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  1. Shiro, the update's report was written by Americans. For better or worse, I doubt they knew much about the chaotic days leading up to the German invasion of Poland. Especially in light of the Morganas.
  2. I assume this will be the case for our interview hostess as well?
  3. Added to the list of confirmed: "Treasury class" United States Coast Guard Cutter USCGS "Ingham"
  4. "Apoandrasis" "Apo" (greek base): Prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Greek, where it was joined to verbs, deverbal forms,and other parts of speech. Among its functions in Greek, apo- has the spatial sense “away, off,apart” ( apogee; apocope; apostasy; apostrophe ); it occurs with deverbals that denote a responseor defense ( apodosis; apology ) and is found on verbs having perfective force relative to a corresponding simple verb ( apoplexy; aposiopesis ). In modern scientific coinages in English andother languages, apo- marks things that are detached, separate, or derivative ( apocarpous;apoenzyme ). "Andra" (greek base): From Ancient Greek ἀνδρός (andrós), genitive of ἀνήρ (anḗr, “man, husband”). "Sis" (greek base): -sis. suffix in Greek-derived nouns denoting action, process, state, condition, fromGreek -sis , which is identical in meaning with Latin -entia , English -ing (1). Looking at this word, I am assuming the basis has something to do with fighting ships (and bureaucracies) being crewed (staffed) exclusively by men as of Sept 1, 1939 and something, an irregularity, became manifest that was different than the crew (staff) at that moment...and undeniably feminine and therefore "not man". As of a week and a half into the Morgana events, so little is known about what the heck is happening, add the natural desire to cling to some scientific basis for what is otherwise pure madness, official discourse hearkens back to Greek for sanity. So the Belles, a term which would not have become colloquial yet, are clearly NOT men (apoandra) yet came into being (sis). Once the term was coined, I could see it remaining in use for official purposes by bureaucrats fiercely resisting placing fairy tales in their precious documents. In a less patriarchal world, I would like to think "apoanthroposis" would have been the choice, but in a world led, staffed and crewed by men, I can understand the inherently sexist choice. Fortunately the Belles themselves will hasten a revolution that has already been fulminating during the interwar years. Thanks to the Morganas and Belles, an "anthropo" rather than an "andra" world is manifesting. 🙂 I'll add that the term "apoandrasis" opens up "not husband" as a parallel interpretation which would suggest the possibility for "wife". Again, sexist as hell but opens up that MEN were already thinking of Belles in terms of waifu material even in the initial days... 😛
  5. This should probably be stickied
  6. Whoops, I meant to vote #1. Too much wine, apparently... *hic*
  7. I subscribe to the gentleman from Germany's reasoning and vote #1 As for the rest, I'll simply say wine >>> whine.
  8. Oh, I know. But Clavell was enough of an historian to have collected lots of basis for his character. I expect Blackthorne was based on several Europeans who ended up in Japan right around 1600.
  9. Reminds me of the Clavell book Shogun. That's likely not unintentional either.
  10. Seems to me that Wichita is using her new authority to bury a little history herself....
  11. Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie. The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North. So lots of nice touches. :-) As far as the rest, I foresee some changes coming. I look forward to seeing what the new interview writer has in store for us. 🙂
  12. Kaga, Kaga, Kaga. Sigh. First off, as an historian, I love this Kaga. She's the most authentic of all the Kaga's across the shipgirl-verse. The actions of her pilots over the skies of China are her signature performance prior to Sept 1, 1939 and all the other games have ignored it. VB faced this history head on and have made her the most imperialistic of the IJN Belles. There may be Belles who are more Imperial, but only Kaga seems to embrace the idea that Japan's duty is to conquer at the very least East Asia and anyone in her way are simply flies to be swatted. Which brings me to my thoughts as a Captain. Just as Kaga's pilots by late 1937 led from the bottom up, confident that they knew what the Emperor wanted better than the Emperor Himself did due to his "treacherous advisers", it's pretty clear that Kaga herself drank the same Kool Aid. It strikes me that VB could have gone three routes over Kaga and her pilots. She could ignore their transgressions like the other shipgirl games do, she could apologize for them, or she could own those actions and revel in them. This Kaga went that third route without shame. It's marvelous! ...and I despise her for it. For those who consider I-8 to be "squicky", I invite you all to really ponder your feels on Kaga. In Sept 1939, I-8 is simply a newly commissioned submarine with no track record. By Sept 1, 1939, Kaga is already a war criminal...and by her interview she seems quite content with it.
  13. It looks like the 2017 RN ladies team was just that bad. The RAF managed to make the first game of it the entire series that year and the RN lost 72-0 to that RAF team.
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