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  1. Will they be based on real planes or are they gonna have some crazier Crimson Skies/dieselpunk style stuff?
  2. Will the Morgana have aircraft of their own?
  3. Speaking of alternative artists, if you guys ever want to up the creep factor on the Morganas, I suggest Keith Thompson.
  4. Meh, I had my fill of yanderes after Mirai Nikki. I'll stick to type B tsunderes.
  5. I should take them off the bingo card then.
  6. That's one thing I'd really love to see for alternate costumes, a unified military uniform costume for each nation.
  7. D2, D3 and C4 are the only Morganas.
  8. Jokes aside, there seem to be a few interesting ones they could do instead of the standard poker/blackjack/etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Card_games_introduced_in_the_1930s
  9. Strip poker with the Belles, aw yeah.
  10. That's D'aosta, not Pola. (and I'm sure he knows, since his avatar is her) There's also another Italian Belle in there aside from D'aosta, according to Legate.
  11. ^And bingo'd. Bingofied? Whatever. Thank Metis, not me. They did all the work.
  12. Well, that really all depends on how masochistic you are(slightly nsfw)...
  13. E1, E2, E3 and C6 have been revealed, but otherwise that seems to be all of them. I can rehost it to my dropbox and fine tune it, if you want.
  14. That's what I get for not clicking links. Have this instead:
  15. Something for those epic battles. Started re-watching this again after the hype of the second season getting announced, such a great series.
  16. Yeah, Graf Spee's design is great. Don't know why but I was expecting twintails, this turned out much better.
  17. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    And updated the gallery with Admiral Graf Spee.
  18. PizzaRocket: That's actually Hiryuu. Those still aren't enough similarities to make them "suspiciously close".
  19. Not really a capelet, she's just wearing her jacket like a cape. "Suspiciously close"? Aside from both being shipgirls they look nothing alike...
  20. The large size should be up on tumblr soonish, you should save yourself some effort and wait for that.
  21. Why certainly. (Bingo card courtesy of Metis) And I'm voting for Nishikino Makithis Belle next:
  22. Scharnhorst has four turrets for in-game story reasons.
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