karma.
  13. I'm highly amused right now that I'm loving "playful" ships like that. HMS Prcupine is something I'd love to see united, yet divided, because it add a nice unique touch to things. It be somewhat like seeing the I-400 sisters in that Arpeggio sense, yet something more unique. Nice. Nice suggestion, Panay's Ghost. I approve! --------- Alright, I'm being amused by another vessel being the lovely that I'm glad my fellow comrade made me aware of her when speculating on Aquila & desiring Adua-Class Submarines for KanColle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_submarine_Casabianca_(Q183) Reading how she somehow managed to flee a German scuttle of the French Fleet, as well as being armed to even manage to escape. Even surfacing among the British fleet, and such, is just what I enjoy reading. Even being called a "Phantom Submarine" adding to the whole mischievous side of thigns that I truly hope she'll have a nice "Pola" type appearance to her in that formal attire, if with that submarine touch to her. Surcourf [here] is an odd one with me still being unsure how to react to her, how to treat her, and such, yet hoping that something 'Nera' style could be done with her submarine parts. Granted, I also need the game & gameplay experiences to possibly connect with Surcourf, yet that's just me trying to note where one can attempt to "improve". I do hope that her [Casabianca], as well as HNLMS Tromp gain the appropriate amount of artistic care to make them appear highly respectful and enjoyable, maybe even "Phantom" in various ways. Both of them being nicely "formal" in appearance, as well as that "ghostly", or "phantom" style appearance. Basically something inspiring from Kiso Kai Ni, Yuudachi's Kai Ni, Ryuuhou (All KanColle) that they'd be something gorgeous, yet highly fearsome in that respectable manner. They are after all "Phantom" vessels because Casabianca couldn't be sunk (elusive), and HNLMS Tromp was constantly said to be registered as sunk in every encounter that the Japanese nicknamed her the "Ghost Ship". I truly hope that Kiso, Casabianca, & HNLMS Tromp shall be visually pleasing, as well as those visually fearsome, as well as highly respected. Basically on that Bismarck & Tirpitz feared level for being labeled as both a "ghost ship" & "Phantom ship" for refusing to be sunk. A bit of demonic visual appearances might be amusing, as seen with Naganami style (if fitting to their personality). http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Naganami The eye colour + the pink under the hair. It's hidden, yet it's there. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1775299 [Link may contain NSFW if you don't use adblock. Adblock is a necessary plugin to keep ads at bay.] Loving both KanColle & Victory Belles
  14. Nothing can beat Graf Zeppelin's laugh in a sortie, nor MVP line. Her laugh is that nice evil laugh I always wanted in a Kanmusu, yet in a serious manner. And yes, we're missing Tirpitz whom would have been my first waifu if it wasn't for Bismarck winning me over in Pivix art. Voids, they're dangerous. And yes, I'm loving the mention of needing Italian carriers & submarines. I didn't want to post here to keep spamming, yet I've been noting time & time again that KanColle needs Adua-Class Submarine Kanmusu. We need someone from the Adua-Class submarine line to join the Italian roster, just as we have U-511/Ro-500 for the Germans. Both me and my fellow American comrade being both annoyed at how we can't swap them for "spares" type submarines for when they get damaged, or similar; For when Imuya gets hurt you'd simply add in Axum, Adua, or whomever gets added. He also mentioned [Casablanca] being a fun submarine to add for its defection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adua-class_submarine Then you have Argo-Class Submarine, one of whom I discovered through Canadian contact in the tonnage lost. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argo-class_submarine Adua & Argo Class submarines being a nice way to remind people that Italians had awesome vessels to respect & fear. The more I learn, the more I can respect the Italians, and I love that feeling. Knowledge is power. And loving the mention of Aquila that I'm thankful she was brought to my attention. Already well aware of the USN ones that it's always fun learning about those forgotten elsewhere. If another USN Kanmusu joins the rank, then awesome to my American comrades
