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  1. Question if a morgana is worth an entire fleet of normal warships. Would it then not be practical to have as many belles as possible even going as far. To rebuild warships that were scrapped. Since the captain's of belles are not beholden to any treaty they could assemble the resources to build a certain Japanese battlecruiser or perhaps the lion class battlecruiser and maybe HMS thunderer too
  2. i wonder if a name may grant a belle certain abilties i.e HMS Dragon can breath fire or perhaps HMS Neptune and German auxiliary cruiser Thor have the power of gods
  3. sod being normal it's boring and take that from a time travelling wizard
  4. also does a belle know who her captain is before she meets them or is it i see them then i know. what kinda conection does a belle have with her captain after meeting can she tell where captain is at all times even if they are off ship at the time i.e. a belle can point in a direction and say how far away they. do belles also have a sense of the condtion of her captain for instance if a captain overworks themselfs ose the belle know
  5. how a question about freewill and loyalty. if a belles recieves a illegal order can she ignore it or would she comply without question. second if when working with captain from a diffrent navy learns a secret of her nation has been compromised but her captain orders her to never communicate that ever what can she do
  6. i think this is a interesting question for a lore update
  7. it would be nice to have the option
  8. i wonder if you could adopt a belle
  9. if that's true then wonder how far back you can go. The German high fleet anyone
  10. Yep number 3 hopefully Nevada will learn to work with me not round me
  11. I like how Canarias is shy about this
  12. looks like i have a christmas party to plan
  13. so what your saying is it's not impossible......... ok i've done some reading and i now know how to change a ships name. i have the champagne and a new name all we need now is a morgana to test and a bull for posidion
  14. it would appear that we are within the time line at the moment
  15. it would appear that names have far more power than i first thought. what would happen if a belle had her name changed........... Ninja i have a idea if names are so powerfull could a belles allegiance be changed with a name change perhaps morgana's too. now excuse me i have some old tomes to read though
  16. Makes wonder if she be commissioned if Juneau doesn't sink
  17. Now that is a interesting question I would like to add about how someone like Sullivan be affected
  18. I wonder if that's what the morgana's are. Perhaps they are belles that have sank
  19. I vote Boise because I have a dream
  20. updated vote count thanks @David J Nagato 5 HMS Hood 4 Scharnhorst 4 Gneisenau 3 Kongou 3 Bulldog 3 Rawalpindi 3 Leningrad 3 Camicia Nera 2 Canarias 2 Wicher 2 U-29 2 Pola 2 Kitakami 2 Salt lake city 2 Exeter 1 Perth 1 Houston 1 Salmon 1 R.N. Axum 1 Nerpa 1 USS Mississippi 1 Algérie 1 Béarn 1 Profitern 1 La Motte-Picquet 1 Aoba 1 D'Aosta 1 Béarn 1 Diether Von Roeder 1 Lebrecht Maass 1 Nevada 1 Maillé-Brézé 1  Yavuz 1 Surcouf 1 Belfast 1 Leberecht Maass 1 Saguenay 1 Hans Lüdemann 1
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