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  1. Personally I find the lack of lolis and most of the characters looking older to be one of the biggest appeal points of this game. I also know a few people who will definitely give Victory Belles a try when it launches who would otherwise ignore KanColle because of that very reason. As per the FAQ at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.
  2. Dano

    KS Update 47

    I am not a drinker, but I would drink with Kirov.
  3. Can't remember if this has been discussed already or not, but is there any chance of a queue system for the repair docks? One of the things that made me lose interest in Shooting Girl was that I'd put two girls in the infirmary, go do something else while they were healing and then promptly forget about them. Then when I came back to play the game again 2/3rds of my squad would still need to be healed, which would start the cycle all over again. Assuming the repair system will even work the same in Victory Belles as it does in Shooting Girl/KanColle, I can't remember, lol.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment
  5. "Few minds can handle the stress caused by future factoring, I believe the Americans are calling it the Philadelphia effect or something similar" Well played.
  6. Saguenay must have lifted it off of her while Mahan was distracted by food.
  7. Tumblr's recommendations algorithm finally worked for once and recommended this artist to me: Link to artist's tumblr
  8. I'd rather see the video interview as soon as its ready.
  9. If anyone's having difficulty telling who moved where, the old chart is still up in the previous thread.
  10. Whoops, was so busy playing Pokemon I forgot to check my emails. B5
  11. I retract this threat because it's too depressing now that that living sack of fecal matter somehow managed to win.
  12. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    We'll see what happens in the voting next week.
  13. Vote for Saguenay next week or I replace every other square with Donald Trump's face.
  14. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    I finally had a day where I had enough free time to finish updating the group image.
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