  15. Seeing as how you're eager then be my guest. I guess I keep screwing up my wording no matter how much I try to be clear, so just go ahead. My listing above was meant more of how games from North America being fun from the past & stuck in the past. It's just lost in translation from mind to keyboard to the forum. *sighs*. But yes, go ahead. Enlighten me in that not so sarcastic manner Also, thanks for confirming my slight doubts about Rare being British & European. ------- @Fif: KOTOR was fun, as with Jedi Academy, yet they're now ancient games. They're now "lost" in time that I haven't really seen them much now. I'll give you that, and maybe even Metro 2033 which is on the side I haven't tried, dug into, nor researched. I'll probably have to check that out. Games with mods tend to live longest because they have more content to play around with. To play Silent Hunter 3 I always have the Anti-fatigue mini-mod added so I can stay at sea longer because it's just silly (gameplay wise) how you have to return to port after traveling only for a day. Not removing fatigue, just slowing it down to a more enjoyable state so you can shoot all your fish at ships. You want to stay out at sea for as long as you have torpedoes. It gives you a nice solid 3-4 hours of a session. I haven't played with the other mods, yet they add a hell of a lot of variety which Ubisoft couldn't by giving you more targets to hunt, more real world content, and more things to do. Same with more submarines. Again, my favourite word: "Variety" Similar with ETS2 & ATS by adding in maps, more trucks, and even multiplayer. I've only dug into multiplayer because I'm still overwhelmed with the scenery in ETS2 & ATS. I haven't added any trucks or maps, yet they add things people desire & crave. It gives longevity to the game. Same with the desire of having weather, weather texture for seasons, among others. All those enhancements for whom desires it. Even trucks suffering license issues, such as the Volvo VNL for American Truck Sim. People can have it. I had some fun with Dragon's Dogma, yet that can't be modded for some silly reason. Maybe textures & such, yet nothing which shall keep it alive to add more NPC types, map types, and etc. You can't expand on it so it's just a repetitive grind fest. I heard Dragon Age is fun, and I'll give it the respect, just that it has the same issue as Dragon's Dogma that modding it is nearly impossible. It's so strict that you're FORCED (or so I heard) to follow linear gameplay, and such. You can't add custom NPCs & such that it has a limited play style. Sure, it's fun, but how do you keep this fun alive for long term when you can't further customize, mod it, and such? My desire was to add more NPC stuff bot both Dragon's Dogma & Dragon Age, yet it doesn't really allow you to do such. Pawns is the answer for Dragon's Dogma, yet that's where I replace NPC desires for map desires & hostile NPCs. For Dragon Age I was hoping to have my original characters appear in there, yet that's not happening. A shame. -------- EDIT: I have Atlantic Fleet, yet it was too complex for me to dig through the menus to find Skirmish & such. Hearing Canadians are in it has me shocked because I haven't seen them. I only bought it because it was one-upping Victory at Sea graphic wise, and was turn based. I'm now curious.
  16. I guess both. Since you're asking I guess I might as well mention both, even if it may or may not bring more confusion to the table. Dragon Age & Dragon's Dogma both being neat, yet they're refusing modding. They want to force you down a specific path, yet nothing more. Again, something I can't really hold up on a podium. I guess it has to be special along the lines of Silent Hunter 3, and the games I listed in the other thread. Actually worthwhile, ambitious, among other things, while also providing the main element of "fun". Again, Euro Truck Sim 2 & American Truck Sim side of things, yet those have mods.
  17. That one is an exception & I now see a witch hunt. Try again. I guess someone shall say Dark Souls games, & such then that's also an exception, yet nothing that really stands out yet. As for taste in games, nah. That's now a guilt trip. Truly, look at the damn games we have and tell me what games we have that are special. Which ones would you hold up on fancy podium. If anybody says Call of Duty or Halo then I'm going to grab a baseball bat with nails on it. Watching my friend Twitch stream COD was the most frustrating thing I could have watched, more so with hackers & host jumps. (neutrally saying this COD part not being aimed at fifrein) Actually, I'm lost right now so just list the games that haven't required modding. I can't really think of any, or much.
