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  1. @Nel Thanks, take your time, I'm in no hurry.
  2. @Erebus Ah the Alaska one of my favorite ships in Battlestations: Pacific
  3. @Fif When belles give in to their anger and fight to the death
  4. @Rocky Probably after the battle which will either be in Chapter 2 or 3 I'll do more getting to know to the characters and such. I'll be trying to think up a broad outline tonight.
  5. @Rocky Erich is an OC and I just didn't bother. Herbert however is a real person.
  6. @Nin I thought of finishing with fighting the Morgana but stopped it beforehand for two reasons: I didn't want to have a wall of text for a first post. The other reason is I just felt it was the appropriate time to end the chapter(whether that's the correct decision is anyone's guess). I tried to make it seem hasty towards the end because I don't expect there to be much time for VN-esque exposition but it seems that I made it come off basically like sentence fragments maybe? Believe I proofread it and it was much messier before I posted, though it was mostly spelling and grammar. I might try writing another chapter tomorrow depending on how tired I'll be(Work nightshifts)
  7. @W99 Thanks, yeah I notice jumpiness in my writing, I think it's because I'm inpatient when it comes to writing/art(which is why I can't draw). The last thing I wrote was some Strike Witches stuff a really long time ago.
  8. Iron Fish Ch. 1 September 1st 1939 Western Approaches, Atlantic Ocean Sitting on the surface of the choppy sea U-48 was recharging her batteries, getting fresh air and receiving the usual communications from the Fatherland. Kapitanleutant Herbert Schultze and Leutnant Erich Lange were standing in the conning tower scanning the horizon. War rumors have been going on for months and the crew have been eagerly waiting to show the Brits they weren’t safe even close to home. “Awfully gloomy weather today.” Noted Erich at the clouds in the sky and the fog above the water. “Ja, and look at the fog’s color, it’s even green.” Replied Herbert in slight confusion. “Maybe the mist is a little seasick eh Kapitan?” Joked Erich nudging the sub commander. Before Herbert could reply the communications officer climbed up the ladder with a note, “Message sir.” Herbert read it then shoved it into his pocket, “The balloon has gone up.” “Orders Kapitan?” Erich already knew but asked anyway. Herbert shrugged, “Sink all ships flying the flag of England, France and Poland.” They observed the horizon more intently than earlier for ships until the mist enveloped them. “This stuff feels a little heavy.” Remarked Erich at the mist surrounding them then noticed a silhouette in the distance as it topped a wave. “I see a ship!” Herbert looked through his somewhat fogged binoculars, “I think it’s a cruiser!” Erich started to get even more excited, “Only ones out here with cruisers would be Brits!” “Don’t be so sure mein Kapitan.” Came a female voice. “Who’s there?” questioned Erich as he reflexively rested his right hand on his sidearm. “On the bow.” Said the voice. The two Germans looked to find a woman with long blond hair standing on the bow of the U-Boat facing the cruiser-shape before she started for the conning tower. “Get below, I’m diving.” Herbert and Erich were confused by the “I’m” but did as she said. Once they were below the woman followed with the hatch closing behind her. Up close they got a better look at her, she wore a plastic hairband to keep her flowing blond hair from blocking her icy blue eyes. She wore the olive green Kriegsmarine submariner’s uniform with the sleeves rolled up and no insignia except the German eagle. U-48 dived to periscope depth as they were giving her the once over. The crew were standing around perplexed. “Kapitan, the boat just went down by itself.” Herbert had an idea why, “Care to explain yourself Fraulein…” “Names U-48. Now Kapitan what are your orders?” She directed the question at Erich. “He is the Kapitan of the boat, not me.” Answered Erich to the strange woman. “Not anymore, I choose you as my Kapitan. Now are we to attack or evade?” “What are we attacking anyway?” Herbert asked miffed at being marginalized. “The Morgana, Bewilderment to be specific. They belong to no nation and attack anyone not their own.” “Achtung! I hear screws!” Said the sonar man holding his phones to his ears. “Scheisse, she detected us fast. We have to evade.” Said U-48 as she made the boat dive deeper to get away from what was sure to come. The sonar man heard more noise, “Splashes!” First it was dull thuds above and behind them but they steadily got closer. Then the whole sub started shaking from the concussions of near bursting depth charges. The crew hung onto anything to steady themselves. Erich looked at U-48 and noticed several bruises appeared on her arms and neck. One burst so close the lights briefly went out and made everyone’s teeth rattle with some crew flopping to the