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  1. To be honest, i never started as a warship fan. When I was growing up I loved the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. Usually every Gundam series has a warship that all the mechs take off from. Well, every space based mech series has a ship like that. I found the robot designs cool but loved the ships even more. Also in video games I tend to play mages and in a way that is what aircraft carriers feel like. You deploy, deal lots of damage from a distance, and the things you deploy come back. In summary, I think aircraft carriers are pretty amazing. The most famous real world version of those appear in WWII games, so I got into WWII games playing aircraft carriers and kind of got hooked. hahaha. Combine aircraft carriers with moe, and you have games like this that totally grab my attention .
  2. Some people might find it weird, but to be honest I really like the IJN Zuiho. She was a light carrier, and in my opinion really cute as far as ships go. She wasn't involved in the attack on pearl, and the Zuiho was sacrificed to protect other ships in her final battle. I feel like the Zuiho was a really amazing ship, and I really hope it appears in this game.
  3. I'm Nobuyori from the kickstarter. Please to meet you all. I look forward to being part of this forum. I'm a large fan of IJN Carriers, and I hope I can get to learn more about you. Everyone seemed quite kind as we discussed the upcoming game over on kickstarter.
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