  18. Other than Star Wars Battlefront II, rest seems Japanese. Shadow of the Colossus is neat, yet guilty of not trying. Sadly won't be trying, yet I know how it flows. Super Mario 64 is ancient, yet I did dabble in it when N64 was the most modern system, around. Star Wars Battlefront II was neat, yet it eventually faded out for how repetitive it was. If only it expanded further on the campaign side of things, Battlefield 1942 style. I also played Pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, & Crystal. Then add Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, and even rented 'Hey, you! Pikachu'. Even a puzzle game. As a counter-suggestion I'd pick: Perfect Dark (N64): Because of how awesome it was. Futuristic, detailed, and the most advanced game for its time. It even had mission replay (Even holding up Goldeneye 64 nearly as high) that I enjoyed all the fun weapons. The fun eastereggs, the fun linear-yet-free-roamy missions, as well as the fun free-roamy main base. You could go into the weapon range, the co-op multiplayer (if couch) to play with bots & players, as well as just boats to have fun with. The bots also had TYPES to them (i.e revenge, pacifist, aggressive, among others). Nothing beats this game, not even Halo. People claiming Halo does are just blinded by a lemming fad that they just don't see the little & big things that make Perfect Dark awesome, even with nostalgic glasses. [Mentioned because of Mario 64. Also, Rare is said to be British.]. Battlefield 1942 (PC): This IS still the best Battlefield game to date, as well as being from WW2, which allowed you the appropriate freedom to be an infantry, a tank/jeep driver, or even a pilot for a plane. Expansions added to them, yet nobody played them. It does have Canadians, yet can only play against AI. Secret Weapons was also sweet, yet never dug too far because people weren't playing much. Everything about this brought the most fun, even when it was released on Origin for free. It's still the best that I find Battlefield 2, Vietnam, and others frustratingly annoying. Even Battlefield 1, yet we'll have to see where that goes. The Star Wars mod for Battlefield 1942 was the best. Better than the garbage that EA Games makes, and even forced a fan-made game to change its style. Silent Hunter 3 (PC): Ubisoft Romania made this awesome WW2 German submarine game with no equal. They put lot of care & attention to it for the time that it has awesome national variety, even Canadians. Even personalizing the submarine to your tastes, as well as obtaining whatever sub & weaponry you want (time permitting). You chose where to go, how to tackle your mission, as well as deal with your threats in the manner you chose. This is the way to do free-roaming, and free-roaming submarines. Star Wars Galaxies (PC): Free Roaming Star Wars on a multiplayer scale. You could choose to be either Rebellion, Empire, or even Mercenary that it took things in a fun manner. Being able to go to any planet at any time, choose any profession, as well as fly anywhere (Jump to Light Speed expansion). The random quest generator is also sweet. It's now however sadly dead, yet still alive in SWGemu that most of its free-roaming charm is still alive. This is the type of Star Wars free-roaming I want. Travel to any planet, do as I want, pick any profession, and anything. Basically Star Wars + Minecraft + Skyrim + whatever. KOTOR & etc don't count because they're still linear. Once you're done, you're done. Blame SWG for my high standards. This game was best up until NGE Update was added. Once it started forcing the Prequels it killed itself. Everything up until late Jump to Light Speed made this game awesome. Sadly, Americans fumbled this in a frustrating manner. American Truck Sim & Euro Truck Sim 2 (PC): Czech made truckign games which allows you to travel both Europe & America in their respective version. You can buy a truck, customize it, and travel wherever you desire. Choose any job, any profit, and route, and you'll enjoy your exploration type trip. The progression is what makes me choose this over 'Flight Simulator X' & such because it still has RPG elements, yet sadly misses any co-op related multiplayer. It does have multiplayer, yet people can be real assholes on there. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U): This game can be compared to how Perfect Dark was for N64 as this game is for the Wii U by pushing the console to the limit. It added so much that it simply dwarves any games around it by a hell of a lot (on the same system, and at times also on PC). You can travel anywhere, fight whatever, discover things, and such. Sure, it's a quarter linear, yet it's a fun experience from beginning to however far you made it. Every moment is worth it, as is the music. It's all fun, as with the freedom of choice. Kancolle (web/Android): A Japanese WW2 game about ships as reincarnated ship girls with respective ship weapons leveling them as if they were Pokemon. The gameplay is endless, as is the timeframe. You just keep playing & playing while also partaking in events. The Android version helps this by allowing you to tend to your tasks whenever not at the PC. [Japanese] Rising World (PC): A Minecraft killer in numerous manners that it does what Minecraft does, yet amplified on a massive scale that each update is outshining everything that Minecraft held special. You won't see it kill Minecraft now, yet as time goes by you shall. Month-by-month new features slaughters niche features within Minecraft, as well as modernizing them in a 3D manner. You however shall need to survive in the biomes through climate, as well as make shelter, tech up, among other things. This game shall also have vehicles, as well as high customization for player models of both genders. [German] ????????????????????????????????????????????? I can't think of non-modded games that were fun. Only Perfect Dark, SWG, Xenoblade, and ........I'm drawing a blank. I'm now looking at my list with me being unable to list anything which really stands out. It's all...........Old nostalgic respect, some Japanese & European games, as well as few some slowly maturing games. I can't mention any god damn modern games because it's "too expensive too make", "too risky", "too hard to make woman", among other excuses given. Nobody wants to make games we enjoy that everything has become so stupidly stale. I'm however strongly eyeing this game [Victory Belles], as well as UBOOT hoping it'll in some way quench my curiousity, keep me occupied, as well as give us what it promised. I guess not even 'Star Wars: Empire at War' made it on my list, even if it was free-roamy in the campaing, and I had fun with skirmishes. It's been ages, and I couldn't really get funds to repurchase it again. Star Wars Battlegrounds was neat, providing lots of fun. I'm glad that I had my fun in Pokemon. Crystal being the best because it had everything, including Johto & Kanto that anything today is just shit, and can't compare to how awesome it was to go from the two regions. Frustrated that you couldn't go back to revisit ALL the regions, and etc.. There's no motivation to keep using the last game as a solid stepping stone to push the game higher. Sure, Pokemon White, White 2, & X&Y are fun, yet once you're done the game you can't keep playing. I want the journey to continue, to have fun, and to never end. Basically the way it's going in KanColle, and in ways in Minecraft. The best game was Crystal, and I do love the new features in the new versions. Sadly, I have to say that I cherry pick them that I want all those new features in a single damn copy, not spread out. I'm looking at Minecraft's Pixelmon mod again in frustration. --------------- Also, there's mention of lackign in time. I have that, yet I enjoy KanColle the most that when you care you always find time to squeeze time into something you enjoy. As of this moment I'm playing KanColle, even on Android when at work. I also try to sneak in a PC game by sneaking in 'Rising World', and I do enjoy my sessions. It sadly needs to keep maturing, yet it's getting there. It's stiill a youthful game. Same with other games. I have time for them, then I simply lose my patience or get sick. ATS & ETS2 then become my alternative to PC gaming that I enjoy a good road trip with job progress and exploration. Still have yet to visit all the countries, cities, & states. Something happens. Even struggling with time, I still manage to find time to play games. Sadly, I can't put anything in a proper game outside of KanColle. I'm always scanning my steam library groaning how nothing really catches my attention. Same on my friend's side. Everything has to be free-roaming now for me to consider it interesting, not be linear, and actually provide genuinely fun gameplay. It needs to constantly update also. I'm just spoiled by the games I mentioned.......It needs to have co-op & modding support also. If not that, then player customization & personalization option. Yeah.........I just can't wait to get attached to Victory Belles for when I can also command my Canadians. Same with being able to play Rising World in proper sessions when new features come out. Also, I have this very negative feeling hiding away as if something pissed me off again in the gaming world. Just a hanging fog of negativity when thinking of how much stress is behind it all so I'm now worried what this feeling could be in full.
  19. I still have my old words from around the time the game was considered 'complete', or something. You saying that makes me curious how it'll mesh with Pixelmon because me and old Minecraft buddy & an ex-blogger loved Pokemon so much that I wanted to add Pixelmon onto it. It's something I'm still messing aroudn with in thought, yet can't put into practice for how much technical issues there is. I guess I can't boast the same kind of world age, yet I can still boast it in late beta stage, or something heh. Need to find out how it holds up to the Minecraft version now. That, and with Pixelmon. Flying with a Pidgeot would be sweet. Forgot where I was viewing 'Malevolence', and now I know. Just opening up tabs in a quick scan. I'll have to take a peak at it tomorrow when I have more time. Also, I agree with this guy, yet his 5000 downvotes has me pissed off at the gamer's mindset. Pokemon GO is an outright mess that a Minecraft mod is more appealing right now. It's even genuinely interesting, even filling in a void Nintendo should have filled themselves. & Pixelmon: http://pixelmonmod.com/ Have to see how much Pixelmon progressed soon. But I'm now respecting 'Freespace's' map pride. Nice
