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  1. The bottom one Wellington captioned is one of the two I am interested in learning more about. The other is a left of the two chibi Belles in the knife/sword fight. The one of apparent Semitic or African descent.
  2. She does?!? Okay, I'm an epic fail at this BFF stuff. *hangs head in shame before scooting over the Kickstarter site to look for my right hand Belle*
  3. Or maybe the Kickstarter site will serve this purpose?
  4. Oh I know of Yavuz! She's my BFF! So yes, I'd love to see what she looks like! But I thought we were limited to those Belles who have had brief cameo appearances in previous releases. There are two African and/or Semitic Belles on the Kickstarter campaign page. I'd love to learn more about them :-)
  5. I'l like to learn more about the non-European Belles we've seen in the Kickstarter. I believe we have an Ethiopian Italian Belle and a Central African French Belle? Or maybe one is the elusive Turkish Belle? Anyway, I want to meet those two! :-)
  6. Ah, makes sense. And no worries. As I was the first one to state the sentiment here, I agree. :-)
  7. You're all right, of course. I am so naively honest I never really thought about it. Well still, one way or the other we'll get our Belles their much deserved medals. Failure is NOT an option!
  8. You can also buy Mahan's book at the same place! :-)
  9. My complete ignorance of and innocence with modern computer games outside of visual novels is showing. Any chance you can explain to this old chick who likely could be your mother (in other words, use small words ; ) what the connection is between teaching history so as not to repeat it and these forbidden pillars? This cat has life-threatening curiosity...
  10. I'm not sure how that would work to not pay since you have to put up with a credit card or PayPal. I suppose people could dispute the charge or something. In any case, I have no doubt at all that the $100k USD threshold will remain met no matter what happens. One way or the other, we captains will come through for our Belles and their right to look perty all decked out in their shiny medals. :-) And hey, you can toss in more shekels right now! Support Mahan and her namesake's book! I've reserved mine, so that's another $150 in the pot already. :-) For the glory of Turkey and the end of the Morganna threat! Pray tell what is this?
  11. For better or worse, it is illegal to display the swastika in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. I'm sure BCS is locking things in the international version to avoid criminal prosecution and/or fines/lawsuits that would take away from their investment in the game. That said, I'm glad to see the compromise they developed. Letting those in First Amendment USA make their own choice. The swastika is representative of the worst of humanity and should never be treated lightly, but if we whitewash history in the name of political correctness we simply encourage it to repeat. And I love our glorious Prussian Belle putting the "Austrian corporal" in his place. */me huggles Scharnhorst* :-)
  12. A woman, you say? Why yes, I proudly admit to being a member of the fairer sex. But don't underestimate me for my curves, good sir. I have been studying warfare for over four years now. My Belles believe in me and I them. I walk the path of Sayyida al Hurra and like the great pirate queen my Belles and I shall unleash the fury of our guns upon the Morgana such that the abominations won't know what hit them! So make room in the Boy's Club for me, gentlemen, and let us discuss our strategy for wiping the vile cancer from the waves. Captain Sabiha Gökçen
  13. This has been the first time I've ever done Kickstarter (I had to create an account for Victory Belles) and so far it looks to be a good experience even if I'm quite a bit lighter in the purse than when I started. I love the diversity of the Belles. The glimpse into the minds of a Morgana in Update 14 made me swoon. And yes, Mahan rocks. :-) Something about this game's story has inspired me like no non-visual-novel game ever has. I'm excited beyond measure to see where it leads and I regret not a single shilling. :-) I look forward to meeting many of my fellow captains and their Belle attaches at the next high seas meeting!
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