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  1. I don't know, I think she could make a pretty fun shipgirl
  2. Oh god no. well since I'm here. Mahan, I hope you don't want to disappoint your captain.
  3. Russia has been added. Due to a ten option limit I had to give it it's own question
  4. @legate of Mineta Happy you thought so and even happier to hear that you guys are making a game all your own! Admittedly I've only watched the Kancolle anime, so I'm not very familiar with the game. Maybe it was a bit of a hair trigger response to post this, but I feel this kind of philosophy is more than worth talking about.
  5. Added a poll with the nations I knew offhand/saw on the kickstarter page in the particular order, tell me if I missed any!
  6. Read this article, its great stuff. Your target audience doesn't exist Unnecessary intro So the gist of this article can be summed up simply: The most successful games are not products in a market, They are the creators of their own market. Something I want to make very clear, very quickly, is that this is not saying victory belles is wrong to be a ship girls game like kantai colllection. But what it is saying is that Victory Belles need to be more just the KanColle of the west. I feel I can best make this point is by looking at the FPS genre and its three leaders (at least in recognition) Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter Strike. I doubt there are too many people who would try to argue that these games are not exceedingly similar, however each brings it own things to the table And creates it's own culture. Call of Duty offers small maps and tight controls requiring a quick response in order to come out on top, whereas battlefield often has larger maps that more reward those observant of the flow of battle (I'm not really what counter strike offers other then shity anti hack, not at all a fan). ​So its clear multiple games can exist in the same genre while creating their own markets, Their own culture. yes there will be overlap, but the reason markets like the FPS and MOBA are so hard to get into is that so few companies approach it as trying to carve out a market and a culture of their own, and instead try to muscle in on those already establish. Quote: "It’s not enough to just offer a superior product with better marketing and brand recognition to convince players to switch...". This means Victory Belles should not be another game in the ship girls market, but rather it should create the Victory Belles market in the ship girls genre. Victory Belles is going to be plagued by its comparisons to Kancolle (hell I can't even help from doing it here) and what's going to be more important then anything is going for Victory Belles to be designed and marketed as a game that, even if more similar than different, must make itself distinguished from Kancolle. Victory Belles has already done itself a huge favor by making its art style distinguishable from Kancolle and I wish to give huge props to your art director a huge thumbs up for that.
  7. Didn't mean to post yet, moving to google docs to type so as to avoid posting early again. Will make a post when its done. If a mod wants to delete this page that's fine I Was attempting to check the character limits, and did not intend to post. the thread may not be until tomorrow, Wednesday, or later as I am collecting as much data as possible to write up a proper document
  8. @Wellington99 Those are some pretty good black cards
  9. My schedule is somewhat hectic, but I'd be good to join around 9 or 10pm est tonight
  10. Awesome. Here's a list of a bunch of the ones suggested in the chat.
  11. On the PC version you can search the instant invites, Not sure how it works on android though
  12. @Nel, its a bit buggy but you can make the instant invites never expire. My experience with that is that they work for two-three weeks
  13. @Dano Well I suppose that the Dr Pepper will have to do. Though I can't really talk since I don't have a lab coat either. I've got a few white coats/jackets though. do those count?
  14. @Dano Mad scientist I do say! But do you have your lab coat?
  15. Disclaimer: This should not be taken as a request thread. This is just a "If I could I would" thread So after talking a bit with BCS on the kick starter page, I started to feel like I can't be the only one who wants to outfit their Belles in absolutely insane ways. So what kind of silly, over the top, unnecessary outfitting would you do? Me I'd want to put 510mm cannons on the HMS rawalpindi. I mean, so what if their might be a slight potential for the real ship to capsize after firing? Just means you have to make sure those monstrous shells hit their mark.
  16. reltats

    La Belle Galerie

    Looking good, cant wait to see the rest of the Belles
  17. So based off the current little bit of info we have. What nations do you see yourself trying first, and why? I myself am likely to play Britain from the current info we have. I like the HMS Rawalpindi for her total brass balls and the art of Belfast. Not feeling a particular affinity for any real ships, the art direction and characters are what are likely to influence my decision come the time to actually play. Edit: Added a poll with the nations I knew offhand/saw on the kickstarter page, tell me if I missed any!
  18. Congrats everyone on a job well done! Cant wait to see where this goes!
  19. Hello fellow captains, Its an honor to join your ranks. Let us take the fight to the Morgana, one volley at a time!
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