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  1. Just feel like straying from the realm of prog rock epics and into the world of really funky bass lines.
  2. We just gotta push Hiryuu next week, and if that doesn't work we keep pushing until it happens.
  3. This is another long one, but how else would you listen to a song about an armadillo tank that fights things like manticores and robot pterodactyls and is defeated by an aquatic version of itself.
  4. A classy one for sure, but hardly one with this landslide. Regardless it was still fun. I guess this means next week I get to continue to apply an idea from the last few years of the Tokugawa Shogunate to all of this.
  5. Today I'm going with something completely different. This is a longer one but definitely worth it.
  6. C5. I'm still sticking with my "sonno joi" sentiments until another Japanese ship is interviewed.
  7. Haven't shared anything in a while so here you go.
  8. After getting caught up with this thread I think I'm going to have to go with the good ol' Bakumatsu period sentiments of sonno joi (I'm super twisting it though.) So until another Japanese Belles is interviewed I say revere the emperor, expel the barbarians. Or something like that. Don't take this too seriously.
  9. You never know though. I think one time it was close between Nurnberg and whichever Belle it was that one that time and the next time, if I remember correctly, I was the only one to vote for Nurnberg. Though I think it was Graf Spee who won that close one I was on about so it makes sense. Well either way, as I said, it can't be helped.
  10. The troubles of having been away when the voting was going on. Well, it can't be helped. Or since I wanted to vote for a Japanese ship I guess I should say, しょうがない。
  11. Since I've been listening to a ton of Modest Mouse and I don't want to spam them I'm going to go with another Captain Murasa arrangement today.
  12. I'd do the same but with Tatsuta as well.
  13. I believe somewhere in the comments on the Kickstarter it was mentioned that you can make any Belle the best of her class. For example it I wanted to I could make Fubuki the best destroyer and you could do the same with any other destroyer. (Unless I misread that conversation and I'm completely wrong) With that in mind it'll be interesting to see what an OP build would look like.
  14. Gonna leave this one here today because I'm just in that kind of mood.
  15. I'm proud of the fact that I once listened to a 10 hour version of this
  16. I guess today I''l go with a lyrical arrangement of the theme of a girl who died in a shipwreck and then came back and started capsizing ships until she was saved by a Buddhist.
  17. I can't stop listening to this entire album lately so i guess I'm just going to leave this one here
  18. If we're going with stuff from anime I'm going to have to go with the ED for Re:Zero because it's probably the best ED this season.
  19. Same as last time my vote is for Nurnberg
  20. Gonna go with this today simply because lately I can't get enough RD Sounds
  21. Yeah, but after getting RJ on my second attempt the game decided I wasn't allowed anymore nice things.
  22. I quit playing it and don't plan on going back. Mostly because I'm salty that after a week of grinding on 1-2 I never got a Tenryuu and decide I was done. Was happy I had a Tatsuta and a Ryuujou though.
  23. As someone who likes a little more substance than cute girls doing cute things, I do have to say the battles in it are pretty good. The one with the submarine was pretty tense, and it was fun seeing how they were going to get away from the Admiral Graf Spee. It was also nice that they picked up best girl while doing that.
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