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  1. First off I want to state that this KickStarter who threw in enough to play any KS Belle I want is totally and completely confident this game will be awesome when it comes out. As I said rather vociferously on Discord, I have no doubts whatever in the eventual quality once the technical kinks are works out. None. That said, I can see the doubts rising and I'd like to suggest those die hard captains like me work harder to keep these forums more active. I take partial responsibility for that and will do my best to make up for prior laziness. If the Naval College can work so hard, then I must do my part too! Finally, I would encourage the College to help keep things lively by resuming weekly activities that involve captain participation and hopefully discussion. The lore and Belle duo conversations kinda fell off. Maybe some more interviews? If we had weekly releases it would help keep enthusiasm alive.
  2. My original point exactly.
  3. A year back we had a discussion about ships with the same name and it was stated that it could and perhaps may happen. This will be a topic especially for the US that named new ships after those sunk. Think Lexington or Yorktown.
  4. We're Captains. Admiral are that other game...
  5. If you can find the right Vestures, I think the point is that any ship of sufficient original complement or size could be awoken. So the next question - how would such Vestures be identified? So much publicly unknown about vestures...
  6. Still advocating for the walker brigade! Yavuz and Kongou! Oh the stories these seasoned ladies can tell. :-) Close second is Kirov and Nawlin's! :-)
  7. It's been stated that the damage art will not be nearly as "cheesecake" as KC. It is one reason why I love this game so much.
  8. What is KanColle's PvP if it isn't PvP? Oh, and white cheddar - Smartfood is love :-)
  9. /me frantically searches for evidence Goeben was secretly refitted with Type 95's through a clandestine alliance with Imperial Japan...
  10. Fanfiction = reliable source of accurate lore If this math computes, I urge you to never sign a contract without legal review. Yes, I'm a VB fanfic writer but I wouldn't exactly pass off The Improbable Captain as a reliable source of lore no matter how meticulous I may be - and trust me I am. My fic is a fun flight of fancy - a great yarn about being in the right place at the wrong time. Or is that the wrong place at the right time? It's not meant as a VB tutorial. I urge anyone looking for a such a tutorial to run, not walk, from my little drabble.
  11. The best place to look for accurate lore are the KickStarter page. That has all been vetted by the creative team who are actually creating the lore in the first place. :-) The interviews are also great, although many details are to be taken with a grain of salt since they're non canon for mechanical nuances like distance from ship. Mahan's kite ride was a flight of fancy, for example. But I'm sure the view was marvelous. :-)
  12. Goeben/Yavuz and Kongou-sama? I'm sure the jokes about walkers would come fast and furious but they'd certainly have a lot to talk about. Count me in. :-)
  13. Yavuz and Parishkaya Communa. The "well seasoned" girl's club. :-) Kongou could definitely fit in there, too. Am I missing any ships that have been interviewed and were commissioned before Franz Ferdinand bought it in Sarajevo?
  14. Another ojousama pairing. And yes, they have a definite relationship - no "in a way". BCS made that very clear by Kongou's Belle's appearance, methinks. I'd more think of Hood as Kongou's niece than a cousin. But that's just me.
  15. Panay scooped me but I still think the full story on the Battle of the Chocolate between Leningrad and Axum...
  16. I heartily endorse both of these...especially the ojousama pairing! I think the captain will have a better chance of surviving either of them. The three-way I suggested might leave the entire planet in cinders...
  17. If I remember correctly, the side story would be in a later release so a 1940 might possibly be permissable...
  18. Out of my head, I say! Out, out, out!
  19. In two weeks we'll be voting for a short story arc that will pair two Belles. I wish to start the conversation now. My pairing suggestion: Nurnberg, Leningrad, and Mahan That's not a pair, you say? I can't count, you insist? Perhaps, but the sheer awesomeness of that three sided "pairing" supercedes all other logic. The sheer awesome compels you, BCS! Or at least that's my argument. Any other ideas?
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