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  1. Well, hopefully she can still pull off sounding cute while also being understandable.
  2. Yeah, whomever runs BCS' youtube page confirmed in a comment that Kirov's VA is a native speaker and was just hamming it up to be cute. And personally, I find it works really well at that.
  3. Considering Kirov(who I've been told has very mangled Russian) and say, La Motte-Picquet(who definitely sounds like someone fluent in French), I'm guessing they're going for a mix of approaches, depending on the Belle.
  4. It's all good, dude. Feel free to post whatever music you like.
  5. So will Belles have an opinion about going out to battle on their death date? Surely some of them would be offended by you keeping them sidelined just because of a silly little thing like a greater chance of death.
  6. Yes, it is. Though personally I find it sounds more like the type of music Great Big Sea usually sings, which is folk-rock.
  7. Because it's Friday. Use these tags: [media][/media]
  8. I disagree with this. Since Victory Belles has already established that sister ships won't look similar(see Leningrad and Moskva), I think it would be inconsistent to change that suddenly.
  9. She's the exclusive Belle for the $500 tier reward.
  10. You should have just said that from the beginning, the game definitely needs some MILF Belles.
  11. Hue. I was referencing his Strike Witches stuff, not Bismarck. Bismarck is how old I'd like him to draw characters more.
  12. Ah, Shimada Fumikane. That man knows how to meld mecha and musume like nobody's business. Even if he does tend to draw them too young for my taste.
  13. I have no problem with futa Belles(they've got plenty of cannons already, what's another one?), but that would put the game in full 18+ territory so I highly doubt they'd put any in the game.
  14. For Bismarck, I'd recommend looking through Danbooru's Handsome Ladies pool(possibly occasional nsfw images) for inspiration.
  15. She would make the best shipgirl. The Morganas wouldn't know what hit them.
  16. You replied before I finished my edit. But either way my signature should make it pretty obvious. (It's Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate)
  17. Sadly, my waifu will never be in this game. Unless one of the Japanese ships happens to be a redheaded tsundere genius voiced by Imai Asami.
  18. I'm sure she'll end up in the game, but she wasn't commissioned until 1940, so she won't be in it until the '40 update.
  19. Oh good, my mental image of her is still somewhat accurate then.
  20. As far as revealed Belles go, America is in the lead. USA: 7 USSR: 5 UK: 4 France: 4 Italy: 3 Germany: 3 Japan: 3 Spain: 1 Canada: 1
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