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  1. And, as always, I'm voting for B5.
  2. If the game did end up being that popular I'd love to see them do a spin-off with tank and plane Belles, myself.
  3. Hiring the mafia to put out hits on intimidate your political opponents?
  4. I'm not changing my vote from B5 until she gets interviewed.
  5. Dano

    La Belle Galerie

    And updated once again.
  6. If we're talking bouts of fisticuffs then my money's on Saltshaker.
  7. And the fact that she has no chance of winning anything.
  8. So no having secret liaisons with a regular girl on shore then.
  9. I personally don't find Mahan's design all that interesting but her personality is fun enough that I still like her.
  10. If they don't have a death date, nothing happens to them. So, the tiny planes that the Belles carry. Are they piloted by tiny somethings or are they just an extension of the Belle herself?
  11. And that's what makes Ark Royal great. Also the puns. OK, mostly the puns. But the dignified manner is also nice.
  12. No, that is the appropriate reaction.
  13. I think Victory Belles is a pretty cool gal. Seh fights Margonas and doesn't afraid of anything.
  14. I should have realized what that was hinting at.
  15. Can't help but love a girl who loves puns. Kinda wish she had a flight deck or something though, she doesn't look much like an aircraft carrier at first glance.
  16. I was awake this time. My vote, as always, goes to B5.
  17. Musashi also has the superior design and character in KanColle.
  18. I like my copyright-free idea better.
  19. (I can't believe I was unaware this subforum existed for so long) Fun idea for April Fool's: a "Cosmic Battleship" alternate art for Yamato using a '30s sci-fi theme.
  20. Tenryuu really will have world class equipment when I'm done with her.
  21. Don't worry too much about the strategy stuff if it's not your thing, BCS has said in the past that you'll have the option of just overleveling your Belles and going the brute force approach if you want to.
  22. Nah, it's the strength of being able to hold her liquor.
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