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  1. enjoy that one @Legate of Mineta
  2. not sure if i have voted before Rawalpindi for halloween. for winter pola if you fit something star wars into it overwise Leningrad
  3. go on Legate vote for Boise you know you want too. Who knows after a few terms we could be looking at are new comander en chief. Oh how I wish to see Mahan's face if that happened
  4. Commissioned picture from David J for reference
  5. Old lore question that I didn't get a answer too. As we know from past update that the United States government has decided that belles are close enough to human That they can be taxed. Are they able to run for public office, like could we see Senator Boise and in case anyone says that Boise would solve political problems with gun fire. All I can say is it would not be the first time political differences were solved with guns. Also how are belles viewed in other countries are they foreign soldiers fighting under there flag or are they citizens.
  6. here's a question it's been implied that are host is a civilian ship that has a manifested belle if true is she the only one?. I mainly ask because I want to know if any RNLI boat has a belle?
  7. just a couple of points some fishing trawlers are ocean going. And the RNLI definitely has storm passing ships and are not short of faith
  8. true hood was not that close to kongou who is kinda her aunt. However hood said that she thought of her self as a mentor to Nelson and Rodney
  9. well Fubiki is considered the mother of the Morden destroyer
  10. so i posted this with out reading the updates first so i don't know what to say other than let the ribing commence
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2275465
  12. this is a very important question that demands an answer @Legate of Mineta
  13. I have asked about how similar are belles biological to humans no answer yet. However thanks to Henley we know that belles can feel hungry and Mahan has been bribed with food before. Now weather need to eat or just like to taste things that's unanswered.
  14. probably the same I'd forgotten that l had already posted it
  15. HMS Ark Royal. USS Lexington (CV-2) R.N. Axum Shch-205 Nerpa Adua-Class Submarine V-bis 2-class submarine Gneisenau USS Mississippi (BB-41) Scharnhorst-Class Battleship New Mexico-Class Battleship Algérie Profitern Algérie-Class Heavy Cruiser Svetlana-Class Light Cruiser La Motte-Picquet USS Boise (CL-47) Duguay-Trouin Class Light Cruiser Brooklyn-Class Light Cruiser Camicia Nera Leningrad Soldati-Class Destroyer Velasco USS Mahan (DD-364)
  16. yeah option 1 is going to win by a mile so i'll join in
  17. oh no you continue to write the way you want. I however will have a notebook near my bed so I don't post my rubbish online
  18. yes but in my case I was very tired. So I guess the right thing to say is don't write when tired
  19. or late at night, sleep is very important
  20. i know she's famous for beating the french but that's the hairstyle i want but your probably right. should figure out her personality first I just imagine her going wild in fight 104 cannons firing braid flying in a chaotic cloud of powder smoke, but i'm not sure what she's like out of a fight
  21. I think i was trying to discribe what my victory is going to look like in my mind. I was thinking of somthing like lee enfield from frontline but in navy colours minus the rifle of course not sure on her physical appearance yet. i'm almost set on the hair going with a long french braided just stuck between red or black at the moment
  22. what the hell did I write last night
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