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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOhtOjIePBU
  2. A random roll form me had demanded A5, but instead I'll be voting for C3
  3. Haven't actually left something in here in a while. I'm leaving something relaxing this time.
  4. The fact that Sabaton did a song about the last battle of the Satsuma Rebellion makes me super happy. It doesn't help that Saigo Takamori is one of my favorite historical figures. The man followed his code and principles until the very end and the people loved him for it.
  5. I haven't dropped anything in here in a while so here's whatever I'm listening to at the moment.
  6. I'm actually counting 6 for Lex. Either I'm off or she's winning currently. Either way this is pretty close.
  7. Quick question for, I guess whoever can answer it. When Hiryuu said "O-mishiri oki o" would she happen to be using keigo? I don't know much keigo myself so I can't be certain, but it seems that if she wanted to be polite but not too formal she could've just as easily said yoroshiku onegaishimasu. It seems that instead she chose to be very formal, which I guess suits her.
  8. I believe I told the E1 people I'd vote for her. I'm deciding to lie and vote for D2 instead.
  9. That depends on her personality. If it's not what I think it is, she's all yours.
  10. That's how I was going to be with Nurnberg but then Hiryuu got some traction and I figured I'd give support to a Belle I want interviewed that might actually win instead of throwing away my vote.
  11. Personally, Hiryuu isn't my first choice as well. Due to a brief exchange on the Kickstarter it would be Nurnberg for me, and I'm very curious about B1. I'd like to see more Japanese Belles interviewed as well and Hiryuu was getting some traction a couple weeks ago, and well that led to this. So basically even though she isn't my first choice I'd like this to be seen though. At least we have a semi-comfortable lead.
  12. Right now it looks like we're going to be revering the emperor and expelling the barbarians (I viewed this as more of lessening the amount of western Belles interviewed since the original idea was to remove western influence from Japan.) Anyways, all these votes for Hiryuu are much appreciated. ありがとうございます皆さん!
  13. D4, as probably expected from me. Something. Something. Sonno joi
  14. Being of Italian descent myself, I can get behind that.
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