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  1. And people wonder why I made a politician a captain in my story. At least one Belle recognized that the captains needed an expert on their side... :-) Oh, and Dory's a lawyer. Cornell University, juris doctor class of 1928 (Women in Law through US history). That said, she's a neophyte on the topic of international law and none of her committees in the People's House are foreign policy or military (although more due to sexism than her interests). I didn't say it was going to be easy for her...
  2. That right arm seems just a bit unnatural. Still, very well done. :-)
  3. Am I the only one who smells a rat in the desert? Given the Belles could be considered ghosts, I choose #1 so we can take this game of Clue to its ultimate conclusion.
  4. If we choose B we might have to worry about PETA and Greenpeace if it wasn't '39. I give B my seal of approval
  5. Why do I now wish I could draw so that I could render a line of baby Belles along the lines of "Muppet Babies"? :-) Oh the kawaii in my head right now!
  6. No doubt I'd let her follow me home :-) To my mom with doe eyes: "Can I keep her?"
  7. "Good things come to those who wait" :-)
  8. Hmmm, as stated Hood is like Kongou's niece. And she certainly takes after her aunt in a number of ways. :-) Could be fun.
  9. I would sacrifice a forest of small woodland creatures to be able to draw like that. Just beautiful. :-)
  10. Usually it's translated as "through adversity to the stars" but yeah. And forget people, I singlehandedly threw the conversation into the alien ditch. Oops.
  11. Once again I'll point to Placentia Bay. USS Augusta bore FDR and HMS Prince of Wales bore Winston Churchill. If Belles really were to choose such men, I think Iowa would be too late at the table. All that said, I personally think it would be such a waste if a Belle were to insist on such figures. These men would be far too distracted by BIG THINGS rather than fighting thier ships. I could see Winston especially being so torn between his tasks that the entire British Empire's government would move to sea with debilitating effects.
  12. I don't disagree. And I certainly hope so. :-)
  13. Ad Astra per Aspera
  14. If the Morganas are aliens I swear I'll storm out like I did at the end of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Please dear God, BCS, don't go with that old cliche! :-(
  15. Korky, just as it is fun for Pac and I to wax romantic about the US and Imperial Japan joining forces as brothers against the Morgana threat, I'm sure the siren call of a rational Third Reich is strong for you. Sadly, by 1939 I can't imagine a scenario where even the Morganas could loose Hitler's grip on absolute power in Germany. He was already Supreme Commander of the military with oaths made by all flag staff to him personally. History shows that his plans for lebensraum and the resultant implications for the USSR were not a matter of reason. If anything, to my mind the Morganas would just be seen as another reason for a continental power to move while the oceanic powers are distracted. I'm open to opposing argument but I think "extreme mode" is the German default without a stiff dose of Deus ex machina.
  16. The British "were aware of it" mostly because Churchill had been raving "like a madman" about Hitler for seven years non stop. His "wilderness years". The British were no less stubborn and blind than their American cousins.
  17. Pac, I didn't say the US would go to war with Japan over China. Far from it. If the US had been interested, it would have happened in RL. No, we weren't going to war over anything except an attack against us. But to my mind there's little chance of a US-Japan alliance of anything but passing convenience as long as Roosevelt is in office and Japanese soldiers are up the Yangtze. For better or for worse he was a hopeless romantic over the Chinese. China owes its seat on the UN Security Council to Roosevelt's insistence, Stalin's indulgence, and Churchill's impotence. Korky, as much as I will agree that Churchill has a chequered past (pun intended), I still laud him as the single most important person of the 20th century. Without him, Britain would have sued for peace with the collapse of France and Hitler could have taken the USSR with only token forces holding the north and west and with a Luffwaffe full of planes that hadn't been frittered away over English skies. Rarely do you have a moment where history pivots on one man, but in May 1940 it happened. And danke for the nod to Rep Stirling. I'm glad you like her. :-)
  18. The thought occurs to you because Panay mentioned it just a little while ago. As far as the rest, I would suggest a book called "Those Angry Years". Don't underestimate the intensity of US isolationist thought in the pre-Pearl Harbor years. In 1939 the US didn't have allies as such. We were positively allergic to "foreign entanglements" because of how WWI started. That's why despite coming up with the idea the US never joined the League of Nations. I can sympathize with the desire to wax poetic about Japan, but don't forget that the Rape of Nanjing has already happened. The whole fabricated incident at the Marco Polo Bridge has already happened. The abuse of thier mandates in the western Pacific has already happened. Japan had already chosen thier path by 1939. While it is true that Roosevelt was the ultimate pragmatist, he was also very much a Sinophile. It's hard to imagine a scenario where "That Man in the White House" doesn't let Japan stew in thier own juice until they at least withdraw back to Manchuria if not all the way back across the Yalu.
  19. 30's is young. Maybe Falshaw and Stirling will meet at Placentia Bay when Churchill and Roosevelt have thier first summit off Newfoundland. :-)
  20. So far only one of the 60 odd U-boats that started the war will be Belles. I doubt many more will be. It was the U-boats that almost brought Britain to her knees. Not sure if the US would start screening against mundane threats early. Interesting question and one I plan to take on in my fic. :-)
  21. Pac, I think you may be minimizing just how close a thing it was that Churchill became PM in early May 1940 and not Halifax. True, perhaps Graf Spee wouldn't have been the threat she was if she were Belle, and I agree her RL captain would have been a superb Belle captain, but without that win for Winston, the UK may have sued for peace. That said, I agree. Without doing a thing except manifesting, Belles change history in so many ways. It's delicious to think about. :-)
  22. It occurs to me that the ships manifesting Belles are some of the most important in WWII. For example, in the first eight months of the war for Britain, from Sept 1939 to April 1940, things were not going well on the seas for the UK. Subs were breaking through into Scapa Flow and sinking battleships. The Battle of the Atlantic was going extremely poorly. The RN couldn't keep the German fleet from skittering all over the Skaggerak and even the North Sea. In fact, for the First Lord of the Admiralty, a certain Winston Churchill, it didn't look good at all. But one bright spot shone for Winnie during this time. The sinking of Graf Spee. Without that win, it is entirely possible that those who favored the defeatist Halifax, including the King himself at the time, might have sued for peace with Hitler. What does it mean for history if Graf Spee is a Belle and her defeat cannot give Churchill that critically timed boost in popular British opinion?
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