  20. Sorry, there's no general sub-forum so this place shall have to do for a bit. Just wanted to get some side thoughts out of the way while trying to make sense of some comments I"ve been seeing both here & on the 'Rising World' forum that has be stumped. Maybe you can help along, or maybe make it worse as I process these thoughts. But yeah. Reading the "highly enthusiastic" comments is making me feel like gamers have calmed down over the years, or something. Mellowed out, or aren't as happy about gaming these days that I'm now seeing this comment feeling like a lone survivor from the 1990's gaming era. They [the people] used to be so happy that they'd be overly excited about games. 2000 being the time of gradual growth in fanart that you'd see it grow in intensity in 2003, or something like that. It would lead into game modding that anything considered "highly enthusiastic" would simply be turned into fan art, game modifications, and seeing people making happy threads about how to improve the games, among other things. To me, I simply see gaming taking a slump because it's more about making games about fads, not about genuine gaming fun. Nobody wants to have fun in North America that it's all up to the European & Japanese game developers to make fun games instead. Even odd ones, such as American Truck Sim & Euro Truck SIm 2. Hearing the "highly enthusiastic" makes me feel I lost the crowd I walked with in various gaming communities which makes me feel that gaming is indeed dying. Not Anime, but gaming itself because I'm struggling a hell of a lot to find a proper fun game, let alone one with co-op, multiplayer, or something that doubles back into fun. That same fun which leads into game modding, fan-art, fan creations, among other things. Basically what I'm seeing the Japanese and anime fans doing, but yeah. I now feel like an alien. If you don't feel like making a mod or fan-art of any sort then that game is genuine shit. Games last a long time thanks to mods & fanart, yet when it doesn't have that, it's shit. That, and a bonus that I wish games would keep moving forward by also inspiring & using other games as stepping stones in improvement. Sadly, that's not the case so you're always seeing me in a pissy mood frustrated about getting my gaming fixes. KanColle & Rising World keeps me sane right now (if barely) that anything else simply sets me off because people enjoy bickering & stirring up drama instead having fun in games. That, and other games are simply spinning their ties in place by not improving at all. Same garbage year after year. Once I see fun in games I enjoy that game for going back to what games enjoyable: "The fun" aspect. The fun in Pokemon, KanColle, Rising World, among others. Actually reaching out to make sure you're happy, not pissed off by having people yell at you, degrade you, or other crap. I enjoy it when a game gives you what it promises, as well as what you want, that updates are now like Christmas festivities. Rising World itself releasing an update with dungeons which feels like Christmas because it's giving you what it promised in fun, as well as showing you the high potential & quality by bringing the fun back on track, thus the "highly enthusiastic" behavior on mine & maybe other people's side. People are so happy that they can finally mod a game the way they want to, and that's only going to improve. I'm happy because I can see a future with NPC modding, among other things. We're all genuinely happy, and that's what a game is about. If you're happy then you're on the right track. Same with KanColle by making it android. It's what we wanted, and it delivered by now being able to play on the go. It's the same with Pokemon GO, until it screwed up. Games are meant to be fun. if at any point you find yourself stressed out, insulted, or berated in any way then it strayed off the path. This is up until a point where games are meant to be challenging. Challenging games are an exception, yet when a game insults you then that's not a game to be played. Victory Belles is simply proving to be a game we're all desiring because KanColle is either refusing, or sluggish, in adding what we desire in the North American fanbase. I'm seeking Canadians & variety that I'm hooked, and similar to those seeking to playa KanColle styled game, and such. People don't want to jump through hoops to play KanColle, thus Victory Belles hype. "Highly enthusiastic" for a reason that games should be fun & rewarding, not punishing. There's tons of voids, and I'm not saying this lightly. Again, I've seen that genuine gaming moment in 'Rising World' dungeon update that we're being given what we desire & seeing a bright future ahead [Maybe I'm misunderstanding, which seems to be happening, so any clarify is welcomed.]
  21. A comrade of mine mentioned that it might be an Italian 'Aquila' aircraft carrier, and I'd be happy if it was for some more forgotten Italian pride. Shinano, or Aquila. I'd go with Aquila.
