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  1. Ok, been awhile since I've been here. Life got pretty crazy for a good long bit, But here's a silly vid to mark my return! Old, but I enjoy it.
  2. Because it's been too long since I posted and It's been too long since a song was shared (Also, Never get Shingles, it hurts like a son of a gun)
  3. This will be the official theme music of any Carriers in my Fleet! Love me some Ace Combat
  4. Been a few days since I've shared any music so figured this would be a good time. Enjoy!
  5. Don't pay the FerryBelle! Even though this song Came out in 1982, listening to it always made me think of the Castlevania Series.
  6. On the Morning of October 23rd, 1939 The United BCS fleet which included the Belles; Saguenay, Fubuki, Scharnhorst, La Motte-Piquet, Voykov, and Mahan, Left port to engage the Morgana in navalcombat and were never heard from again... (Had a quick edit cause I didn't catch some typos due to being at the optometrist and eyes being dilated )
  7. Song from Koei Tecmo's Bladestorm: The Hundred Years war. Thought it was a rather fun game when I played it, and when I heard this theme I was like "Time to take back some cities!"
  8. Personally I'm a traditionalist myself. Gotta go back to the basics ~desu
  9. A band I stumbled across recently (thanks to GuP AMVs actually) Here's the AMV that got me interested into their music Anime is Girls und Panzer Band is a Swedish metal band called Sabaton (Most of their music is about various historical wars, pretty good stuff)
  10. Always rather enjoyed this one. FOR TEH EMPRAH!
  11. Lovin' them Wallpapers Nel, Great work!
  12. Procyon posted this originally on the KS comments. While already aware of the song previously, this vid has been on my mind the last few days. For the longest time I was like "Noooo. Procyon already brought this up, Noo." But I cannot deny it anymore, and since it hasn't been brought here yet... Enjoy! Curse you Procyon for getting this stuck in my head... CURSE YOU!!!!
  13. Anyone else think the heels should have little propellers facing down on them?
  14. That's your answer for everthing Legate! "But first! '39" It's very much true but I see that show up everywhere hehe
  15. Some really great posts on here today! I'm in a bit of a silly sort of mood , so a rather Silly song for the day
  16. Ah, Thanks Legate and makes sense. As said before Canada did enter on it's own, but makes a lot of sense to group the Commonwealth Nations together under the Brit Banner. For simplicity's sake if nothing else. AK you have to remember that we Canucks gotta take the good with the bad, or the silly. Even the little humors are better than being totally ignored (that would probably distress me a bit more, Curse you Hetalia, Curse you!). I admit it'd be neat to have Canada as it's own nation, but It's not essential, since we'll have a Canadian Belle or two in the Commonwealth armies. On a personal note, I expected to start off under the British banners (cause For Commonwealth!) and just put whatever Canadian Belles that are in the game front and center of my Fleet. That's my plan anyways, with games that have much more going on underneath sometimes you gotta do a little finagling and use headcanon to have things work. Makes the most sense sometimes too. Maybe down the line Canada will be unlocked as a nation Gotta remember VB has to be made and released first and then with luck have 'er hold water before we ask for more to be put more on her. I think that's the most troublesome thought currently. I expect some great things from BCS and VB, but we have to make it to release and success (or sustainable following) first.
  17. I always loved this bit by Jim Carrey. So much 90s as well Great post Pillwalker! You're amusing me to no end today. First Thunderchild from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, and then that. My hat's off to you sir!
  18. The Royal anthem isn't often heard, mostly just for ceremonial occasions when we have a Royal Visit or some such. I may be mistaken but I think all of the Commonwealth had a version of 'God Save the Queen' often with their own specific verse. Ripped from Wikipedia here's the Canadian verse: Our loved Dominion bless With peace and happiness From shore to shore; And let our Empire be Loyal, united, free, True to herself and Thee For evermore.
  19. @ArcticuKitsu Eh, I think it's relatively forgivable. I mean I doubt anyone here is after or about any malice right? Just a bunch of people with a love of history, Ships or historical ship waifus! It's easy to get worked up into a frenzy about things after all when passions and emotions run high there's sure to be a few flare up here and there, but at the end of the day, we're all united in the fight against the Morganas. Edit Addendum: But in the end, since I've obviously missed the ship on most of what you're saying for alienating yourself and what not, just take it one day at a time. We all have bad days, no sense in trying to lurk elsewhere. If you believe you've lost valuable allies or sabotaged yourself, it's never too late to fix up, repair or build an entirely new bridge (should it happen to have been set alight previously). VB has a long and bright future ahead of it (Or at the very least I hope it does ) I think you're better served remaining here and patching it all up. And agreed Wellington, a happy medium in all things.
  20. Well for today lets add something more for our red comrade captains, both at sea and on land Vid was made by a CJ Spencer who does a lot of this type of thing. If you haven't already I'd definately recommend checking his vids out (A lot of Girls und Panzer AMV stuff, but a few others as well). I'm particularly fond of his 'Girls Und Panzer - Fan Movie - I Due Colonnelli (Part 1)' vid XD
  21. It is what it is . I've taken some solace that while we may not be the most flashiest of those on the battlefield, and perhaps we're not particularly fond of being there (war is hell after all) but we get what we need to get done. We do our job and we do it well, when I was much younger I did take offence at reading in a history book a quote from a Russian delegate that Canada was "the boring second fiddle in the American orchestra". I suppose it caused me to start looking into Canada's history more and take real pride in Canadian accomplishments (Since it is a somewhat justified stereotype that Canada goes out of it's way to show how it's not the United States). Still it is an interesting fact that is often overlooked that WW2 was the first war Canada entered as it's own entity, and didn't jump right in step after Britain did (we DID wait a week or so ). Interestingly it had it's own slew of problems as well. People were war fatigued and not keen on jumping into another war right away, and then there was that mutiny in Terrace BC (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrace_Mutiny for more info ). Nasty bit of business that.
  22. Yeah I'd wager Trudeau is a touchy subject (Politics and all that being touchy in and of itself) Still yeah, It's fun to look back and read up on Canadian history and note that Canadians have a fairly proud history during the great wars, despite our current peaceful image. Like at the start of WW2 we had I think somewhere about only 7 ships at the start, but by the end of it Canada was fourth or some such in navy strength and production in the world which is a pretty impressive considering.
  23. Man all the nostalgia, Nel! Nice choice! And there, no longer a faceless captain here
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