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  1. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    Managed to pull myself away from Granblue Fantasy long enough to update this, sorry about the delay.
  2. *psst* Lexington needs to be uploaded to tumblr too.
  3. Nenohi's pretty cute. I hope we actually get that card on New Year's. >.> The captain, of course.
  4. According to a post I saw on tumblr, "admyrul" is actually the olde English way to pronounce it, dunno if that's true or not though.
  5. Well, ask Legate if we can add them to the bingo board.
  6. I really don't want to see two American ships in a row so I'm changing my vote to C5
  7. I have a sudden craving for the Colonel's secret recipe.
  8. Armor Blitz is finally out?
  9. Thanks to Panay's Ghost noticing a silhouette in the trailer no one else did we have a new hidden Belle to add to the bingo board. I'm still voting for B5 though.
  10. Don't worry, since it's KanColle she'll just have an anime stereotype for a personality,
  11. Dano

    KS Update 23

    Everyone has different tastes, just because you don't like games that don't have mods doesn't automatically make them shit.
  12. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    I saw that, thanks. I'll add her when I'm adding the winner of this week's vote.
  13. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    I've finally decided to stop waiting for Yavuzbeing lazy and updated the image with Chiyoda, Lambo and Nerpa.
  14. Dano

    KS Update 22

    Yavuz just really wants to teach us patience.
  15. von_Lipstig or Fifrein: One of you mind posting the Cyrillic spelling of Nerpa for me?
  16. We've got until March 2017(barring any delays, of course), all the Belles will have their turn in the interviewee's seat.
  17. Those are the best images available of those belles, unfortunately.
  18. Move to a better time zone, they've all been on Friday for me.
  19. Did someone say liberate Nerpa?
  20. No, he was right the first time. Yamamoto is indeed the best.
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