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  1. this is my current count looks like a big gun showdown Nagato 4 HMS Hood 4 Scharnhorst 4 Gneisenau 3 Kongou 3 Bulldog 3 Rawalpindi 3 Leningrad 3 Camicia Nera 2 Canarias 2 Wicher 2 U-29 2 Pola 2 Kitakami 2 D'Aosta 1 Exeter 1 Perth 1 Houston 1 Salmon 1 R.N. Axum 1 Nerpa 1 USS Mississippi 1 Algérie 1 Béarn 1 Profitern 1 La Motte-Picquet 1 Aoba 1 Salt Shaker 1 Béarn 1 Diether Von Roeder 1 Lebrecht Maass 1 Nevada 1 Swayback Maru 1 Yavuz 1 Surcouf 1 Belfast 1 Leberecht Maass 1 Saguenay 1 Hans Lüdemann 1 Maillé-Brézé 1
  2. Or maybe split the belles into two rows
  3. get the feeling unless victory is 100% without losses then i will be doing alot of runing at the start
  4. same hearing them all was nice. you know when they were not ripping out your heart when sinking
  5. HMS Hood Kongou R.N. Axum Shch-205 Nerpa Gneisenau USS Mississippi (BB-41) Algérie Profitern La Motte-Picquet Aoba Camicia Nera Leningrad here are my picks
  6. for the vote do we submit whole fleets or is it single belles
  7. fleet A. kaga, henley, fubuki, arizona, nenohi, velasco, kumano fleet B. Boise, New Orleans, Kirov, Nautilus, Lexington, Mahan, Admiral Graf Spee this was the first test
  8. i know that Nautilus Boise and Henley , Arizona were in the fleet but who else
  9. I think I'll go with Exeter and Jamaica for this. captain smells smoke and go's to investigate. appears Mahan Exeter? and a few others captain: Mahan why is there a open fire in the middle of the room. Mahan: Well captain Exeter? said if I listen to a ghost story then that would count as a gift. Exeter?: And what's a ghost story without the right atmosphere. captain: You know what this could be worse so I'll let it slide. Exeter?: Care to join us captain maybe loan Mahan a arm to cling to. Mahan: Exeter?!!!! will write the rest in the morning
  10. yes but that was different class same name I was thinking same class and name. Which does give me an Ideal for a prank but I will need Jamaica or black swan and amethyst
  11. Question 2 is to expand on the power of names. It's been said that a belle has a connection to any ship past and present that shares a name. Now my thoughts have been is it possible to revive a belle though the power of names. If heavens forbid that a belle was lost could you bring her back if you built a replacement ship of the same class. Then named it the same as the lost belle would she come back or would a new belle appear. Or worst would it be something else something monstrous. A fitting question for the season
  12. Ok here's a few questions, I once asked if a belles future was set in stone or if it could be changed. I was told yes that the future was ours to set. Does this include bigger events too. Because I've been thinking about pearl harbour and how the IJN would have just over a year from the inspiration for pearl too figure out. How to get passed all the morgana's in the Pacific. Which I don't think is doable within the time available
  13. I think it's nice that we are sharing poetry
  14. I liked Leningrad's poetry the most and as for option 3.b Flying bird flying so high. What do you see, what do you know how I wish to be a flying bird. Or perhaps this. To place a kiss apron her lips is the sweetest joy. But sadness comes with morning dawn Do be gentle I've not really shown many my own work
  15. 1: I know I said this during play, but it bears repeating: I don't think multiple leprosy effects should stack. 2: Kumano, Japanese guns do not improve rate of fire the closer they are to the Emperor. I'm sorry. I would know. 3: Is there any particular reason why the pieces representing the captains are a bucket, a sick-looking dog, a rodeo clown in a barrel, and... what is this, a brick? 4: Here's a list of Belles to with you on drinking game rules for the game. I think this'll work much better if everyone has to take a shot every time a captain is knocked unconscious in a freak hailstorm.
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2286990
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