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  1. Oho. Nice to see update 200
  2. Little late to the party. But I love these stories of their awakenings. Thanks for the update! Hope to see more.
  3. Dwenneven

    Update 178

    Hm, not sure if this has been brought up elsewhere. But do we address certain belles with honorifics such as we did hood? It would be pretty interesting to see. especially if the captain was from that nation.
  4. Well, that feels like a neat in universe explanation of how the belles can equip gear from other countries.
  5. Option 4 for me. I still want to know who won. Haha
  6. Option 3 for me. Also nice to see some game updates as well.
  7. Legate; Thanks for the reply. That’s welcome to hear. I’d be a little sad if there was rarity between the belles and obvious stat differences. They’re all good to me.
  8. Hmm I was wondering and pardon me if this question has been asked before, but will the game feature rarity levels for the different belles? How will we aquire them? If they’re droprate based, will their droprates based on rarity or event be stated?
  9. Glad to see the progress sailing along well. I’m gonna go for option 1.
  10. Hmm... no 1 for me please. I wonder how that’ll go...
  11. Well, it could possibly the whole ancient evil trope. Pretty neat though...
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