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  1. I'm actually going to switch my vote from Hiryuu to Nurnberg.
  2. I guess today I'm going to go full on weeb and go with the opening for High School Fleet. Seems i could only find it with Thai subs though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sRlBmxthU8
  3. Yeah and even if there's more than 4 characters it's still not the easiest. I only have a second grade level understanding of Japanese so I'm not sure if you rearranged something like 仕方がない if people who are fluent in the language would understand once it was rearranged. Though if it's not, I think part of why not is each half of that word has meaning on it's own and even further both kanji have a meaning on thier own.
  4. My guess is it probably works with languages that us the roman alphabet, and probably alphabets in general. Japanese uses a syllabary so it's a lot harder. I mean just writing さく instead of くさ you get an entirely different word. The former meaning 'make' and the latter meaning 'grass.' Well of course they both use kanji, but still.
  5. Ah I see! The way I read it made it sound like you were talking about letters missing. This makes a lot more sense. Context is still important though of course. Now I just want to figure out if that works and Japanese or not. My guess is it doesn't though.
  6. I don't know much about this subject and probably should speak about it, but I think it less of people being able to figure out a word because the letters being there and more of it being contextual. Let's take your signature for example. If you have just 'bo s' you'll have ideas but probably wouldn't know for sure the word intended. However if you have that within the context of your signature with things like, "we'll be in" and "history" there the intended word becomes very clear. Anyways, to get back to the original idea of the thread I'm just going to leave this here simply because I've been listening to it for weeks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS25TqVI_-Q
  7. Judging from an exchange I had on the Kickstarter, it's probably going to be Nurnberg for me. I'll have to wait and see though.
  8. I was on the North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts Being able to change Italy from within definitely makes them a lot more of an option for me. I'm leaning more towards Japan currently though since I'm utter weeaboo trash.
  9. I'm debating between US and Japan. With the US I gotta support my own country don't I? Plus I do really like American ships. I might be a little biased after having been on three battleships. With Japan I love all the designs, they all have a traditional Japanese feel to them and that's something I adore. I also really like the designs for the German and Italian Belles so, not in '39, but in the long run I'll be getting more Belles I like the designs have fairly easily. I'd add Italy into the mix since I'm Italian, but my family left Italy because they hated Mussolini, so I feel like by choosing fascist Italy I'd be betraying my family.
  10. This is a topic that we'd probably have to make another thread for and I'd love to go on about, but for now a summed up version. I personally don't think things should be banned just because they're associated with/ are something bad. Humans have a great ability to learn and improve from past errors so it ends up be more detrimental.
  11. I think somewhere they said in the regular version you can toggle on/off the swastika and the rising sun flag, but the international version they're automatically the iron cross and hinomaru
  12. It's really nice seeing Tokyo as the top city. It's kinda cool seeing a good portion of Japanese people are excited to this. It's also really weird seeing America leagues in front of everyone else in terms of country. Personally I would've expected some other place to not be too far behind.
  13. This was the first thing I backed on Kickstarter as well. I was a little iffy about it at first, but it definitely been getting more and more excited the more I saw. I feel proud to have helped back it.
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