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  1. I'd like to point out that my board isn't any more official than NinjaPacMan's is, I just get asked to post it. You're free to disregard it if you want to.
  2. That's not going to change my mind, just so you're aware. Until I get actual confirmation (i.e., pictures of Belles) I'm not going to believe in their existence.
  3. Until I see pictures of these supposed confirmed Belles, I won't be believing they exist.
  4. I think Salmon's just a placeholder, but I put her on anyways. She can represent the write-ins.
  5. Confirmed or not, I'm still voting for Tenryuu.
  6. Was there ever a discussion about that repair dock queue I suggested a while back?
  7. I hate sudden forum style changes. I mean, Real tough choice this week, but I think I'll go with A1.
  8. Dano


    Kancolle didn't have the original idea for shipgirls either, as there are images of shipgirls that predate KanColle by nearly a decade. But yes, BCS has enough fresh ideas in Victory Belles that will make it stand out from the others.
  9. Dano


    Warship Girls isn't exactly original either. No offence.
  10. A1 Steak Sauce. Two more weeks and then I'm voting for Tenryuu every week.
  11. Having finished Mass Effect Andromeda recently, I wholeheartedly agree with waiting until the game is done instead of releasing a buggy mess of a game.
  12. All that really shows is that Salmon88 prefers to draw fancy clothes over mechanical detailing. (not that there's anything wrong with that, every artist should play to their strengths)
  13. Oh for Holo's sake, at least wait until the board is empty before starting with the write-ins again. I want to be done with editing the board now that dropbox no longer allows image hosting.
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