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  1. Hell, why not get a few audio clips from the members here about some topics or what not, ya know?
  2. Welp, dem ideas is nice. We all know lemons will be made.
  3. Well, I can agree with what you're saying. We don't want this to be like a clone of Kantai, and from what we've seen in just that trailer alone, it won't be. The art alone is a major difference, but there's also the fact VB (Victory Belles) has a storyline, where as Kantai is just grind and that's it. As I see it, VB'd already making a headway for it's own market. This point, we just need to give it more exposure, and I feel like it would blast off.
  4. I'll be waiting to see how the Lovely Iowa looks when she comes.
  5. Give me everything you can find on my lovely girl, Iowa.
  6. Sadly, I was not able to back this, but I do look forward to when it comes. This is a very excellent take on things. Some call it a clone of Kantai. I see it as a vision we needed to come true.
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