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  1. Aight, just reading that, after what they said about saying no to the Discord, I'm thinking a certain couple of people are wimps when it comes to WORDS. Ah well, honestly, that seems pretty cool. And I could see it. She wants to fight for her country so bad, she's willing to risk it all, literally, to do so. I'd honestly like to see something like that.

  2. Not sure if this can be mentioned or not, even for being WIP & such, yet I'll ask away anyways.


    Staring at my KanColle expediton list I re-realized that the maps are divided into different regions. I'm seeing shipyard, tropical, artic, mountain, & lake type. Curious if the UI for combat shall have these sorts of themes in them also, more so in combat. If we'll see tropical & arctic related conditions. It has been noted we'll have to plan for Fog/Mist related conditions, and I'm not sure about the weather in itself. Everything has been forgotten while trying to recall everything.


    I'm trying to 'predict' (or expect) how the battles could play out with some realism in mind. Makes me wonder if our Belles would have to be modified to fight in warmer & cooler climater, similar to how you build ships for the Atlantic & pacific. HMCS Haida & the gang were having their tropical assets being added onto them before the Japanese to surrender so I'm also noting that.

    I think there is, given what I saw in the Kickstarter video.

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