  22. Noted on the Daggerfall stuff. Sounds a tiny bit like what Dragon's Dogma tried. More on the Dark Souls side in which I haven't played. We'll see. Yeah, the gaming scene has been struggling heavily that it's difficult to connect to any game, let alone have any fun with it. What's been said is in the above postings now that I'll leave that as is now. Randomizer, or Pixelmon. I need to find a day to try and find a way to view hidden folders on Win 10 so I can then install the Pixelmon mod for some old fun again. Play some Pixelmon, train a Pidgey into Pidgeot, fly around, see some improved pokemon villagers, and such. I never did play it fully and properly because had to be on a friend's server & such. We'll see how it goes this time around if I can find a way to see Win 10 hidden folders and such. Also, here's a jab at Niantic labs which I forgot to link. This is in response to bandaid patching the 3-step glitch by removing the three steps itself. https://twitter.com/NianticLab/status/760099873731571712 You can now no longer see the Pokemon KM needed to hatch eggs. Edit: More fire here about refusing support e-mails, among other things: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4vj0ir/niantics_refusal_to_accept_support_emails_is_a/ Edit #2: Basically sums up the whole situation right now: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/damn-pokemon-go-now-has-less-than-2-stars-in-the-app-store?trk_source=recommended
  23. Alright, not creating a new topic for this one because this one does nicely. As annoyed as I am to be interested in Pokemon Sun & Moon, I guess I'm just going to bite the bullet by buying either of the two in a blind manner because I'm finally seeing attachment points to hook myself into the damn game. I see some nice fun features, some nice new Pokemon, as well as old ones modernized for regional variety. Seeing my trusty Vulpix & Ninetales turned to ice & Ice/fairy that they do seem interesting, if a bit smug for my taste. It does have its fun, yet I'm seeing gimmicky features still that irritates me. Just let the game loose into its own big world for crying out loud. Nintendo has the budget. [i guess this whining is driving people insane, but I see myself in the right that games need to keep pushing forward, not backwards or spinning tires in place.] https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/760103220370808832 https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/760098054066143232 The 'Z Moves' must be a reference to Kamen Rider, Sentai Rangers/Power Rangers, among various other types. It's just odd. Vulpix & Ninetales turned to ice is believable. As is that ice-type sandshrew. Executor turned into a palm tree type thing is indeed odd, and a bit lazy, yet I can see where they went with it. Palm tree type thing, yeah. Silly, that people are having fun with it. The dancing birds being similar to those regional butterfly type Pokemon in X&Y game. Was neat. That part was actually neat. Well.....let's see how much I regret jumping into Pokemon Sun & Moon after seeing the same formula over and over again with no real lessons learned. Sure, improvements were had, yet it needs to move into a new open-ended setting. I stopped playing Pokemon White 2 halfway because it was just.....repetition, and I played these Pokemon games heavily that Pokemon GO is fresh & fun, yet Niantic is screwing up. Fun, fun. Both genuine & sarcastic fun at the same time.
  24. Daggerfall, eh? Well, makes me wonder if I can squeeze that in. If I can find a proper copy then I'll give it a go when I can after KanColle, Rising WOrld, among other games. Also, it reminds me of 'Mount & Blade' in ways which makes me quite curious. Yeah, I shy away from FPS, WoW, wannabes, even World of Warships. It has to be something genuinely good to be worthwhile of my time, and that's being sapped by Japanese web games, and some European made games. Again, KanColle, Shooter Girl, Flower Knight Girl, Rising World, American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim 2, Silent Hunter 3 (rarely now), and Phantasy Star Online 2. I however can't play PSO2 because it won't detect my downloaded client that I wasted numerous days tryign to get into it, yet what it does is right is often satisfying. I'd even recommend Empyrion, Wurm Unlimited, and such because they're neat. Can't really recommend any game outside of the PS2, PS3, Vita, or Gameboy/3DS market. Everything is just shit to me. Flight SImulators have been fun (Century & X), as well as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Nobody knows how to have fun anymore, nor has the intelligence/budget to fill in the voids. Everything has to be trash now, and it's insulting because it's 2016. Yup. I guess "bitter" could be it. I've also seen the word 'Jaded" going around, among others. Failing to recall them because there's just too much to make note of. --------- ......................Well, I just want to note another thing to also keep this on topic. It's a "two bird with one rock" thing. My friend in Vancouver doesn't have data, yet he's seeing how much fun people are still having regardless of Niantic's taboo related incidents. He told me that there's many people at parks that he could count 17 of them, all with sound on, that they were just having fun in his evening. Just playing. He was having fun playing it while maxing out his inventory with a Pokestop right next to a park he lives at with him able to lazily gather pokeballs & items from it. He simply use his girl's phone to see what's around. Just do whatever to get Poke items from that one single pokestop every 5 min. He maxed out his inventory, made note of 17 players in a park with sound on, and people having fun. Quite nice. There's fun to be had. Niantic has a fun IP, yet they're too small, too careless, and too silent that they're ruining this genuine moment and software. They can still recover, yet they need to interact with their community then any taboo can be forgiven through formalities.
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