deck. Herbert saw a spot of crimson form on U-48’s left temple that matted some of her blond hair and trickled down her face. He reached up to check her but she waved him off grimacing at the near hits. This went on for five more minutes though it felt like hours until it seemed Bewilderment lost interest in the chase or ran out of depth charges. Herbert went to check for injuries among the crew and for any serious damage. Erich checked U-48, “You all right? You got banged up pretty good.” “It was close but I’ll make it, just need some quick repairs and I can get back to it.” She replied as she put a hand to the gash on her head that stopped bleeding. “So who exactly are you?” Erich asked her as he offered her a wet rag that wasn't too oily. She accepted it and began wiping off the blood on her face. “I’m the manifestation of U-48, a Belle. We appear to fight the Morganas like the one you saw and that dropped ashcans on us.” “You think we need to steam back to Kiel or can we keep patrolling?” said Erich. “I want to see Bewilderment on the bottom.” U-48 simply said when she handed the now light red rag back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you guys can tell I'm no professional author so don't flame me too much. This will be the first fanfic I've written in years and I don't know if I'll post regularly due to work but if there's interest I might write more. Author note: I based U-48's appearance off Irisdina Bernhard from Schwarzesmarken.
  9. I'm thinking of throwing my hat in. Been thinking of maybe making one about a sub stalking Morganas in the North Atlantic or possibly the Pacific. It will either be a German or American sub.
  10. @Fifrein If you need advice on military just think of what you want to do in the military. I enlisted back in 2011 as an Infantryman in the US Army(still am and about to finish my second deployment to the Stan). My family tried to steer me towards the Air Force or Navy(my parents were both Air Force, though my mom was an MP in the Army until they said she was too short), but I was too stubborn to listen.
  11. Maybe different national outfits, so for example you're running as France but have a Polish Belle you can put her in a French uniform. I think that would be kind of neat, especially if they lost their countries.
  12. As for the LST-R the only thing I heard about him was stories of seeing human heads on sticks along beaches and a mission where they steamed up to a Japanese held island fort and they pumped it full of fuel and set it on fire. I believe he was referring to Fort Drum in Manila Bay which was destroyed in a similar manner.
  13. @Legate '44 so really late. I posted on the ship suggestions page. I wish I knew more on the sub the only thing I learned about it was a quote from after sinking a Japanese ship: "We surfaced and saw Jap survivors in the water so we broke out the Thompsons and had a ball." I'm sure you can figure out what that means.
  14. @Legate Well I mentioned on the KS my grandpa served on the USS Riley, the other two relatives I don't know much about except one served on a sub(I'm assuming Gato-class) and the other was on an LST-R.
  15. I already mentioned this one in the KS chat but I'd like to see the USS Riley, she wasn't commissioned until 1944 so she'll be very late war(Depending on how long this version of WWII goes). She was a Rudderow-class DE(Destroyer Escort) and she survived an air attack by the Germans in the Mediterranean Sea before being transferred to the Pacific theater. She played escort duty during the invasion of the Philippines and the Okinawa campaign where she was supposedly credited with downing more kamikazes than any other ship during the campaign. In 1968 she was transferred over to the Nationalist Chinese Navy renamed Tai Yuan(nicknamed Yang Jr.) and served until at least 1992. For her appearance I think she should have a handheld 40mm Bofors gun due to her anti-air record and maybe add some Chinese elements to her such as her dress. I think her personality should be very protective and caring of other ships since the Riley is an escort after all. Another that would be cool to see is the Portland-class cruiser the USS Indianapolis. She would be around in 1939 since she was commissioned in 1932 but she can be added later. The Indy served throughout the entire war though she is most known for delivering the first atomic bomb to be used on Japan and the sinking following shortly afterwards. I think for her personality she should have trust issues since the USN dropped the ball when distress signals were sent during the sinking and also have a rocky relationship with I-58, the Japanese sub that sank her. The rest of her appearance could be a big Jaws reference such as the use of fishing equipment or shark teeth.
  16. Gonna roll USA since I had family in the USN during WWII. Probably go Germany afterwards or get their Belles later.
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