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  1. All of them, of course. The ones I'd really like to see the full image of are these two: And regarding the gallery image, I was actually wondering if there was a specific font you guys would like me to use instead of the one I'm using now. Edit: Wellington99, That's D'Aosta.
  2. That they did, but I'm not expecting to see that until January at the earliest, myself.
  3. You can play it anywhere, there will be no region locks. As said earlier, there will be a censored version for Europe, but at the same time nothing will stop you from accessing the uncensored version if you so choose.
  4. According to the community tab on the kickstarter, 410 of the backers were new to Kickstarter. The breakdowns for top cities and top countries is pretty interesting too, it's really cool to see so many Japanese people backing the project. (Also, seeing as Canada is the country with the second most backers, it should definitely be considered to be added as a minor nation in a future update, hint hint )
  5. Yep, same here. The moment I read the description and watched the video I knew this was something worth signing up to Kickstarter for.
  6. May as well make an account here too. /waves
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