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  1. Ok, been awhile since I've been here. Life got pretty crazy for a good long bit, But here's a silly vid to mark my return! Old, but I enjoy it.
  2. Because it's been too long since I posted and It's been too long since a song was shared (Also, Never get Shingles, it hurts like a son of a gun)
  3. This will be the official theme music of any Carriers in my Fleet! Love me some Ace Combat
  4. Been a few days since I've shared any music so figured this would be a good time. Enjoy!
  5. Don't pay the FerryBelle! Even though this song Came out in 1982, listening to it always made me think of the Castlevania Series.
  6. On the Morning of October 23rd, 1939 The United BCS fleet which included the Belles; Saguenay, Fubuki, Scharnhorst, La Motte-Piquet, Voykov, and Mahan, Left port to engage the Morgana in navalcombat and were never heard from again... (Had a quick edit cause I didn't catch some typos due to being at the optometrist and eyes being dilated )
  7. Song from Koei Tecmo's Bladestorm: The Hundred Years war. Thought it was a rather fun game when I played it, and when I heard this theme I was like "Time to take back some cities!"
  8. Personally I'm a traditionalist myself. Gotta go back to the basics ~desu
  9. A band I stumbled across recently (thanks to GuP AMVs actually) Here's the AMV that got me interested into their music Anime is Girls und Panzer Band is a Swedish metal band called Sabaton (Most of their music is about various historical wars, pretty good stuff)
  10. Always rather enjoyed this one. FOR TEH EMPRAH!
  11. Lovin' them Wallpapers Nel, Great work!
  12. Procyon posted this originally on the KS comments. While already aware of the song previously, this vid has been on my mind the last few days. For the longest time I was like "Noooo. Procyon already brought this up, Noo." But I cannot deny it anymore, and since it hasn't been brought here yet... Enjoy! Curse you Procyon for getting this stuck in my head... CURSE YOU!!!!
  13. Anyone else think the heels should have little propellers facing down on them?
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