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  1. "Deculture" is a Macross thing.
  2. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    And updated once again to include Axum and Cyrillic/Japanese names. Blame any Cyrillic misspellings on Fifrein.
  3. That was a joke in reference to the Electronics Entertainment Expo, which was held last week.
  4. I already have a waifu. *looks at signature with love*
  5. Blech, coffee. Axum's cute though, I think I may have a favourite submarine.
  6. NOTE: the squares have been moved around, and the Morganas are no longer in the bingo square. I'm still voting for B5.
  7. I'm guessing they want some shipboys.
  8. Ah, Skyrim. I have about 300 hours logged and still never finished it.
  9. Little Witch Academia 2 is another example of a Kickstarter success, along with the Shadowrun Returns games.
  10. Also, please don't make a commercial that insults your core fanbase.
  11. Trust me, I went over the trailer with a fine-toothed comb when I made that image.
  12. Kumano has already been revealed.
  13. The way Legate phrased it, I interpreted it to mean that the 10 yards /9.whatever meters is for '39, so it may or may not increase in later years.
  14. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    Until 1200 x 1200 resolution images are uploaded I'm not adding them to the gallery. I've just been copying the tumblr descriptions but if you or von_Lipstig want to post a list of their names in Cyrillic I'll add them.
  15. And done. I'll update the other image after I finish updating the gallery.
  16. Like von_Lipstig says, Kickstarter resizes the images to a much smaller size, which makes it harder to see the finer details. (like the critical hit marker you mention in the update)
  17. That sums it up nicely. I'd like to see larger images of the combat mock-ups if possible, Kickstarter's image sizes are awfully small.
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