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  1. Mighty No. 9 has been a mess. (Backer 44894) It almost stopped me from backing Victory Belles. But a discussion over on Youtube with a member of the staff changed my mind. But I just received word that at midnight it is showing up on your Humble bundle page. I still have almost an hour to wait.

  2. Imptrooper;


    Well, you don't have to worry *too* much about losing your Belles- they can't be sunk in just one engagement (exception: Death Date), so you can make mistakes as long as you withdraw!


    I would think you'll only see '39 Belles, although you never know. :)


    This leads me to another question, and if it has been answered already I must have missed it. What about the Belle's that have no Death Date? Like, say, The Texas (BAM another mention) Or The Lexington CV-16 or any number of Museum ships around the world?


    Yes; it's relatively little-known, but even though the Enigma machine was broken, the main Italian naval codebook remained relatively secure throughout the war, and instead the codebreakers of the Regia Marina achieved repeated successes against the Royal Navy's codes. Too bad they were too few.


    Many times in War it is number rather than skill that wins the do so the people like the Regia Marina and their successes become only footnotes in history, which is a shame.


    Lexington is particularly interesting because *everything* about both of their origins are the same. Not only named after the same battle, but they were both born in the same shipyard!


    Still, they are structurally different and have very different experiences prior to becoming Belles. CV-2 had a pre-war life. CV-16 will be born into the struggle against the Morganas. Also CV-16 will have her own sisters, being a proud member of the Essex litter. From the story perspective, at least, I can definitely see ways to differentiate the two as distinct individuals.


    The Cv-16 only became the Lexington after the CV-2 had been sank and the Shipyard hands where she was built wanted to rename the Cabot to Lexington in her honor. I feel that should also be important to the CV-16 Belle. So I too hope for distinct Belles for both of them. But I've said it before and I'll say it again, all of this just makes me more interested in what BCS is going to do.



    Yes exactly that.

  5. Okay, I'm just going to ask for advice because... Borg.


    I have a T6 Dreadnought. I'm only level 54 but I can literally park myself in the center of a war zone and take everything level 60 enemies and throw at me and never lose my shield. Except Borg. Where am I missing a counter measure to the Borg and their Shield shredding? Even Borg five or six levels below me can wipe my shields in about thirty seconds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. And maybe Lady Lex would be fine, now that I think about it.


    Ah Lady Lex. The first (in this time period) Lexington. Makes me wonder, knowing the real ships fate, if the Cv-16 is going to be a separate Belle entirely, a separate version of the Lady Lex Belle, or an Upgrade to the current Belle.

  7. And let's not forget threatening to leave the US over anything and everything


    And then the rest of us Texans look at our children and tell them, "Don't be like those guys. They're not Texans. They're idiots. Don't be that kind of idiot."


    But I am looking forward to see what BCS does with the Belle.

  8. Borrow away!


    But the arrogant comes from how Texans are thought to think Texas is better than any state in the union. I have known people who, while studying or teaching abroad, tell students they are Texan instead of American. Its crazy the amount of interest people have for Texas. Same is true for New York but that's another thread. Here in Texas we just call it Southern pride.


    The Demented is more for the Actual Dreadnought Texas. Her captain made her list to fire at Normandy. You got to be a touch demented, Or perhaps slightly Reckless and bullheaded.


    Legate, The list would be as long as Texas is vast.

  9. Man the things that ship did on D-Day was slightly crazy. Though to be honest there were better battleships on the sea. Bigger ones and more advanced ones too. But man nothing beats a Texan hellbent on doing something they set their mind too.


    So she would be Friendly, slightly arrogant (but we Texans use the term Overly Prideful), a bit demented, and have a southern drawl and say things like Reckon, ya'll and (shudder) Howdy. She just needs Boots and cowboy hat and tasseled skirt and shirt with a Yellow rose and I think we hit all the stereotypes.

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