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  1. maybe he could be put in the game as a member of the INPF i think that would be a nice way to remember him
  2. i'm so sorry to hear that my thoughts are with the team and Sergey Zalunin's famliy
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2226277
  4. I would add Perth Australia and the Falklands islands for the allies
  5. I pick the muti stage plan that is 12 step 1 graciously accept the terms of the game. 2 say that you will the start 3 hours now and step outside. 3 get a wireless and call Camicia Nera, Rawalpindi and Saguenay to run interference (that's what you get for not saying that i can't call for reinforcement). 4 go to the med bay put a quarantine sign on the door and go to sleep (yes i'm cheating)
  6. i doubt that Gneisenau is going to posion anyone intentionally
  7. I think he was asking if the big seven were called that in the west too
  8. 2 4 3 in that order and if only 1 then 4 and it may be advisable to read anything before signing anything especially requisition orders
  9. yeah before i did'nt get why people liked legs after Gneisenau i get now
  10. i guess someone has to like her personly i prefer her sister Gneisenau
  11. as one of the smaller backers thanks for helping getting this funded
  12. first it's good to hear from mahan again and with it being a festival we will need volume so option 1 and if possible Option 7: I’ve found Texas has one of the greatest barbecue traditions in American history. Go ask her for some pointers.
  13. @twoHeavens I have to agree trust has to be earned
  14. wait there isn't a chibi mode what kind of outfit are you guys running
  15. will there be any difference between the browsers version and the IOS and android version
  16. also is VB not a browers game so dose it matter. And it's being released in Japanese and English.
  17. I'm guessing you mean girls frontline.
  18. option 1 for me, nice to see talk about the beta again. Now for the update it self first i want pet Voykov on the head for some reason, and i did not know that Leningrad wanted to fight the baba yaga or why? but nice to know any way. finally wil we be able to use a Morganas vanity against them in game and Morgana islands really
  19. well it's been said that all a belle needs to live is. For their hull to be intact all else can be taken away. And maybe bring the hull on land as a building. Also what lore update said 30ft was the maximum distance they could be from their ship
  20. oh i agree i was just saying whats been said, and belles do have memories from before they were awoken which would imply that any ship has an awareness now weather if they can communcate with belles well only the devs can answer that and i liked to know too
  21. well I believe that in past updates it's been said that belles have a supernatural way of communicating with self's at least beyond that is unknown. As for civilian ships having belles I doubt it but pindi is just a civilian with guns strapped to her. Which would imply that any armed ship can have a belle regardless of if they are a warship or not
  22. I doubt it FDR is very popular among belles but after him who knows
  23. well Belfast can see the UK Parliament from where she is dock. Also can you define retirement just to be sure
  24. Lore question if United States government has decided that they’re close enough to American citizens that any money they make can be taxed. Can they run for public office i.e. could we have congresswoman or senator Boise.
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